Hunter BURN Fat Burner Review

Hunter BURN Fat Burner Review

I have already held a testosterone booster under scrutiny from the Hunter brand and it came out on top.

The product falls within the premium bracket, but you get an excellent product, so let us see where their BURN product ranks in a saturated market.

LAST UPDATED: May 2019 by Ben.


Hunter Burn Supplement First Look

As already mentioned the last product that I reviewed from Hunter offered excellent results.

This was not entirely surprising considering the formidable ingredient profile that was supported with numerous studies and clinical trials demonstrating their ability to stimulate more testosterone.

As such, I am going to judge this book by its cover and expect a good performance.

So let us take an initial look at it.

As per the rest of the Hunter range this fat burner, simply called Burn looks great.


A premium product with a classy design and soft touch bottle.

Okay, so just being nicely packaged does not mean it is gong to be a top performer.

However, you could argue that thought and consideration being put in to the outside would reflect the product on the inside.

Glancing at the ingredient panel shows us that there are just 6 total ingredients.

Some may say that is too few, others may say that it is a supplement which is concise and focused on just the best nutrients without including what isn’t required.

I will wait until I have run through the full nutrient analysis to judge that.

Yet, I do know that even though there are just 6 ingredients, there is a very large dose.

I know this because there is not a secret proprietary blend, and the nutrient breakdown is fully transparent.

It is also worth noting that the supplement is manufactured in accordance with the FDA and Good Manufacturing Guidelines.

So, in order to get the achieve the best results from your workout, you need the science to help you.

More about Hunter Supplements

Hunter is a brand of supplements that was established to satisfy the needs of the man who demands the finest products and the best results.

No longer are supplements just confined to the locker room of the most underground gym, people want optimal health and performance.

As such Hunter has released three products that can help give you that physical and mental edge, be it to surpass expectations in the board room or the IRONMAN.

This is especially relevant as figures are reporting that from 2018 50% of the competitors are males and over the age of 45. [1]

Those senior men with more disposable income are seeking out new and exciting challenges; Hunter has been designed to provide the additional support to help people achieve their goals.

We introduce you to Hunter BURN, their fat burner, and provide a full evidence based analysis since we have already been impressed with the testosterone booster from Hunter.

My personal Hunter Burn video review


Nutrient Profile: The Science

hunter burn ingredients panel

So let’s find out what proof there is for each of these ingredients to support the claims that Hunter Burn have made, which are:

  • Maintain muscle but cut fat
  • Prevent hunger cravings
  • Maintain focus

We’ll go in the same order that is on the ingredients panel.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is widely hailed for its overall health benefits.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Bone health
  • Mood
  • Life span

So, seeing this alone is a appealing as it is.

But did you know that we get vitamin D3 for free, from the sun?

Which begs the question; why are we paying for it to be in a supplement?

Unfortunately, many of us do not get enough (safe) exposure to the sunshine which has resulted in a growing epidemic of vitamin D insufficiency. [2]

This is further exacerbated by there being limited dietary sources that are available to bolster our demands. [3]

This peculiar situation does really require people to top up their needs with a supplement, so much so, that medical bodies will recommend that people supplement their diet with a vitamin D product. [4]

But what benefit does it have on fat loss?

A study found that obesity and vitamin D deficiency is related. Furthermore, a deficiency of vitamin D is also related to high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Further clinical trials show that a period of 6 weeks using vitamin D supplementation saw a reduction in waist circumference and body mass index. [5]

Additional studies also found that vitamin D3 supplementation also had a positive effect on insulin sensitivity and resistance which is related to obesity and weight gain. [6]

It has also been reported that there is a correlation with vitamin D intake and increased vitamin D status alongside weight loss and a decreased level of calorie intake. [7]

Overall, it shows that weight loss and high levels of vitamin D are related.

Not only that, but sufficient levels of vitamin D are imperative for good overall health.

