Vitamin D During Pregnancy Helps Fight Allergies In Childhood

Vitamin D During Pregnancy Helps Fight Allergies In Childhood

Not only is vitamin D3 a great testosterone booster, it seems, vitamin D is a great way to help reduce childhood allergies to dust mites if supplemented by pregnant mothers according to a new university study conducted in New Zealand.

The study also found reason to believe vitamin D supplements may also help prevent asthma developing in young children – this could be ground breaking.

The clinical trial of vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy and infancy, we showed that when these supplements were started in the mom at 27 weeks gestation and then continued in her child until the child was six months old, they prevented sensitisation of the child to house dust mites (measured when the child was 18 months old).

Further studies discovered upon a careful review of the records of the children’s visits to their family doctor, noted¬†that this vitamin D supplementation reduced the proportion of children making primary care visits which their family doctor thought were due to asthma.
This is actually the first study to show that correcting poor vitamin D status during pregnancy and infancy might prevent childhood asthma.
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This new evidence implies that vitamin D caused some change in the child’s immune system as it was developing in utero and during early infancy which then resulted in differences in the immune response to house dust mites at age 18 months

Early life events, including those before birth, can influence a baby’s later sensitivity to allergens.

Vitamin D receptors are present on many immune cells and so vitamin D can affect how the immune system works.

This new theory is maintaining normal vitamin D status when that sensitivity is developing late in pregnancy and early in infancy, could prevent later allergy sensitivity in the child.

No allergies and big gainz…win, win really.

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