Signs Of Hormonal Balance You Should Not Ignore // We Didn’t Know This

Signs Of Hormonal Balance You Should Not Ignore // We Didn’t Know This

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Hormones are part and part of daily life and the make up of our bodies, yet the mere sound of them can raise negative connotations.

It isn’t uncommon to blame wild teenage behavior or PMS in women on hormones. This really is true but there are many factors in our daily lives which can be attributed to an imbalance of hormones.

These factors include diet, lifestyle and environment. All of which can lead to fluctuations in estrogen for women and testosterone in men.

Here are 6 signs that would suggest a hormone imbalance, and they should not be ignored.

Lack Of Good Quality Sleep

Poor sleep or insomnia is a common sign of a hormone imbalance. This is a sign of low testosterone levels in men whereby their levels reach their peak after at least three hours of sleep. However, sleep deprivation, aging, and physical issues can lead to disrupted sleeping patterns which do not allow for those high levels of testosterone to be reached.

This also rings true for women. Low levels of progesterone are blamed for a night of unsettled sleep and this usually occurs during their menstrual cycle, this also affects their body’s own temperature control which can cause sleeping problems.


Night sweats are unpleasant, not only are they unpleasant they also lead to a poor nights sleep too. For ladies, a reduction in progesterone allows their body to have a estrogen override which results in hot flushes, nigh sweats and weight gain.

For men, these unwanted sweaty sleeping experiences can be linked to a reduction in testosterone that men naturally suffer from as they turn 30 years old which diminished at the rate of about 1% per annum.

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The above two issues can lead to fatigue. However, if you manage to get a good night sleep consistently for the generally required 8 hours and you still feel tired this is a sign of hormonal imbalance.

Studies suggest that the most common factor is a high level of insulin which may be attributed to a diet loaded with sugar and refined carbs. If your levels are continuously high due to a poor diet this can lead to insulin resistance. Plus having sugar highs and lows can really lead to tiredness, irritability and further hunger for these ’empty’ foods.

Low Libido

A lack of sexual interest can be a sign of hormonal imbalance in both men and women. Low testosterone in men and low estrogen is women as they age can be defined as menopause for women and the newly coined ‘andopause’ for men.

Chronic Acne

If a women suffers a breakout of acne before or after her period it is normal, however, if this does not clear up it can be a sign of hormonal problems. Both men and women have an abundant of androgens which can cause the oil glands to overwork.

These androgens can block pores and cause acne.

If you feel you are experiencing any of these issues on a regular basis, it maybe the stimulus required to take a closer look at your diet and lifestyle.

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