Official: Heavy Drinking In Later Life Causes Cognitive Decline

Official: Heavy Drinking In Later Life Causes Cognitive Decline

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May be unsurprisingly, yet at least now confirmed, scientists can agree that heavy drinking in older adults can actually impair cognitive function. So, the old gin soaked hags who have a pre-midday tipple could well be on the road to ruin as their motor function, memory, cognitive function and learning ability is impaired.

As is already established, ageing can also contribute to cognitive decline but thus far studies have produced varied results.


However, a latest study from the Brown University, US., was commissioned to examine the link between age, heavy drinking and neurocognitive function in more detail.

66 participants were involved, roughly split 50/50 men and women who all underwent neurocognitive testing.

Of the 66 participants, 21 were classed as heavy drinkers, these participants were compared to 45 non and moderate drinkers.

The results from the battery of tests illustrate that current heavy drinking in senior adults is associated with worsening overall cognitive function; including memory function, learning ability, verbal functioning and processing speed.

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