Are These Legal Steroid Alternatives..?! We Take A Look

Are These Legal Steroid Alternatives..?! We Take A Look

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Why are you here? Why are you reading this article?

You want to build muscle and lose fat, right?

I’m guessing that you’ve either hit a plateau, you’re toying with the idea of steroids or you just want to accelerate the process. Correct?

You’ve seen the beasts in magazines, on TV and all over social media and you know you can look like that and become a monster.

You’re probably thinking of that vacation too; spring break and cuts bring the sluts.

Yet, you’re working your goddamn ass off and getting nowhere…that brick wall just preventing you reach the next level and your potential.

Read on, what I am about to tell you is going to help transform you, your workouts and your confidence.

We all find burning fat a drag, it can almost seem an impossible feat. Harder than your major.

No-one wants to go to the gym doing hours of cardio, pounding the treadmill, hitting spin class and having to eat tasteless, boring and repetitive foods.

Who wants just steamed fish and broccoli every meal time? I don’t!

In fact it frustrates the hell out of me. I’ve got a vacation to Thailand in 1 month and need something fast so I don’t look like one of Santa’s elves in training.

I love the gym but I hate cardio and dieting.

It seems illogical to build muscle and strength we need to eat fulfilling meals and hit the weights. But then we have to starve ourselves and lose a load of muscle for the definition.

It’s unfair that all of the hard work building muscle is then strangled and lost due to crappy diets and cardio.

We always see fitness models and bodybuilders getting shredded in what seems no time at all, in fact I used to train with one in London. Ripped and shredded, it looked easy.


These guys are using steroids to cut fat, get cut and shredded for photo-shoots quickly by using steroid stacks. 

These steroid stacks are different steroids combined together, they have different jobs enabling to target certain areas and goals for the physique they need. They work in double quick time.

Sounds Great. What’s the downsides?

  • Illegal in most places
  • Expensive
  • Probably have to inject yourself
  • Needles can carry or cause infections if not used correctly
  • Black-market steroids could be fake and dangerous
  • Potential problems like baldness and organ issues

It looks great when a big time fitness model or actor uses steroids but they will be administered by professionals using pharma-grade steroids, not bought from a guy in the gym parking lot.

But Wait!

The supplement industry makes loads of money, in fact it is reckoned that in the US alone it is a $37billion a year industry.

This means a more competitive marketplace and more money is invested in creating better products.

As a result, products are now available that offer a safe and effective alternative to anabolic steroids with no nasty needles.

They offer a quick and easier way to get shredded and build muscle without the horrible side effects.

They’re also completely legal…for now.

These supplements contain powerful and scientifically proven ingredients that can:

  • Hit The Gas on Fat Burning – Those final stubborn areas of fat will start to disappear
  • Shredded & Maintain Muscle – There’s nothing worse than losing the hard gained muscles when shredding. These alternatives help you gain muscle.
  • Increased Energy Levels – People always lose energy and the will to live when cutting. Not with these stacks. You feel on top form.
  • Peak Physical Appearance – Clothes will fit better and you’ll look the best you ever have.
  • Look & Feel Jacked – Your muscle size and hardness will be maintained.

Is All Of This Possible? No Irreversible Sides, No Needles And No Police Knocking At Your Door?

Even Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t blessed with absolute perfect genetics. He struggled with his leg development, so how are us mere mortals going to cope?

While everyone else sees to benefit from bulking , eating waffles and ice creams in the sun while turning girls away on the beach and we’re struggling to see past that SNICKERS .

However, these supplements were designed and formulated in labs for people like you and me. They’re natural, alternative legal steroids that can be safely ‘stacked’ for optimum results.

These products also have 90 day money back guarantee’s if your body doesn’t react to them as well as most meaning it is a win win situation. There’s no risk involved.

You literally cannot lose. Use them for 3 months and if you’re not noticing more muscle and less fat you can get your money back. Simple.

This is what many of us have been waiting for to smash down that wall and reach out potential, legally and safely.

How Do These Legal Alternatives Work?


All the ingredients when combined are natural alternatives to real steroids. They’re designed to increase testosterone production so you build bigger muscles and raise your metabolism which will burn fat.

Guys with lots of natural testosterone will already benefit from these characteristics.

They have low body fat percentage and more developed muscles that we can only dream of. Remember the guy at high school with the perfectly developed abs and chest?

Yes, He had high T.

We, however, need a bit of further encouragement.

These supplements offer the latest researched and developed combination of ingredients in the correct doses to stimulate more of your own bodies testosterone production. It’s like getting a shot of natural T.

This accelerates your development and promotes even faster fat loss when you are cutting.

Even better, these supplements are not hiding behind a proprietary blend which is one of the biggest scams in the supplement industry. Always stay clear of products that contain a proprietary blend.

Low Testosterone

Much of the western world culture has turned men in to nothing but emasculated shadows of their former self.

How? Well manual work has decreased, more time is spent behind the wheel of a car or in front of a computer. We’re no longer out on the Frontier chopping logs, rustling cattle and hunting or even playing sport.

