Will Male Contraception Increase Aggression and Hostility in Young Men?

Will Male Contraception Increase Aggression and Hostility in Young Men?

Does elevated testosterone levels similar to those that could be used for male contraception have an effect on mood, sexual relationships and aggressive behavior?

The common perception of young men being angry and loutish may well be justified if the studies can confirm that increased testosterone levels in young men can affect their mood, aggression and sexual behavior.

Men who use anabolic steroids are often portrayed as overtly angry, aggressive and self conscious.

There are also many reported news stories of steroid abusing men performing sexual attacks against women.

Is the increased testosterone affiliation with changes of mood and personality traits justified or an easy way to find reasoning behind such attacks?

It may seem so…

Particularly is you consider that for men who suffer from low testosterone as they age and seek testosterone supplementation experience less fatigue, more motivation and a brighter mood/outlook on life.

Therefore, we find ourselves in a juxtaposition whereby testosterone can potentially increase aggressive behavior yet, it is also documented that it also increases feelings of an improved mood and a positive outlook.

However, could it be age relative?

Can younger men become more aggressive and hostile with an elevated level of testosterone whereby older men experience a different change which is seen as more positive?

Male Contraception:

Testosterone is now being sought to treat a number of varying health concerns and even with possibilities regarding male contraception due to the increased awareness of the myriad of health benefits associated with elevated testosterone levels in men.

Therefore, it it important to understand and assess the potential wider implications that changes in mood and sexual behavior may have on society and for each individual.

Thus, a study was commissioned to establish whether there are any changes to mood or feelings of aggression when administered increased doses of testosterone among twenty eight young men who already had healthy and normal testosterone levels.

With the administration of testosterone or placebo in place, there were a number of factors that were observed:

  • Mood
  • Aggression (physical and verbal)
  • Anger
  • Hostility
  • Assertiveness
  • Self Esteem
  • Irritability
  • Sexual function

The levels of additional testosterone administered were those likely to be similar that would be used in male contraception.


The studies noted an increased level of anger and hostility that was significantly different from their baseline scores prior to testosterone supplementation.

However, more interestingly was that there were no changes in aggression or sexual behavior reported or documented as part of the experiment.


The levels of testosterone that may be likely to be administered as part of a male contraception do not see to overly effect the psychological behavior of young males.

While there were anger and hostility increases, actual aggressive or sexual behavior saw no changes.

As a result, these changes were deemed minor.


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