Anllela Sagra – Top 10 pictures

Anllela Sagra – Top 10 pictures

Anllela Sagra – Columbia

Every now and again we come across people involved in fitness that simply blow us away.

And that is exactly what Anllela has done.

She has risen from a fashion model in Columbia, changed her career path and risked it all to conquer a world that few dared tread from her native country.

However, this has inspired many more people around the globe to leave behind what they consider the norm and push forward with their dreams.

So, for that reason, we’ll drip feed you information and pictures of here throughout the page.

Vital Statistics

Born: Medellin, Columbia

D.O.B – October 6th, 1993

Height: 5’9″

Breast: 34″ – C cup

Waist: 24″

Hips: 33″


“Everything is possible, everything! The only thing necessary for your journey is the LOVE for what you do.”

Anllela was once sponsored athlete for 1up Nutrition.

With her workout videos still available to see and learn from.

She is reportedly Columbia’s first fitness model after meeting a personal trainer in the gym who changed her outlook on life.


Anllela has 10.3 million followers on Instagram with just under 1800 posts published at time of press.

Her Facebook fan page stats are equally impressive with over 1.6 million followers.


Her hard work ethic maintaining her toned yet curvy figure has won her legions of fans in the Testosterone Junkie office alone!

11426359_1671712423048333_470170868_nAnllela was a model and fashion designer prior to moving in to the world of fitness.

However, after finding a love for working out, it seemed her new ‘frame’ was becoming a little too muscular.

Before developing her body she was extremely thin.


In fact, many people surrounding her during her transition from fashion to fitness were urging her to stop as it was changing her body shape.

Anllela-Sagra-1Yet, Anllela was too keen and didn’t listen to the doubters.

She had found a new passion and was keen to develop herself.hqdefault (1)

This new found passion led her to a bikini modelling competition.

Due to her dedication and passion she finished third place. Not bad for a novice and after just eighteen months.olfD-Oa_YJI

This spurned a tough decision. Columbia has produced and does produce many fashion models.

However, Anllela wanted something else.

She wanted to be the first fitness model, no one else from Columbia had managed to break the market thus far.

This success and determination has given Anllela the platform to help others.

She has workout plans available plus online nutrition guides.

“my goal is to help others get to where they desire”

With these pictures, it is bound to stimulate some sort of interest. untitled1


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