Konjac Root Extract

You may have heard of konjac because of the noodle alternatives that are marketed as a healthier and slimming option to replace normal pasta and noodles.

Glucomannan found in some fat burners is made up of konjac.

That is because they are extremely high in fiber with no fats or carbohydrates and extremely low calorie. [8]

However, it is reported that these noodles are hugely high in fiber which contributes to making you feel fuller for longer and thus can control calorie intake.

Yet, they are of an odd consistency and lack a palatable taste, as such this could be holding back their popularity.


However, it is the fiber that we are interested in.

Due to this, it can regulate food intake which can contribute to weight loss by acting almost like a naturally occurring gastric band.

In which case, an extract that can be taken more easily could be more convenient.

But, what are the results for konjac?

Is it really that effective at reducing calorie intake resulting in fat loss?

It has been reported by the European Food Safety Authority that in order for the high fiber root extract to help with weight loss by reducing energy intake 3g should be taken in three doses of 1g before a meal. [9]

This is the exact amount that is provided by Hunter Burn.

White Kidney Bean

You may wonder how a simple bean can help you reduce fat…

However, you may well be surprised by just how beneficial white kidney bean extracts are.

A thorough and unbiased clinical trial in Italy documented that those who were supplemented with nearly 500mg of white kidney bean extract daily resulted in significant fat loss while being able to maintain lean muscle mass. [10]

This because white kidney bean extract is able to block carbohydrate digestion by the body.

This is interesting on two counts.

  1. Less carbohydrate digestion may lead to less calorie intake [11]
  2. Starches that resist digestion enter the colon to be fermented and may promote fat oxidization [12]

As a result, the common bean yields more benefit that you may have initially realized and can contribute not solely to weight loss, but actual fat loss.

Furthermore, it is safe and effective.


Hunter have claimed that their Burn supplement is able to induce calmness and focused throughout the day.

This is where theanine comes in to play.

Theanine is an amino acid that can contribute to reducing stress, increasing relaxation without any unsavory side effects such as sedation. [13]

That said, it may help with sleep, albeit a contributory method rather than an all out sleep aid. [14]

Furthermore, when you combine theanine with caffeine it can increase brain function and your alertness. [15]

If that is not enough for you, consider that due to theanine being able to regulate nitric oxide levels which is important for cardiovascular health. [16]

In respect of theanine’s effect on fat levels, it has been observed in studies on rats that theanine can prevent the rapid absorption of glucose which in turn could be converted to triglycerides in the liver and transferred to your tissues as fat. [17]

Camellia Sinensis (Matcha Tea)

Camellia is a plant from which tea is produced and is a good source of catechins which can contribute to fat loss.

These catechins bear a wealth of additional health benefits such as:

  • Cardio protective
  • Anti-diabetic
  • Protects the liver
  • Promotes neurological health
  • Anti-obesity

A study found that a component of tea is able to promote fat oxidization while increasing endurance parameters by increasing VO2max. [18]

However, this is not just a sole study.

Fat Oxidization

There’s more positive results surrounding the benefits of camellia sinensis and fat oxidization. [19]

Additionally, if you are particularly active and do lots of exercise, catechins can also alleviate muscle soreness commonly known as DOMS. [20]

This potentially improved recovery rate can potentially help you get back in to the gym or on the field quicker.

Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum)

Cayenne pepper is commonly referred to as a thermogenic.

Thermogenesis is a process whereby the substance you are consuming raises your body temperature, in response your body tries to regulate its temperature and in the process burns additional calories.

Capsacin is a molecule found in hot peppers such as the cayenne pepper.

This molecule contributes to thermogenesis and helps your body burn more fat by increasing the core temperature.

Additionally, it has been reported in studies that capsaicin can also reduce food, but more importantly, fat consumption while increasing energy expenditure. [21]


Capsaicin has shown to increase fat oxidization in men by improving lipolysis which uses stored fats for energy, the effects are particularly beneficial if cayenne is supplemented prior to a period of aerobic exercise. [22]

Further benefits of capsaicin are its ability to improve protein synthesis which in turn can help stimulate muscle growth. [23]

With these benefits for weight loss and even muscle growth in mind, it would be simple to stop there and move on.

