Where To Start If You Are New To Working Out In The Gym // 4 Easy Tips

Where To Start If You Are New To Working Out In The Gym // 4 Easy Tips

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Gyming is en-vogue right now, the days of freaks heading off to an old warehouse to build muscle in baggy striped muscle pants have been replaced by hoards are youngsters, mom’s, and even pensioners as more and more people are aware of the benefits of resistance training and cardio.

However, although it has gone full circle and the gym you more likely to visit is much more appealing with David Guetta over the speakers as opposed to the guttural sounds of ‘Big Dave’ who is 300lbs and lives in a RV in the parking lot.


However, a new elitist air is certainly present in places like LA Fitness; people seem more worried about their attire and getting the best selfie to upload but it can all seem a bit intimidating to a newbie.

However, what really matters is what you do in the gym; the exercises performed and the level of intensity.

And, while there is a wealth of information available, there is possibly too much to decipher and so many differing viewpoints to the point that newbies may not know where to start and what to trust.

As a result they’re too unsure what to do and skip the gym altogether citing it as too much trouble and too complicated or they start training inefficiently.


Realistically it is simple, however, we can over think things sometimes.

What is great news is that people are more attuned to the benefits of weightlifting and not just hitting the running machine for 2 hours at a time.

There definitely seems to have been a shift in mindset.

So if you are new to lifting weights, or have been eyeing up the weight room for some time in the gym but have never been too sure where to start, let’s take a look at the 4 tips below to get you started.


Are you aware of any lifts at all?

Most people are aware of the bench press.

This is a good place to start, it is a great simple, starting point with many machines available to use.
Therefore, move away from the comfort of the machine and take a bench and use a barbell.

Ensure the movement is controlled and slow. Do not jerk or throw the weight around.

Also make sure the weight is comfortable and you are able to keep the bar level.

This is the same with the squat. More technical, but we all know how to squat.

Just ensure again that the weight is comfortable, your head is positioned so you are looking straight ahead and your back remains straight and you lift with your legs.

2.Ensure You Maintain Good Form

It is all too tempting to see the weights other, maybe more seasoned lifters are using and try to imitate them.

However, it is time to ignore what others are doing and stick to your regime and your weights.

Opt for a light weight until you are sure that the form is correct and you are comfortable with the movement.

Increase the weight accordingly.

3.Increased Overload

Once you have got to grip with a set on movements, do not stagnate. You must increase the weight, if you are not being challenged you will not see any changes or feel any benefits.

Once you’ve got to grips with the technique of some new free weight exercises then it’s time to start challenging yourself and upping the weight you lift.

The last few repetitions must be difficult but without losing the correct form or technique.


For the quickest gains, chose compound lifts.

These are multi joint exercises. The bench press is one, dead-lift, squat, bent over row….anything that uses more that one joint is a compound exercise and these a=offer the biggest return.

They also trigger growth hormone release which is essentially your bodies own natural steroid.

However, they are not always the most popular exercises because they are the most exhausting. They also raise your heart-rate so it is like a cardio session too.

You can almost cover a whole body workout by using just a few compound exercises per gym session and make tremendous size and strength gainz.

These compound lifts are the old tried and tested basics, no need to stand on a inflatable ball balancing a barbell above your head here.


Always remember, the biggest guys in the gym started off just like you.

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