Supplements: A Guide To Safety

Supplements: A Guide To Safety

Supplements are on the rise throughout the western world, they come in many forms and promise a variety of benefits and people of all ages are seeking an extra edge over their competitors or just to stay healthy. However, not all may what it seems and the ‘benefits’ may be over shadowed by the dangers and long term health risks of unscrupulous companies looking to make a quick buck from this growing sector. Therefore, there are some things that you should probably know before you reach for that next shake.

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In order to reach your goals, you need to breakdown your regime in to three simple parts, if you like we could call it a pyramid of three bricks, if you take away one of the bricks it no longer becomes a pyramid.

The three parts consist of:




Over the past 10 years it is safe to say that whey protein has been the biggest hit, once reserved for the bodybuilders of hardcore gyms, it seems all and sundry are now being whisked away by the marketing machine and gulping away at shakers in the office and whilst it may seem necessary in order to build more muscle, too much protein, even if there is what is stated on the label comes with its own risks.


As with anything, an over consumption of protein can be a threat to your body, your organs have to process the additional calories and you may lead to weight gain, and not necessarily in the form of muscle. Additionally, it has been said that any western diet most likely contains enough protein each day as is required.

Other supplements on the rise include fat burners, testosterone boosters and pre-workout supplements.


The pre workout drinks are about giving you an intense energy boost helping you stay more focused and prevent lethargy in the gym. However, as with all supplements the dosage should be adhered to and ensure that you are buying from a reputable company that states all of the ingredients on the label and doesn’t hide anything behind a proprietary blend, it is also advisable to buy direct from the manufacturer from their website to ensure quality and safety, it seems counterfeit products are on the rise.

The former two use natural ingredients to either stimulate the production testosterone or your metabolism to help burn of extra calories to reach your fat loss goals.

As for the pre workout formula’s, the same safety and buying advice should be adhered too for quality control.

Very few supplements are regulated by the FDA, but if you think you need that quick burst before a workout, there are two companies who do check to see if products are safe.

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