Core Alpha Review

Core Alpha Review

Core Alpha Testosterone Booster

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Core Alpha is apparently an ‘Ultra-Potent Natural Hormone Optimizer’  that states it can:

    • Support T levels
    • Help Overall Testosterone Production
    • Boost Muscle Growth

So far it’s pretty standard stuff and doesn’t really give us an idea about how it differs from other products out there.
The only way we’ll be able to really understand how it stands out is by looking into it’s ingredients.

First Look

I’d never heard of Core Nutritionals until recently, but I’m impressed by the backstory – it was founded by a male and female bodybuilding couple. It definitely sounds like the company was a project of passion and not profit.

They’re against proprietary blends and have a wide range of different supplements to accommodate all levels of lifter. They even give advice in the comments section, it’s definitely a refreshing take compared to most supplement companies out there.



Some ingredients I liked, and some I wasn’t so sure on like the DHEA.

It really was a mixed bag with Core Alpha.

Here are my highlights:

      • D-Aspartic Acid
      • Vitamin D3
      • Zinc
      • Muncuna Pruriens

And this is why they’re essential for boosting test.

core-nutritionals-core-alphaD-Aspartic Acid – One of the key producers of testosterone, DAA helps create Luteinzing hormone (LH) in the body which helps produce testosterone and growth hormone. My only concern in Core Alpha is that 30mg is nowhere near enough to achieve effective results.

Vitamin D3 – Linked to better bone density, but more importantly, testosterone. D3 is a vitamin that we struggle to get enough of due to modern living which a lot of being indoors, and as we synthesize this nutrient from the sun, having a sufficient amount isn’t always easy. Those with reported deficiencies have been seen to have naturally lower T.

Muncuna Pruriens Seed Extract – Not only is this an effective testosterone booster, but it has also been linked to suppressing prolactin and estrogen levels. Which works as an added and effective bonus.

Zinc – This mineral is one of the best for testosterone production, it is essential for reactions in the brain to produce the LH that was mentioned earlier. It vastly improves the amount of growth hormone and testosterone circulating in your body.

There were a few more good ingredients in Core Alpha, an honorable mention to Coleus Forskholii for its link to raising T-Levels.

Find out which ingredients work and which don’t
Testosterone boosting ingredients


1 before a workout and 1 before bed. In my opinion I don’t that’s enough to boost T-levels. The best T-Boosters are constantly raising testosterone levels, and that’s because they have around 3 – 4 servings per day.

This gives the body constantly supplied with exactly what it needs to keep producing the optimum amount of male hormones. With such long gaps inbetween doses in Core Alpha, levels may not as effectively as other more efficient T-Boosters.


Given the ingredients, Core Alpha should help towards raising testosterone on some level. The fact that it has no proprietary blends is also useful, as we know exactly how much we’re getting and how effective it will be.

The fact that some thought has gone into suppressing estrogen with the Mucuna Pruriens is also a nice touch.

However I do have some concerns…


The serving schedule really needs work. If the dosages of Core Alpha can be tweaked to work around 3 – 4 daily doses, I feel it would be a far more effective product.

The DAA comes across as heavily under-dosed as well. The 30mg in Core Alpha is a drop in the ocean compared to the studies I’ve read of DAA only working when taken in 2000mg doses and above.

Lastly, some of the ingredients like the DHEA didn’t sit well with me, as there’s not that much evidence for it having an effect on T-Levels. It may be a waste of an ingredient.

My Core Alpha Review Conclusion

I like quite a lot of the ingredients in core alpha, although I do have some concerns with the amount of DAA they use and their serving schedules.

For this to be a truly great T-Booster I think a few changes need to be made first. The servings need to be increased to around 4 a day, the DAA needs to be upped significantly, and the DHEA needs to be switched up with a T-Boosting ingredient we know works, like Oyster Extract.

It’s got the foundations to be something great, however, until the changes are made I can’t fully recommend this product.

To see my favourite T-Boosters, I strongly suggest you check out the Top 3 here.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

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