Use The Season’s To Your Advantage // Build More Muscle Naturally During Fall And Winter

Use The Season’s To Your Advantage // Build More Muscle Naturally During Fall And Winter

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There is a real romance surrounding fall/autumn, the nights start drawing in, the leaves start to change color and the thought of a warm living room and nights in on the sofa are the perfect location to a nice weekend (not me, I prefer a night out with the lads down the rugby club, GRRRRR).

Quick lads, the bar shuts in 5 minutes!
Quick lads, the bar shuts in 5 minutes!

However, did you realize that it wasn’t just the seasons that start to change year round, our bodies also follow a cycle too. Yes, that is right, our hormone levels change and without wanting to sound like a fly on the wall in a house full of synchronized women all eating ice cream at the same time every month, but a  guys testosterone levels start to peak in fall. They then slowly decrease around spring time to a summer of lull, this also includes our sperm count which also deteriorates due to the rise in heat.

Studies have shown that men’s testosterone levels are up to 31% greater just before winter sets in. This means a greater sex drive and sperm count – watch out ladies!

INCREASE: Increase testosterone levels year round

And, speaking of ladies, they are not free from this annual cycle either, yes, even their testosterone levels (albeit much lower to men’s yet still present and produced by the ovaries) were also highest during fall. However, I hate to shed upsetting news, but women’s testosterone levels also peak during the summer months while we just wither around like a damp squib.

Now, what are you going to do about it? I know what your girlfriend is probably thinking and you should probably avoid unprotected sex with her or anyone else that may take your fancy. However, you could put all of this extra testosterone to good use, this is prime muscle building season, yes, the nights have drawn in, vacations to Cancun and pool parties and Vegas an almost distant memory, but the gym is there for all weathers. It is time to carve yourself a new body and legacy.

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