Work Friendly Egg Meals Using Only A Microwave

Work Friendly Egg Meals Using Only A Microwave

Fast and easy ways to enjoy a protein packed dish at work, or anywhere with a microwave.

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Some theorists say we only have microwaves because of the Roswell incident. Well thank fuck for aliens then because for me, my breakfast staple is scrambled eggs at work using the microwave.  I even poach an egg most lunch times to put on my baked (microwaved) potato cheese and tuna afternoon feed.

A lot of offices these days will not have a toaster or even a kettle (burnt toast and steam set off smoke detectors) but most places have a microwave to hand, even some of the grottiest factory porta-cabins had them while I was working during the summer in my college years.

Unless you take your ready made lunch to work you do not really know what you are going to actually eat for lunch, many places offer sandwiches etc but you never really know how much protein is in there.

Much better to prepare something at work, and what better than the humble yet brilliant egg?

Scrambled Eggs

Take a few eggs, a dash of milk and then you can add salt ‘n’ pepper or even chilli sauce to taste. I actually sprinkle cheese on top.

Beat the eggs and milk in to a microwavable bowl. Microwave for about a minute. Stir the eggs and microwave for a about another minute.

If you have less eggs, lessen the time slightly, for more eggs increase the time. Simple.


Take a couple of eggs, a dash of milk, pinch of ground pepper, palm full of shredded/grated cheese, handful of crushed tortilla chips. 3 tablespoons of salsa, sour cream, chopped onion and coriander/cilantro if it suits you.

Beat the eggs and milk in a microwave safe bowl, add salt and pepper, then sprinkle the cheese over the mixture to combine. Then add the crushed tortilla chips and salsa.

Microwave this concoction for around 2 minutes (at least until cooked through anyway) then garnish with sour cream, onion and the coriander.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Not everyone’s cup of tea granted, but I knew a guy in my office who would sit and eat masses of hard boiled eggs in meetings, he would also take out the yolks and replace them with strawberries… that room reeked after an hour.

Anyway, if you are looking to eat a few boiled eggs at your desk throughout the day get a large bowl and fill with boiling water or heat the water in the microwave until boiling. Place the eggs in the bowl and cover with a plate. Microwave them for about 8 minutes on 50% power.

Then sit back, peel and eat safe in the knowledge that you will destroy any of the last remnants of a relationship you have with your co-workers.

Breakfast Burrito

A particular favorite of mine. You can slice an avocado to accompany it too.

6 inch flour tortilla, an egg, palm full of shredded/ grated Mexican cheese blend, a tablespoon of salsa.

Simply line a cereal style bowl with microwaveable-safe paper towel and press the tortilla in to the bowl to create a tortilla bowl. Break the egg in to the center of the bowl and gently whisk, ensure you do not tear the tortilla.

Microwave for 30 seconds then stir, microwave for approximately 15 more seconds.

Remove the tortilla from the bowl on to a plate, open up, proceed to add the cheese and salsa then fold up the bottom and then the sides. Crack on (pun intended).

Poached Eggs

Poached eggs are very quick and easy. I generally add one to any lunch time meal at work.

Fill a small bowl with boiling water, add vinegar, carefully crack the egg into the water then microwave for a minute. If the egg is small you may wish to poach it for 45 seconds, I have been known to blow up eggs in the microwave.

When finished, use a fork or a slatted spoon and take it our of the water, dab any excess off with paper towel. The put it on whatever you wish to eat.


The basis of this is an egg but you can be as creative as you want when it comes to adding meat and vegetables.

A tablespoon of butter, some cooked ham in cubes, strips may do, chopped onion, chopped pepper, 4 lightly beaten eggs. A bit of salt ‘n’ pepper.

Melt the butter in a pie dish, add ham, onion and pepper. Microwave for a minute.

The stir in the eggs with salt ‘n’ pepper.

Microwave for 2 minutes and ensure that it is set. Stand and cool for a couple of minutes then cut into wedges.


For this pastry free quiche, you will need 1 large egg, small dash of whole/full fat milk, teaspoon of butter pinch of salt ‘n’ pepper. 4 halved grape vine tomatoes, a few fingers worth of torn bread pieces, palm full of grated/shredded cheese plus herbs to garnish if you so wish.

Add the milk, butter, salt ‘n’ pepper to a mug then whisk.

The add tomatoes, bread, cheese and herbs, gently stir them in to the mixture.

Microwave for a minute or until the egg is cooked an the appearance is slightly puffed up. Then smash it in your mouth (eat it in a gentile manner).

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