But there is more…

In rodent studies there has been some promising finds that may well translate to humans.

Diets that are rich in capsaicin stimulates brown fat which in turn increases the metabolic rate which burns more calories.

But it also appears to improve the following metabolic syndrome conditions:

  • Diabetes
  • Blood pressure
  • Reduce the risk of a stroke
  • Fatty liver disease

In terms of vascular function, capsaicin has demonstrated its ability to improve exercise tolerance by increasing nitric oxide production, dilating arteries and increasing the ischaemic threshold. [24]
Hunter Burn - Four

How to Take Hunter Burn

Where many other fail, Hunter BURN excels and succeeds.

There is little point of a supplement containing the best ingredients known to man if the doses are minuscule.

Because there is a full transparent nutrient profile we know exactly how much of each ingredient is included.


For a start, there are 6 pills to be taken daily.

This is much higher than the norm.

This means you can take 2 prior to each main meal time during the day.

As we have already learned, the fiber found in konjac can prevent you from over eating at meal times, and therefore the less energy taken in means there’s less calories to burn to create that deficit required for fat loss.

Additionally, the white kidney bean contributes to preventing carbohydrates being digested, this blocking effect can result in fat loss.

Therefore, the timing of this supplement is crucial.


The combined ingredients included within BURN total over 4,025mg for each daily dose.

That is a staggering amount and reflects the premium branding and price.

Many fat burners fail to provide over 1,000mg.

These large amount means that you are getting effective doses for the ingredients to make an impact rather than just looking good on the ingredients panel.


After reading the amount of ingredients that is included, the number of pills and the premium packaging you may think this product is out of reach.

However, you may be pleasantly surprised…

One bottle is $75/£55.

That is definitely not the cheapest, but it is packed full of value.

This value extends even more so when you buy more bottles at once.

By doing this each unit drops to $56/£41 and there is FREE shipping.

You can also buy this in Euros plus Canadian and Australian dollars, or Amazon pay along with PayPal.

This combines excellent results and extremely good value.#

That said, Hunter Burn is not available on Amazon or any other outlets such as eBay and must but bought direct from the manufacturer.


You may already be aware that this is a great fat burner.

I have already mentioned the massive amount of ingredients and the good value.

However, let’s just have a recap on the ingredients that make this such a formidable proposition to help you cut fat and even maintain lean muscle mass while remaining focused throughout your regime.

With vitamin D3 it has been found that users can expect to see a reduction in body mass index (BMI) due to a correlation of decreased calorie intake.


Studies have also noted a relationship between low levels of vitamin D3 and lower overall health.

In addition, government health bodies advise citizens to supplement vitamin D as many factors prevent us from getting enough exposure to sunlight coupled with limited dietary sources of vitamin D.


Then we have the highly fibrous konjac extract which should be taken prior to meal times as it makes you feel really full, as a result this can control your eating habits.


This is then supported by the humble white kidney bean which can help block carbohydrate absorption and potentially stimulate fat oxidization.

It has been discovered that white kidney bean can also target fat loss rather than weight loss (two very different things) and help maintain lean muscle mass.


One of the claims from Hunter for this supplement is that it could help you maintain focus while keeping you calm.

This is where Theanine comes in to play.

Hunter want to create supplements that not only help you look and feel good but to excel in other areas of your life.

Theanine can help reduce stress and increase cognitive function which could be key to thinking clearly when under pressure when in that sales meeting.

Fat Loss

The catechins found in camellia sinensis also contribute to fat loss while protecting many of the vital organs and bodily functions particularly the cardiovascular system which can also increase aerobic performance.

Additionally to this, camellia can reduce delayed onset muscle soreness after hard exercise sessions.


