Cardio Workouts And Testosterone – How To Avoid Depletion

Cardio Workouts And Testosterone – How To Avoid Depletion

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Regular exercise can help delay the decline in testosterone depletion, especially resistance training which hits the big compound exercises. However, strenuous exercise like long distance running or cycling can accelerate depletion.

What Dietary Measures Can Help Prevent A Fall In Testosterone?

Studies have shown that low levels of vitamin D plus essential minerals such as Zinc and Magnesium are associated with lower levels of testosterone.

Thankfully, if you either eat foods high in these vitamins and minerals it can increase testosterone production. As a result, your strength and muscular size can be increased. Not only that, higher testosterone levels improve overall health including cardiovascular and a lower risk of diabetes.

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You may wish to eat foods that are rich in these nutrients such as crab, oysters, fish, pumpkin seeds, nuts, green vegetables and red meats.

Are You Over Training? 

Cholesterol is a precursor in the testosterone biosynthesis pathway, therefore it is wise to include healthy fats in your diet, ideally from plant sources such as coconut, avocado and olive oil as well as smaller oily fish such as mackerel, sardines and anchovies. Avoid statins unless you have other risk factors for cardiac disease.

Eat less sugar and processed carbohydrates, as these increase blood sugar and risk Type 2 diabetes which is linked to lower testosterone. Pick less refined carbohydrates such as wild rice and quinoa.

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