Battle Ready Fuel Fat Burner Review

Battle Ready Fuel Fat Burner Review

Here it is, my review for a fat burner from Battle Ready Fuel that has been formulated (alongside other products) by ex-special forces soldiers from the SAS and SBS.

The Special Air Service are commonly known as the worlds first special forces unit that were formed in 1941 during WW2. You can read more about the SAS, here. The naval arm is called the Special Boat Service.

Entrance tests for the SAS & SBS takes extreme mental and physical robustness which they must display upon ‘selection’, it is a very tough entrance course that very few pass.

LAST UPDATED: September 2019 by Ben.

Who Are Battle Ready Fuel?

BRF is a company established by ex-SBS operator Ollie Ollerton.

Using science, BRF have formulated a number of different supplements to help you strive past what you thought would be possible; both physically and mentally.

These premium fitness supplements are available to everyone who wishes to achieve the success that optimal brain and body function can bring.

To support this, there’s a 100% money back guarantee, global endurance events and a community that is not only online but also a physical base camp.

ollie ollerton battle fuel ready

Why am I interested in BRF Fat Burner?

Firstly I have utmost respect for any special forces personnel.

Secondly, if it is good enough for them and they truly believe in its benefits then I am on board.

Thirdly, being in the army, I really want to ensure that I can perform to my best so that I am an effective soldier regardless of role, duty and situation.

I am also entering the USMC marathon in October 2019. I along with a few others from my squadron will be tabbing the full 26.2 miles in army fatigues, boots and 33lbs weight.

Therefore, I need to be in optimal condition.

BRF Fat Burner Unique Points

For a start this has been formulated with some of the most fit and mentally robust people on the planet. Period.

These are people who have and can operated deep within hostile enemy territory, in small numbers, with minimal support for long periods of time under extreme circumstances.

They must go through the most rigorous training and selection process to achieve the infamous sandy/beige beret.

These guys do not read about heroic adventures across the globe, they have lived it in HD.

Therefore, this isn’t just a collection of supplements with hastily thrown together ingredients within a secretive proprietary blend.

This is a product range that has been tested to the absolute limit by professionals while being closely monitored and developed in hand with sports nutritionist alongside sports performance experts. You can read more about Battle Read Fuel over at their site.

My Review

So here it is. My first fat burner review of 2019!

You may wonder what has been going on, but I am determined to continue the battle and find the best supplements money can buy which can offer real results.

For 2019 and beyond I am much more focused on testing these products myself to see what differences they can make.

I write this as I am sat in my recently purchased weighted vest which is helping me train for my loaded marches.

I don’t just write about products, I try them myself and live them.

This way, you know how they perform under real world testing.

And, I am very excited about this fat burner which can help you lose extra pounds by stimulating additional fat burn, or calorie expenditure when used in conjunction with your calorie deficit exercise and nutrition plan.

At first glance, as ever, I was quite skeptical, as there are so many under performing products on the market.

However, I looked at the man behind the brand (Ollie), I knew of his achievements from what I had read about and seen on TV so I had to give it a closer look, who wouldn’t?!

If you value your time and efforts placed in becoming a better you, and want to enhance what you put in to practice, read on…

Video Review


Ingredients: Nutrition 

Obviously it matters what is included in a supplement, plus there’s many products on the market that try to take shortcuts by including potentially dangerous or harmful ingredients that could cause some negative side effects.

This is why I carefully analyze and evaluate each included ingredient.

That means you have full transparency and can make an informed decision whether you would like to try it yourself.

Now, you may notice that on the ingredients panel there is a list of everything that is included including carbohydrates, sugars, protein and more, but these are in minimal amounts.

These nutrients are included in pretty much every supplement tested, but they’re not often disclosed.

But, we’re just going to concentrate on the additional that can have a real impact on your performance.

So this is it…


Salt to you and me.

And salt gets a bad rep for being dangerous and increasing blood pressure by increasing the water stored in your body. [1]

So, you may wonder why the hell there is 4.5mg of salt included in this supplement if it is so bad…

However, it is down to lifestyle and the environment that you are living or training in.

It is also dependent on each individual, but, if you are training hard and sweating you need to replace lost fluids, electrolytes and salts to fully re-hydrate.

It is important to note that while water intake is absolutely necessary, it should be accompanied by food to replace the lost minerals and electrolytes.