The molecules found in cayenne pepper are able to increase body temperature, this triggers the body to regulate this spike which burns calories.

This is known as the thermogenic effect.

But there’s more to capsaicin than just heat.

These molecules can also stimulate the use of stored fats for energy and even help with muscle growth, more muscle also burns more calories to maintain.

There is also evidence that suggests that it can improve vascular function and reduce metabolic syndrome conditions.



This is a premium product with a price that reflects that.

However, that said, it provides so much more than what many other fat burners offer that its value for money is bang on.

Especially if you take advantage of the multi-buy offers which does reduce the cost per unit quite significantly.

What’s missing?

I am a little surprised that caffeine is not included as this is a known fat burning ingredient and as we have learned, it works particularly well with theanine.

Camellia sinensis does include caffeine, but at fairly low levels.

Garcinina cambogia and citrus aurantium could have been worthy additions, however, with more and more ingredients being added to the mix this may well have increased the price further and the number of pills to take.

As it is, it is a great and effective supplement that I have been pleased with.

My only gripe is that there isn’t 24/7 customer services to chat with online.

You can fill in a form and someone does respond but it is nice to have that chat pop-up so you can fire over some immediate questions.

Hunter Burn Side Effects

We have already established that the nutrient profile is transparent so we know exactly how much of each ingredient is included per dose.

That offers us a good level of reassurance.

Yet, I want to go through each ingredient just to ensure that there’s little or no risk for the user.

Vitamin D3

If you are an elderly woman (we’re talking over 70 years old) and you are supplementing vitamin D3 with calcium you may experience kidney stones which is very uncomfortable and makes it difficult to urinate. [25]


It seems that the most common side effect that people may experience with konjac is abdominal discomfort as intestinal gas could be produced for those who are not used to a high fiber diet.

If you have any esophagus problems you may wish to avoid taking pills containing konjac as it may expand. [26]

White Kidney Bean Extract

White kidney bean extract is very safe with toxicity levels in rats being well in excess of what would be possible for humans to consume. [27]


It seems theanine is about as safe as a supplement can get with no reported issues with toxicity, even at high doses. [28]

Camellia Sinensis

Camellia sinensis is widely acclaimed of having a great deal of health benefits, including the treatment of cancers, inflammation and even able to manage the central nervous system plus metabolic disorders.

However, very little is documented regarding the negative side effects.

Yet there is some potential for gastrointestinal or liver problems but this appears to be rare. [29]


Cayenne may increase wind and a sensation of warmness. Generally speaking, unless you are consuming extremely large quantities of chilli peppers on a very regular basis there is very little concern. [30]

Any Banned Substances?

None of these ingredients are included on the 2019 list of banned substances from the World Anti-Doping Agency. [31]

Potentially, this means that it can be used by serving military personnel or professional athletes.

Hunter BURN Results

To conclude, this is one of the most effective and beneficial fat burner’s on the market today.

Each ingredient works in harmony to control calorie intake, burn more calories and keep you feeling calm. And there’s evidence to prove this which you can find in the list of citations below.

However, Hunter Burn goes further than that…

The included ingredients offer greater overall health benefits that can improve your muscle development and endurance performance.

And, this is not just one sole wonder nutrient.

Each one contribute towards fat loss, not merely weight loss and contributes to improving your wider health while posing very few risks.


It is fair to say that pound for pound this is probably one of the best value fat burner’s on the market considering cost and the amount of nutrients per serving.

This is one hell of a supplement that I cannot recommend enough.

hunter burn vs instant knockout

Hunter Burn vs Instant Knockout

Naturally the two fat burner supplements draw comparisons, and I am a big fan of both products.

So how do they compare?

Let’s start with Instant Knockout as that has been around now for a few years and has quite literally made an impact to the market.

My Video Review

Instant Knockout

This fat burner was formulated with the athlete in mind. Particularly MMA fighters and boxers who needed to rapidly cut fat and lose weight so they could fight in their chosen division.

