Women And Testosterone, Do You Have Too Much?

Women And Testosterone, Do You Have Too Much?

People who are looking to increase their testosterone levels are not just men, women, looking to also shed fat and increase muscle tone may also wish to do so.

Everyone, regardless of gender produces testosterone naturally, in women it is produced in the ovaries, however, men typically produce more than women would do and it is part of what makes the characteristics of a man. It gives them a deep voice, larger muscles and generally less body fat percentage.


Yet, it can be possible for a woman to increase their levels naturally to reap some of the benefits. However, there is a balance that should be adhered to otherwise you may see some unwanted developments which can be difficult to track. But let’s take a look at some of the signs of too much testosterone floating around in your system.

  1. You Have Persistent Acne

Consistent and persistent acne is a tell tail sign that your body is producing too much testosterone. This acne will not dissipate, is highly visible and tends to be located around the lower jaw area. It is important to identify the kind of spot too, if they appear to be under the surface which causes lumps rather than zit type pimples on the surface this is a sure way of knowing there’s too much testosterone.

  1. There’s Hair Growth On Your Face Or Chest

Have you noticed any facial hair or on your chest? We’re not talking about the odd stray that can be plucked and forgotten about or soft, downy light hair growth, we mean the stuff that has triggered you to start grooming. If so, there’s an imbalance of hormones present. If you notice perceptible hairs showing up on your face, chin, or chest (pretty much anywhere cis men are traditionally known to have it), enough to where you feel like you need to start grooming, it may be time to ask your doctor to help you find out whether your testosterone levels are too high.

  1. Hair Loss Or Balding

On the other side of the coin, if you start to notice sudden hair loss and bald patched in what would normally be thick, locks of hair this is a massive sign of increased levels of testosterone. Normally higher levels of estrogen in the system prevent this from happening but if testosterone is much higher hair loss can occur.

  1. Sudden Weight Gain

A hormone imbalance will cause weight loss or weight gain. Most likely weight gain if you have too much testosterone, it can make you crave foods that are high in sugar and fat which can make you balloon in size.

  1. Your Clitoris Seems Enlarged

If your clitoris is much larger than would be perceived as normal, and you have noticed a spurte in growth this is a common sign of way too much testosterone. However, this can be reversed.

  1. A Deeper Voice

Much like the appearance of chest or facial hair, a deeper voice than what was perceived as your normal tone is a instant give away that there’s a major hormone imbalance. However, it can be difficult to notice a change yourself. If someone you trust has mentioned a change, you know.

  1. You’ve Experienced A Significant Increase In Sex Drive

Noticed your sex drive skyrocket? You may already be a nympho, but if you weren’t and now your desires are reaching stratospheric levels you may want to take a step back and wonder what has changed, it will most likely be the extra testosterone.

  1. Aggressiveness and Irritability

Are you seemingly acting like a teenage boy who randomly picks fights with people because you were cut up on the freeway or jumped the queue at Starbucks? Behavioral traits that are more accustomed to adolescent boys and gorillas affecting you in your 20’s, 30’s and more is a possible side effect of too much testosterone.  


If you are noticing any or all of these symptoms it may well be time to address the imbalance and either reducing the supps to stopping them completely. Much like nutrition, see what works for you to achieve a good balance.

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