If this is not possible, these salts, electrolytes and minerals need to be included in the beverage. [2]

One thing to note, the recommended daily allowance for sodium intake by the World Health Organization is 5g per day. [3]

That means the moderate dose of 4.5mg is not going to cause a safety concern.

Especially as you will learn that a day of work in a hot conditions can lead to losses of around 6g of sodium which can impair work capacity and in itself become a health risk if not acknowledged. [4]

Niacin (B3)

Niacin is a B vitamin, and, as such cannot be stored by the body.

In addition to this, niacin is also an essential vitamin which means it is vital to optimal bodily function and health.

Therefore, essential nutrients like B3 need to be replenished daily. [5]

But what does Niacin do?

Niacin benefits energy production, enzyme function as well has promoting healthy skin and nerves.

It is also good to increase the levels of HDL Cholesterol which is the good cholesterol that helps clear the arteries for increased blood flow. [6]

In studies, niacin supplementation also appeared to alleviate the symptoms of metabolic syndrome in obese people. [7]

With a lack of niacin you can suffer from the following symptoms:

  • Cramp
  • Nausea
  • Confusion
  • Skin issues

As you can see, niacin does live up to its essential status.

However, its intake is quite important for those people who are on a calorie controlled diet, because you may not be fulfilling your body’s requirements.

Garcinia Cambogia

I am always concerned when I commit myself to some desktop research and the first page of results are not from what I consider reputable sources.

As such, my initial thoughts regarding Garcinia were tepid to say the least.

However, with a little more digging you can unearth some interesting information from reliable institutions such as universities or government publications.

And, it is the University of Michigan’s medicine department that offers some concise text that is not related to selling a product.

In essence, garcinia cambogia’s relevance in a fat burner is due to its ability to inhibit enzyme processes that convert carbohydrates in to fat stores.

A study also demonstrated that when used in combination with a weight loss diet, garcinia cambogia extracts enhanced the results. [8]

There is further evidence that points the way to garcinia cambogia helping to prevent a regain of weight once a person ends a calorie restricted diet and increases food intake. [9]

Citrus Aurantium

There is a lot of interest regarding citrus aurantum as a fat loss agent due to the high obesity rates that are prevalent in the United States with the rest of the Western world rapidly catching up.

The inclusion of citrus aurantium in this product is relevant because it is often used as an alternative to the proven, yet risky use of ephedra.

However, there is valid reason for its use, because in multiple studies citrus aurantium has demonstrated that it does have thermogenic effects which contribute to weight loss and is the best substitute presently available to ephedra without any adverse side effects. [10]

Furthermore, it has proven in trial and clinical studies to increase serotonin levels which help improve the feelings of well being and inhibit food intake.

In addition to this, body mass index was reduced alongside a reduction in LDL (bad cholesterol). [11]

As such, it is a worthy nutrient to have in this fat burner from BRF.


It has been discovered that the seeds from the guarana plant are four times more caffeinated that coffee beans. [12]

This is relevant because caffeine is a great simulator of weight loss and increases lipolysis, this means it helps use the stores of fat for energy during exercise.

Caffeine is also a known stimulator of the central nervous system while increasing the metabolic rate. [13]

An increase of the metabolic rate results in an increase level of calories being used for energy. [14]

In layman terms

Guarana is also associated with a reduction in obesity, high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome while helping ensure that the arteries are clear of plaque build up. [15] [16]

This is then an ideal accompaniment to the rest of the nutrients that form the content of this fat burner supplement from Battle Ready Fuel.

Daily Dose

There’s 30 daily servings per bottle.

Each daily dose consists of 3 gelatin pills per day, so you have one with each meal. Do be warned though that gelatin is neither vegan or vegetarian.

Of the five active ingredients, there’s a total of 1288.5mg of nutrients working towards improving physical performance and burning fat.

There’s no proprietary blend here and we know the exact nutritional value of each element contained within this product.

The dosing schedule is key, this is spread out in to three easy daily steps alongside your main meals.

This way, you will not forget to take your Battle Ready Fuel pills.


Each bottle is $49.99 or £34.99 for a month supply.

That’s a good price for the weaponry to fight fat.

It is also available in Canadian and Australian dollars.

Shipping is free and you get private access to a community of other athletes plus a prep plan and a newsletter to help keep on top of your progress.



