Increase Long Term Muscle Growth With Nitric Oxide Contained In Beta Vulgaris Supplements

Increase Long Term Muscle Growth With Nitric Oxide Contained In Beta Vulgaris Supplements

This is the 101 On Beta Vulgaris And Nitric Oxide

Beet extract is an up and coming sports performance supplement but how does it work?

Have you heard of “Beta Vulgaris” as a sport supplement? You might recognize it by its everyday name: beetroot extract.

Beet extract – Beta Vulgaris – is one of the hottest new up and coming sports performance supplements. However, what does it do, and how can this natural nitrate source benefit your training?

Author: Nicola Joyce is a two times amateur and natural bodybuilder, endurance athlete and power lifter. This background and wealth of experience is reflected in her fitness writing.

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What Is Beta Vulgaris?

Beta Vulgaris is an extract from beetroot.

Because of its naturally high nitrate content, it is thought to have sports performance benefits second only to nitric oxide itself.

There’s a certain pathway in the body that can lead to elevated levels of nitric oxide.

Ready for this?

It’s called the nitrate nitrite nitric oxide pathway (try saying that after a set of squats).

And, Beta Vulgaris can help boost nitric oxide levels during training and bouts of intense activity.

No wonder it’s attracting the interest of sports performance experts in a range of sports.


This 2013 study (1) looked at the vascular effects of dietary nitrate (from beetroot) via this nitrate-nitrite-nitric oxide pathway, to explain how Beta Vulgaris can boost endurance and help get more blood into working muscles in the gym.

Beetroot has high levels of nitrates, so supplementing with beetroot juice or Beta Vulgaris itself is relevant to endurance athletes, power athletes, and bodybuilders.

Studies have shown that it could increase exercise performance, endurance, and lead to better pumps in the gym.

Beetroot is one of the best sources of dietary nitrate, with at least 1,300mg per 1kg of fresh beets.

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The Composition Of Beetroot

To understand Beta Vulgaris, we need to know what makes up a beetroot.

Beets contain inorganic Nitrate (NO3-) which is the main bioactive, and betalains (betanin and vulgaxanthin) which give it the dark colouration.

The pulp residue of beetroot contains phenolics (45.68mg equivalent of Gallic acid) and flavonoids.

Studies have used beetroot without the nitrate element, and have noted a big difference in exercise performance of the subjects compared to the nitrate group.

Why Does Nitric Oxide Matter?

Beta Vulgaris is a natural nitric oxide (NO) booster, but why should you care about NO?

Nitric oxide matters to anyone who trains, because it helps to relax blood vessels, widening them to allow better blood flow.

Your muscles will then receive more blood and nutrients, as more oxygen flows around your body.

Beta Vulgaris & Nitric Oxide

Beta Vulgaris is a useful supplement for power and endurance athletes.

But it also helps produce the sought-after pump in muscles, so could also be an interesting addition to every bodybuilder’s supplement stash.

Remember that nitric oxide encourages better blood flow to working muscles.

Increased circulation means greater energy and endurance during workouts (because more oxygen is circulating), and a better muscle pump (because more water can enter the muscle tissue).

Getting a good pump in the gym is about more than just looking good when you train.

A full muscle means a better stretch on the muscle cell membrane, which can lead to better long term muscle growth.

The Benefits Of Supplementing With Beta Vulgaris

Beta Vulgaris extract has a positive effect on oxygen cost during exercise, as shown in this 2007 study (2) and this 2010 study (3).

Dietary nitrate supplementation resulted in a lower oxygen demand during sub-maximal work, making energy production more efficient.

This means that your body could consume less oxygen while working at a higher intensity.

Other studies have shown that supplementing with dietary nitrates like Beta Vulgaris help to lower blood pressure (4) (even in people who already have normal blood pressure), can boost blood flow to the brain, and even improve cognitive function (5).

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5 Benefits Of Beta Vulgaris

  1.  Boost nitric oxide levels for better vasodilation and blood flow
  2.  Increase training intensity with lower oxygen demand
  3.  Reduce training fatigue so you can train harder for longer
  4.  Increase muscle endurance so you can do more reps and sets
  5.  Recover faster between sets

How To Take Beta Vulgaris

Beet extract is best taken as a pre-workout, to boost endurance and help you get a better pump in the gym.

You could choose a pre-workout containing Beta Vulgaris, or try beet juice – or even include beetroot in your pre workout meal!

Take Away

Beta vulgais can increase the nitric oxide in the blood, this relaxes the blood vessels and can contribute to more nutrients being transported to the organs and muscles.

This can improve endurance, it can improve cognitive function and it can increase the number of sets and reps which contributes to muscle growth.

For the best Beta Vulgaris and Nitric Oxide pre-workout supplements, check these!







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Nicola Joyce (aka “the fit writer”) is a fitness industry copywriter who has been writing for and about sport and fitness since 2004. Nicola is a competitive drug-free bodybuilder (with two World titles at amateur level) and has also competed in powerlifting and a couple of strongman comps. Prior to her strength training days, Nicola was an endurance athlete and has even swum the English Channel twice. She can be found on all social media at: thefitwriter.


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Beta Vulgaris can increase nitric oxide and muscle development
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Beta Vulgaris can increase nitric oxide and muscle development
Beta vulgaris from the common beet can increase levels of nitric oxide in the blood which can improve muscle growth.

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