This was highly successful and Diego Sanchez was able to drop from 190lbs to 145lbs.


Instant Knockout contains a combination of 10 natural ingredients that are backed by clinical studies to prove that they can contribute to overall fat loss.

These ingredients were able to increase the metabolic rate, prevent cellulite, absorb nutrients more effectively, increase energy levels, improve cognitive function, prevent muscle waste and fight fatigue.


This fat burner contains nutrients that cannot be stored by your body and are easily excreted through sweat and urine, yet need constantly topping up for healthy bodily function.

It’s nutrient profile is ideal for the person who is especially active. Who is already involved in a very active lifestyle and looking to reduce that stubborn fat.

This is all very impressive, and explains how Instant Knockout is such a successful product with a phenomenal number of testimonials from around the globe attesting to its benefits.

However, let’s flip the coin and re-cap on what Hunter Burn brings to the table and where they differentiate.

Hunter Burn

So how is Hunter Burn different from Instant Knockout?

If we want to look at the marketing behind the two, they could not be any more different.

Instant Knockout has a high impact branding strategy with a novel looking bottle and associations with high intensity combat sports.

Whereas Hunter Burn is a premium supplement that is aimed at a more mature audience. And, when I saw mature, we are talking those who may have a bit more disposable income in their pocket.

People who are aspirational and doing well in their careers. They could be in their mid-thirties and onward.

These people want uncompromising products with no bull.

Successful people do not want to be trialing different supplements themselves, they just want the highest grades of quality and doses to match.

This is where Hunter Burn excels.


At first glance you may think that Hunter Burn is losing this comparison between Instant Knockout because it has only 6 ingredients compared to IK ‘s 10.

That’s 40% less.

However, the devil is in the detail…

There’s a couple of similarities between the two nutrient profiles. They are:

  • Green Tea
  • Cayenne Pepper

However, whereas Instant Knockout is stimulant heavy and contains essential vitamins and minerals to help support those involved in high intensity exercise, and who will sweat a lot, Hunter Burn takes a different approach.

Hunter Burn contains nutrients that can help improve the user’s mood, sleep and brain function – necessary for those making tough decisions in a board room daily. 

Vitamin D is included, as the users of Hunter Burn may tend to work in an office for much of the day and not be able to take advantage of the sunshine to be active.

Then, there are two ingredients that can help you feel full so you do not overeat and also block absorption of carbohydrates.

If this rapidly available energy source is not used it gets stored as fat.


Each ingredients is proven to improve your overall health, reduce fat, improve cognition and help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and body composition.

Furthermore, these ingredients are in very high doses.

There’s no short comings, with Hunter Burn whatsoever.

Hunter Burn vs Instant Knockout Conclusion

In essence what it boils down to is what lifestyle you currently lead.

Instant Knockout

If you are very active and already eat lots and burn lots of calories,.

Instant Knockout is able to burn fat, stimulate energy and replace essential minerals that are so easily lost through sweat.

With IK you can help not only surpass your fat loss goals but it can also support your physical activity goals by improving recovery and keeping you focused.

Hunter Burn

Hunter Burn is formulated for that busy person who may not have the opportunity to workout as much as they would like.

These people may also lead high stress lifestyles, so an emphasis is not out on stimulants, but on nutrients that can help improve sleep, brain function, reduce stress but also cut fat using ingredients that are proven to do so.

HB also contains ingredients that can help prevent fueling on too many calories that your body may not need depending on how much energy you burn.

Plus, the doses are very high, so you get the best support.


If you are already involved in a lot of physical activity and are striving to enhance your performance, you need Instant Knockout.

If you are not quite as physically active, but want to lose weight while staying on top of your game, be that business or the gym, Hunter Burn can help you succeed.

Best Hunter BURN Deal

best deal hunter burn


































> Increase metabolism

> Increase Energy

> No banned ingredients

> Thermogenics

> Get the BEST deals

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