Ubervita UBERTEST Review

Ubervita UBERTEST Review

There are literally hundreds of testosterone boosters out there on the market these days as everyone is trying to get a foothold in the lucrative supplement market and, as a result there are many outlets where these products are found.

Places like Amazon offer a great wealth of choice for the fitness orientated consumer.

Ubervita promises “Serious potency. Serious results” which sounds very attractive, the brand also promise:

An all natural booster for men; Scientific studies prove that the Ingredients Increase T-Levels naturally

  • Boost in Active (Free) Testosterone in just 3 days
  • Increase your energy, mood, and male wellness
  • Maintains optimal testosterone to cortisol ratio; 100% Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

These are some bold claims and a quick initially scan of the ingredients almost immediately has my head in my hands, however, that will be discussed later.

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First Look

In all honesty it looks cheap, the product is actually pretty cheap too.

Everything from the packaging to the website and social media pages look budget to me. The packaging looks like a ready made template from a manufacturer who will stick your logo on to minimize costs, the website looks equally basic and rushed.

Some will say packaging doesn’t matter, however, I always think that is they have scrimped on that they probably have with the product development.

Call me a cynic but that’s my thoughts.

Ingredients: The Science

Well, my initial suspicions did live up to expectations, immediately we are hit with the old ‘proprietary blend’, this basically means we don’t know exactly what amount of ingredients are included and if there’s a bulking agent.

So the ingredients are an unknown.

However, what is included does beggar belief…not one ingredient is proven to increase your natural testosterone production.

Infact the only ingredient you can really relate to increasing testosterone is Tribulus and we all know this is not proven (albeit touted around still).

The majority of the ingredients look like the remnants of a camping trip that you would find in the bed of your truck….naturally it is vegan friendly due to the earthy contents.

The full list of vegan delicacies are here:

Testosteronejunkie.com - Ubertest ingredients, about as useful as a fart in a sleeping bag
Testosteronejunkie.com – Ubertest ingredients, about as useful as a fart in a sleeping bag

Find out which ingredients work and which don’t
Testosterone boosting ingredients


3 caps per day, therefore a bottle will last 20 days…thank goodness it is cheap.


You’ll be lucky if you this makes your bowel movements more regular then at least you have had some effect.

This will do nothing to increase your testosterone levels.


If you haven’t realized by now, just to reiterate, this product is a waste of money.

It won’t do you any harm but none of the ingredients listed are proven whatsoever to improve or increase testosterone production.

I just feel that there are so many better products on the market and these have tried to be leftfield using alternative ingredients but like most alternative remedies they don’t work and don’t make up for the lack of proven ingredients.

My Ubervita UBERTEST Review Conclusion

The analysis of this product is pretty conclusive – it will do nothing for your testosterone levels, not only are the ingredients unheard of in the testosterone booster market, it is also a proprietary blend which lost my conviction of the product immediately.

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