Will Jacking Off Increase Testosterone Levels? Or Are We Perpetually Doomed?

Will Jacking Off Increase Testosterone Levels? Or Are We Perpetually Doomed?

Okay, we all masturbate. Like fucking’ hero’s, correct? Yeah. We got this guys.

It’s certainly that time of day again and you have just dragged your sorry ass from Planet Fitness after a session gently caressing the weights while staring with intent¬†at the babe in the yoga pants.

Now, I guess it has crossed your mind when¬†knocking the third one out (it’s been a long day, right) whether or not it is having a negative or positive effect on testosterone levels.

Common thought is that it will probably help. I mean, getting fired up like that, getting in to a frenzied, animalistic state is bound to send that growth hormone soaring…

A Study Regarding Masturbation And How It Can Affect Testosterone Levels…Or Not

Well friend, wonder no more. There are studies (of course there are – we’re addicted to it!) looking in to male masturbation and testosterone levels.

Do they increase, do the soar? Or do they just plateau?

Scared Of Depleting Testosterone Levels? Read This!

Are Boxers And Professional Athletes Correct?

It has been long known that before a fight a boxer will abstain in order to heighten aggression, and studies do show that during a period of 3 weeks there is a raise in testosterone serum levels.

Not only that but non-significant Luteinizing Hormone increases have been registered too.

Cum On, What About Tossing Off?

Well, you may be surprised to learnt hat while testosterone levels increase with abstinence there is no change in testosterone levels once you have ejaculated.

Therefore, do not fear, you are not blowing away all of your hard won aggression, strength and gainz…apart from that in your sack. No one likes blue balls anyway,

So, What Is The Relationship Between Masturbating, Orgasm and Testosterone Levels?

Fuck all it seems. You are fine to carry on and proceed with wank number 45!

Go forth, wank yourself silly full well in the knowledge that your dead-lift is not going to be affected, nor will your alpha-ness down the gym.


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