Traders’ Increased Testosterone Levels Affect The Global Economy

Traders’ Increased Testosterone Levels Affect The Global Economy

We know that hormone levels can make a huge difference in our daily lives, but recent research has discovered that testosterone levels can actually play a role in the global economy.

Testosterone levels not only affect mood, libido, muscular strength and energy levels but also stock prices.

We are aware of the negative affects low levels of testosterone can have such as increased fat levels, lack of energy. muscle loss and even osteoporosis.

Yet, on the other end of the spectrum the heightened aggression, acne and hair loss can blight daily lives also.

Yet the effects do not stop here, levels of testosterone have been linked to stock market fluctuations.

Psychological Phenomenon

What researchers discovered was that once a trader experiences a recent high of making a good trade and a profit, this can then lead to a further, riskier decision not too long after.

This feeling of an emotional high has been coined as ‘psychological momentum’ which can be translated as the feeling that as everything is going so well the reality of something bad happening to end your good run is not going to happen.

One of the major contributing factors which leads to ‘psychological momentum’ is an increase in testosterone which can be experienced in men after a successful event in their lives such as securing a big deal or a sporting win.

On the flip side, this noted increase in testosterone levels is not apparent in women!

How Can This Affect Global Stock Prices?

Put simply, only 10% of stock traders are actually female, this means there’s a hell of a lot of testosterone surges being experienced while making important and potentially risky decisions when it comes to trades on the market.


As already mentioned, testosterone has mood boosting benefits.

A surge in natural testosterone production can increase your confidence and self esteem which is no bad thing at all.

It has been observed that a conscious increase in natural testosterone levels by performing resistance training exercises, eating testosterone boosting foods or enjoying the benefits of supplements during normal, day-to-day events and not during times when crucial decisions need to be made can actually improve self control.

This awareness and control over the experience of psychological momentum in a period of high risk can help prevent you from making an irrational decision, in particular one you may live to regret.

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