Vitamin D: Testosterone Booster And Improve Heart Function

Vitamin D: Testosterone Booster And Improve Heart Function

Vitamin D is naturally produced in the human skin during sun exposure and turns from a vitamin to a hormone. Heart failure patients, however, are found often deficient in this nutrient even during the summer months.


A study was commissioned by the University of Leeds (UK) which lasted 5 years to understand what he problem is and what can be achieved by heart patients from vitamin D supplements. The results were astonishing, patients who were dose with vitamin D on a daily basis improved the functions of a weakened heart.

The study also found that those supplemented with vitamin D saw an increase in function.

Strangely, vitamin D deficiency is an issue on a global scale. Especially with growing concerns of skin cancer. However, vitamin D is an incredibly important nutrient for healthy teeth and bones, The study found that those participants aged 70+ had particularly low levels of vitamin D even in the summer months.


As people age they tend to spend less time outdoors and the skins ability to manufacture vitamin D deteriorates with age, the reasons behind this are not yet understood.

The team measured the effectiveness of the supplement where a heart is too weak to pump blood properly. They measured the amount of blood being pumped out of each heart chamber with every beat. A healthy adult heart can pump out 60-70% yet heart failure patients can only pump about 26%. With supplementation is rose to 34%.


However, it is important to note that vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) is more potent and reliable that D2 (Ergocalciferol) which is also available. Just be sure to check the label on any products that contain vitamin D and buy the one with D3.

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