Our diets have changed from what was essentially a Paleo diet to one full of refined carbs and sugars which lowers testosterone levels.

We are also more stressed, again this leads to a reduction in testosterone.

Will These Alternatives Be As Effective As Dianabol, Anavar, Turinabol Etc?

These alternatives are natural products, they will not load your body full of man made testosterone and stop your own body produce its own.

These don’t work like that.

No. they actually work in harmony with your body so it produces more of your own natural testosterone.

This is the safe alternative.

In a way they mimic anabolic steroids by just making your body release more growth hormone in to the blood stream rather than pump it full of fake test.

Do not expect to be absolutely pumped up like Kai Greene, these cannot offer the same stratospheric levels that insane cycles of potentially harmful steroid abuse can attain.


However, they are effective and 100% legal, not to mention safe.

There’s no lying to your physician complaining of low testosterone so you can buy expensive androtherapy gels or have to start using needles.

There are not any unwanted side effects as associated with even the most mild of steroids.

  • No urinating yellow from stressing the liver
  • No baldness
  • No acne
  • No risk of infection

So What Are These Supplements?


Quick summary

What will the stack do?: They raise the metabolism to burn fat quicker, increase energy levels and build lean muscle tissue.

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Learn more: Read our official full review for TestoFuel & Instant Knockout

TestoFuel and Instant Knockout have been getting loads of great reviews and praise online recently.

And not just from regular guy’s like you and me.

Even those who have been in the game for decades have recognized the safe and legal steroid alternatives to stay in shape.

I mean, who can argue with names like MMA coach Greg Jackson and Robby ‘The Black Prince’ Robinson?


If you take a real long look at the ingredient profile for both and understand which each does you can understand why they have been getting such good feedback of late.

Their products are the real deal and have to power to help you get the body you’ve always wanted much faster.

This supplement stack offer the best steroid alternative to get you ripped quickly.

I have spent my own money and time using these supplements while not sticking to a healthy diet plan to see if these were effective. And they have been the best yet!

Best of all, if you do not see results, you get your money back.

However, do not risk buying counterfeit products on places such as eBay or Amazon as these guys only sell direct to assure quality and satisfaction, plus best service.

Take a look at the websites for TestoFuel and Instant Knockout.

What’s Good

The ingredients for each have been carefully selected after exhaustive research. This means you can cut fat whilst maintaining lean muscle mass without the need for any needles or black-market steroids.

Each product has its own important role to play, each ingredient is part of this. None of the ingredients are present based on anecdotal evidence, each one has scientific studies to confirm their effectiveness.

This means you are armed with the most efficient and successful products to get cut and shredded.

This is guaranteed, or your money back.

The best legal Cutting Stack was put together and used by me with the purpose of achieving the following things:

  • Accelerate Fat Loss  – Feel as the fat starts melting off over 90 days with results from just 30 days!
  • Optimize Lean Muscle Gainz– The shredding is half the story, build muscle too
  • Increases In Strength And Energy Levels – Don’t fall into the trap of being out of energy during your cutting season, the cutting stack makes sure you’re full of energy even though you’re in a calorie deficit
  • Turbocharge Metabolism – You’ll be burning through calories at a quicker rate and using stored fat as an energy source
  • Legal Steroid Effectiveness – No needles, no liver stress, no prison, no risks

At first I just tried each supplement at a time, then I wanted better results.

Once each product was combined the ingredients worked in harmony and each one has a job, nothing is wasted or unnecessary.

This means you can get that body of your dreams quickly and safely.

The Negatives

Now, not everything is absolutely perfect in life.

As with steroids, these are not the cheapest products on the market. However, you do get what you pay for.

Every heard of the saying, “Buy cheap, buy twice”?

If you buy another, lesser quality product you will be disappointed and waste your money, then you’ll try this stack.

Avoid the wasted money first time around and try this stack first.

You can save even more money if you buy in bulk, plus you get a cool tee shirt or vest with each.

TestoFuel Tee Shirt promo here. Instant Knockout vest multi-buy offer here.

PLUS free worldwide delivery on both products!

To Conclude

What can you expect?

  • Rapid fat loss and increased muscle growth
  • Fast and free global shipping
  • Increased strength
  • Legal
  • Safe

This stack is the best cutting stack available on the market today with out having to use steroids.

These powerful steroid alternatives will create muscle tone and fat loss like nothing else you have legally used or seen before.

The stack is best used over a period of 90 days for maximum results and for the best prices, if you do not notice any difference and your body does not take to the product as normal you can get a refund.

Save money and get shredded.

If you are happy, I would recommend you keep on using the product to stay lean and muscular.

Order TestoFuel HERE and Instant Knockout HERE.

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Ben BA(Hons), PGCert

Ben established this site to be a free resource in 2015. Since then it has gained over half a million visits. He has always been interested in sport and he started playing rugby at the age of 6 represented his town, county and school. Ben also enjoys cycling, has started skiing and is in the Army Reserve representing his Regiment as part of the 150 Regimental Shooting Team. He holds a bachelor's and postgraduate degree in sport exercise & nutrition.

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