Weight Training Increases Testosterone And Tissue Growth

Weight Training Increases Testosterone And Tissue Growth

Anabolic Hormones such as Testosterone and the super family of growth hormones have been shown to be elevated 15-30 minutes post resistance exercise provided that an adequate stimulus is present.

Exercise routines using a high volume, high intensity and short rest periods whilst stressing a large muscle mass produces theĀ greatest amount of growth hormone.


Proper resistance exercise ensures an optimal neurondocrine response (The endocrine system is a network of glands and organs in the body that produce hormones, here we are looking at anabolic hormones). Therefore, progressive overload will recruit a greater number of muscle fibres which enables an increase in hormone-tissue interaction. As such, tissue activation is a precursor to anabolism!


It is reported that there is elevated levels of free testosterone concentrations after resistance exercise, furthermore, the elevation of concentrated testosterone was greater in men (both young and elderly) that performed resistance exercise than those who performed endurance exercise.

Interestingly, testosterone levels were shown to be elevated by 25% in young women who performed 6 sets of 10 reps with 2 minute intervals yet there were no changes in middle aged or elderly women.

Large muscle-mass exercises such as the Olympic lifts, deadlifts and jump squats have shown to produce large elevations of testosterone compared with small muscle mass exercises, so these large muscle mass exercises have show to be potent metabolic stressors. Based on the studies it has shown that the best way to stimulate testosterone secretion is to base any exercise program around the large muscle mass exercises.


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