Advanced Nutrition Systems Metabolic Sphere Fat Burner Review // Does This Offer More?

Advanced Nutrition Systems Metabolic Sphere Fat Burner Review // Does This Offer More?

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First Look:

This does look like a great product. It looks of a high quality and well designed, however, having a first glance over at the ingredients I am curious to find out whether this also has other uses than just a fat burner.

It states on the package that this helps with mental and physical energy levels, yet I think there may well be another trick up its sleeve.



proprietary blend

Vitamin B12 – B12 fights fatigue, muscle wastage, boosts mood, cognition and is vital to many bodily functions including metabolism and food digestion. So to put it bluntly, we need this for smooth operation and be able to smash those workout sessions which in turn helps you burn fat and lose those unwanted pounds.

Vitamin D3 – Research by the US Library of Medicine has shown that testosterone productions are increased with Vitamin D3 supplementation.

Caffeine Anhydrous – The purest form of caffeine available.  It stimulates the central nervous system (CNS), heart, muscles, and the centers that control blood pressure to give you an extra boost and hit that PB. This is found in Instant Knockout which is the best fat burner available at present.

Bitter Orange (Citrus Aurantium) – At present, Citrus aurantium may be the best thermogenic substitute for ephedra. However, more studies are needed to establish this definitively.

Niacin –  Higher amounts of niacin can improve cholesterol levels and lower cardiovascular risks. However, the jury is out on these real benefits.

Ashwaganda – Studies have shown that treatment with Ashwagandha root extract resulted in a higher level of testosterone and a concomitant increase in serum levels of LH among infertile men having sub-optimal testosterone levels.

It’s difficult to see if the same result would be found with guys who do not have any fertility issues. So the question is, are you infertile?

If you’ve been banging your missus (or even your mistress, we shouldn’t be even talking if you have smashed your sister) unprotected and have miraculously not had a sprog you probably are infertile…sorry to break that to you, bro.

Yohimbe – Related to Yohimbine, Yohimbe is a powerful stimulant and used to increase fat loss as well as assist with erectile dysfunction. Can cause a host of other problems though, this is in out supplements to avoid list.

Synephrine – This is a less potent fat burner which is a relative of Ephedrine. If taken it is recommended that 10-20mg is taken three times daily.

Huperzine A – Some research shows that taking huperzine A by mouth for 4 weeks improves the memory in older children and teenagers who complain of memory problems.

BioPerineThe extract of piperine, called BioPerine®  in the patented form, has been clinically tested in the United States. BioPerine®  significantly enhances the bioavailability of various supplement nutrients through increased absorption.

Velvet Bean (Macuna Pruriens) – This is actually good for treating people with Parkinsons. There’s a mixed bag of results for testosterone but look mainly positive.

Results have shown an increase in testosterone levels in infertile men, however, results are very limited for fertile men.

It is effective to reduce cortisol levels – high stress levels can harm testosterone production.

Medium Chain Triglycerides – Can be used to help raise metabolism but the effect is very small, MCT essentially are fatty acids that can be used for energy and they are much easier for your body to absorb – but they ain’t a miracle worker.

Safflower Extract  Possibly effective for lowering cholesterol but there’s very little evidence to substantiate any other claims.


The recommended daily allowance is 2 beaded pills. We prefer 4 pills spread across the day to evenly spread the nutrients out and prevent massive peaks and troughs. 4 pills are the doses of our benchmark products. A daily serving here is a shabby 1252.34mg.


As a fat burner this only contains 3 solid fat burning ingredients and that take the form of B12, Caffeine and Synephrine. I would include Yohimbe but that can cause other issues and as such I am not keen on its presence here.

The product mentions that it is also good for focus and mental clarity…well we have 1 ingredient for that; Huperzine.

However, what also caught my eye were a few other ingredients that are more commonly associated with testosterone boosters.

It is very unusual for a fat burner to contain ingredients such as D3, Macuna Pruriens and Ashwagandha.

D3 is the mainstay of any decent and effective testosterone booster. Macuna can help alleviate stress levels which is found in a favorite testosterone booster of ours, Prime Male, and Ashwagandha can be effective if the guy is infertile.


I will start with the low daily content of under 1300mg, plus the low daily dosing recommendation of just 2 pill.

Then I will mention that it isn’t great to include an ingredient such as Yohimbe which can cause a plethora of other issues.

Then there are a host of ingredients that don’t really have any conclusive evidence backing the claims of effectiveness, items such as Niacin and Bitter Orange.

The cost is quite prohibitive too at a lofty $99.99.

However, the biggest issue is, what is it?  It says it is a fat burner but with potentially more testosterone boosting ingredients that fat burning one why is it labelled otherwise?!

And, if it should really be classed as a testosterone booster this may not have the most wanted effects for women if they chose to buy the product completely unaware. It is all a little confusing.

I guess then, this is a mix of products in one convenient package, but like ‘all-in-one’ shampoo and conditioner’s this is not as effective as taking a supplement that is concentrating on one aim.

That should either be burning fat, stimulating testosterone or assisting cognitive function. This does not excel at any of those tasks.


This is a confusing product, it dips its hand in to 3 arena’s: Fat burning, testosterone boosting and cognitive function.

Broken down it may well be more effective as a testosterone booster that fat burner and this can cause implications for the end user, particularly women.

However, due to the lack of ingredients and poor dosing schedule it is likely to have little overall effect on anything.

I think it is down to say, if you want a fat burner, look here. A competent testosterone booster can be found here and the best nootropic for cognitive function is found here.




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