The Importance Of Strength Training As You Age

The Importance Of Strength Training As You Age

50 percent of all seniors who fall can’t get up off the floor because they don’t have the required strength to prop themselves up or hoist their bodies up by grabbing a sideboard or furniture. The statistics are quite alarming and when you are younger, strength is something your take for granted.

From 40 years of age, we lose 1 percent of our muscle mass per year. This means, as a result of no resistance training we could lose up to a 3rd of our muscle mass.


As is quite a common sight to see, weak back and neck muscles cause the back to arch and the head to slump forward meaning that the curvature of the spine is accelerated. In turn, the chest weakens and breathe is shallower and less effective at getting enough oxygen around the bloodstream which can cause drowsiness and weakness overall.

An effective, yet unpopular way of combating these issues is to start weight training. However, if you are new to the exercise starting training can be a daunting prospect and thus many who have good intentions leave it at just that and gain no benefits whatsoever.


However, weight raining is a magnificent way to help build muscle throughout the whole body, and, if you have never lifted a dumbell in your life contacting a trainer would be advisable to help show you the ropes, even on the resistance machines which can be less risky.

Bodybuilding is hard work, however the benefits are marvelous. You will feel a great sense of well being, your levels of fat will decrease, you will find yourself yearning for more nutritious food, your body will look more toned and youthful as well as reaping the strength benefits not to mention combating osteoporosis. These apply to both men and women.

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