17 Foods To Kick Start Metabolism // Get On The Right Track For 2017

17 Foods To Kick Start Metabolism // Get On The Right Track For 2017

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So it is the start of 2017. Most people are harping on about 2016 being the worst year ever…obviously those people probably never encountered war, poverty or famine if a wave of celebrities dying makes them think that.

So, what can we do?


A study by the State University of Rio de Janero found that eating 3 apples daily increased the metabolism which can help you shed fat.
Apples contain pectin which is a variety of fiber which limits the amount of fat that your cells can absorb.


A good fat burning supplement will be host to a variety of B vitamins as these help metabolize sugar and starches. Asparagus is very high n these B vitamins too, so make sure these compliment your steak.


If you want to reduce inflammation (and you do, by the way) the avocado is the perfect food. Packed with oleic acid it helps your body operate to its optimum. In fact, with less inflammation your metabolic rate increases. They also make you feel fuller for longer.


Studies suggest that berries help with metabolism and unwanted weight gain due to chemicals known as anthocyanins. They also release hormones which reduce inflammation.


High in B vitamins and vitamin C. Broccoli also contains DIM which flushes out estrogen perfect if you are looking to increase testosterone. More testosterone = less body fat.

High in fiber and water, this is a great combination to also help digest food and lose weight.


A sister to the aforementioned broccoli. High in B vitamins but can also be fermented in to sauerkraut which will increase your intake of probiotics.


High in fiber and can flush out toxins. High amounts of toxins in your body can have a detrimental effect on your metabolic rate.


As with broccoli and cabbage, we see another vitamin dense vegetable great for boosting your metabolism.

Many meals can also utilize cauliflower as a replacement for grains such as pizza bases, bagels, rice and even mac and cheese.


Who doesn’t know about the benefits of celery on your waistline? It is a thermogenic which means it burns more calories chewing and digesting it than celery provides.

On their own they are pretty boring, however, with a low fat humous or healthy but butter they make a great snack.


Another negative calorie food. Full of water and fiber plus sulfur and silicon can also help support fat burn.


Garlic increases metabolism and lowers cholesterol and fat cells. It can also lower blood sugar levels plus it is also a thermogenic. Win win.


Grapefruit is packed with naringenin, this antioxidant is said to be useful for the body to use insulin more efficiently. It can keep blood sugar levels balanced and improve your body’s ability to burn fat.


A squeeze of lemon in your water can help kick start your metabolism. If lemon water is drank before meals it lowers blood sugar peaks by around 10% which is not to be sniffed at by any means.

This actually means it reduces the likelihood your body will store carbohydrates and sugars as fat.

Raw nuts

People often wrongly accuse nuts as being fatty and therefore bad for the waistline, however, they are packed with ‘good’ fats which help lower cholesterol.

Plus, they are packed with protein and digesting proteins burns more energy than carbohydrates and fats.


Papaya contains an enzyme called papain, which helps the body to break down and absorb proteins, supports speedy digestion, and stimulates the metabolism. According to Barbara Simonsohn’s bookHealing Power of Papaya, the indigenous people of Central America traditionally ate papaya after heavy meals for this reason.


Not just content with being tasty and refreshing, the pineapple is good for blood pressure and your metabolism.

An enzyme called bromelain which helps break down food efficiently and quickly can be found in pineapples and especially in the core.


Spinach is great for building lean muscle, just as Popeye knew.

So how can this help?

Well, the more muscle you have the more energy is required just to maintain it. It is a bit like a large engine in a truck will use more fuel just ‘ticking over’ than a sub compact would.

Therefore, more muscle = more calories burned.

What we are looking at here is not a quick fix or a fad diet. These are foods that we can easily incorporate in to our everyday lives to help give our body the best chance possible to lose weight alongside a fitness regime. 


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