Firstly this is a product range from a highly respected individual(s) who are extremely fit, both mentally and physically.

There is a high level of trust, expertise and authority from a group of men who have put their robustness to the point that many human beings dare not or do not have the capabilities.

Therefore, for a range of supplements to be developed by themselves (under the scrutiny of nutrition and performance academics) is a certification of their credibility.

This is particularly true as it is noted that special forces soldiers are at the pinnacle of physical fitness.

‘Physiological research suggests that
Special Forces soldiers are the most physically fit in the Army,
particularly with respect to lean body mass and aerobic fitness’

Consequently elite special forces soldiers are often compared to elite athletes, and, it has been documented that the training for special forces soldiers is more demanding than their athlete counterparts. [18]

Therefore, it can be considered that a product used and developed by themselves is something that is considered as rigorously tested, and for use of a better word; ‘military grade’.

Clinical Studies

In addition, while there are few ingredients included in this supplement compared to some other fat burners, the included nutrients are supported by clinical and scientific studies demonstrating that they can improve performance.

Or that they can help reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome and obesity.

Addition points to note is that citrus aurantium is now considered the only real alternative to ephedra for its thermogenic effects and that the high levels of caffeine provided by guarana is proven to help and improve soldier performance as tested on US Navy SEALs. [19]

It has to be reiterated that the price is at an affordable level, too.

There is some speculation regarding citrus aurantium being a banned substance under the guise of synephrine, however, it is allowed by the World Anti-Doping Authority (WADA). [20]

In fact, none of these nutrients are included on the list of prohibited substances.


While there are not any multi-buy offers as provided by some other supplement brands, you can buy bundle stacks that feature numerous different products from their range to improve your overall physical and mental performance.

There’s a diet and weight loss bundle that is particularly interesting for those who are looking to get fit and lean.

Plus, bundles tailored for both men and women.

You can take a look at the store for more information and to shop by your goal.

Other areas to grumble could be the few ingredients offered in this fat burner.

Okay, so there’s evidence available that supports the effectiveness of the content, however, I would have liked to have seen further ingredients such as vitamin D3 or even green tea extract – both well regarded nutrients for weight loss.

The former is also well regarded for overall general health improvements, too.

Customer Support

Support is excellent, as soon as you get on to the site there’s a customer support adviser available to chat and answer any questions.

I tested this and the function is available 24/7.

Other benefits to shopping with BRF is a 100% money back guarantee should you not be satisfied.

Nutrient Safety

It is safe to say that there’s not a lot to concern yourself with in terms of nutrient safety as expected from Battle Ready Fuel.

However, lets just run through them to settle any nerves you may have.


Salt is generally safe, as long as you do not intake more than 6-8g daily unless you are perspiring or urinating heavily.

Be aware that lots of physical exercise and climates can make you perspire more than normal and drinking lots of alcohol can cause you to urinate more and as such losing salts.


Extremely high doses of niacin have lead to the thickening of blood and liver issues, however, these have been in extreme cases whereby the casualty has been trying to obscure urine drug testing.

Garcinia Cambogia

Even extreme high doses of garcinia has not been associated with any toxicity in testing.

Citrus Aurantium

Citrus aurantium (synephrine) seems to be free from any adverse side effects from tests and anecdotal study.


While extremely potent in terms of caffeine content there appears to be no adverse effects unless you are sensitive to caffeine.

Can Military Personnel Use BRF Fat Burner?

I have yet to find any of the included ingredients on a list of banned substances.

For the British military soldiers are advised that they can only use supplements that are tested and verified by Informed Sport to avoid any possible contamination of banned substances.


BRF Review Conclusion

Based upon the background and the people behind this brand, let alone fat burner supplement is impressive enough.

These are tough, robust individuals that put their body through rigors far greater than the most prized and adorned elite international athletes.

Yet, it is not just a a veneer to wow and bamboozle customers who wish to better themselves.

Special forces soldiers are about trust and teamwork. Every individual has their role and every individual has their ‘oppos’ back, through thick and thin.

And, this is how it feels with this fat burner and supplement range.

As such, we have a product whereby the content is proven to help you achieve your goals and mission.

I am happy with the results and the research.

It is time for you to zero in on your weight loss battle and win the fight.

Best Battle Ready Fuel Weight Loss Deal

battle ready fuel weight loss bundle



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