Avoid Weightlifting Injuries With These 5 Simple Tricks

Avoid Weightlifting Injuries With These 5 Simple Tricks

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Injuries in the gym are extremely common. This is due to in most parts a lack of education, emulation of other people in the gym, lack of proper equipment and ego.

However, it isn’t just amateur gym goers who can fall foul of injury, many seasoned athletes and professionals alike routinely endure injury.

So, in order to minimize risk, here’s 5 ways that could save you a strain, sprain or even broken bone.

1. Proper footwear

Ensure you are wearing flat soled shoes while weightlifting. If you wear a shoe with a higher heel that your toes all of the pressure is forced on your toes.

If you are weightlifting and in particular squats and deadlifts you want the best stability possible. A flat soled shoe/sneaker will do this which will prevent rolling over on your ankle. Also ensure there is good grip – don’t try wearing your smart leather soles Oxford brogues.

Flat soled shoes will evenly distribute all of the pressure across your whole foot which will minimize any aching.

2. Try this warm up to protect your knees

Try lunges to warm up, this will stretch off any muscles in your legs and around your hips. It is no good jumping straight in to some squats or a sport such as rugby or football by just stretching calves and quads.

3. Prevent back pain and injury

You back gets a hammering most days. You may have a physical job in construction or even a desk job – needless to say even sitting down most of the day places strain on your back, then you head over to the gym and start inflicting more stress with a few military presses. Stop.

Throughout the day take a little time to stretch off your back and ensure you are not just humped over a desk on one position for endless hours.

4. Kill The Shoulder Pain By Rotating Them

Shoulder pain is extremely common, the rotator cuff is the most mobile joint in the body and is susceptible to injury through sport or poor form lifting weights above head height which is not really a natural movement. I personally have injured my rotator cuff and it is a real hindrance for not only sport but day-to-day life.

Try warming the shoulder up properly by using back and forth rowing movements.

5. Kick The Pain In The Neck By Smart Postures

Without you really realizing it, your neck is greatly affected by you knees, feet and back. Modern technology also has a great responsibility too.

Much of the day is spent with your head looking down at a phone for instance and these behaviors can also lead to poor posture. A poor posture in the gym will lead to pain and injury.  Ensure your neck is supported where possible and never slouch or look down while performing an exercise, always look straight ahead, even if that means staring head on at that girls yoga pants.

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