Male Extra Review – My Results & Evidence

Male Extra Review – My Results & Evidence

Male Extra does exactly what it says on the bottle. It helps you get longer, stronger, bigger and harder erections.

This is achieved by a combination of several ingredients that can improve blood flow and libido.

LAST UPDATED: June 2019 by Ben.


Need Extra Help?

If so, you are not alone.

By the time a man reaches 40 years of age it is reported that 22% of men will suffer or experience a form of erectile dysfunction. [1]

By and large, it is a condition that affects older men, however, young bucks are not immune from sexual complications.

It is documented that there are increasing reports of young, fit and healthy men who are reaching out to medical professionals due to their condition. [2]

However, it is speculated that this could be a psychological effect, rather than pathological.

On the other hand, it could be a case of men now being more confident to communicate and look for help and advice.

Furthermore, these figures are supported by reports of brawny, young serving military men being affected by sexual functioning problems according to a paper published by The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Their findings saw that over 33% of male military personnel aged between 21-40 suffered from erectile dysfunction. [3]

The paper concluded that sexual dysfunction is a public health concern that negatively affects quality of life and overall happiness.

Not Alone

Therefore, for anyone who feels like they are having some issues that are having a negative impact on their sexual health, it is reassuring to know that there are many men experiencing similar conditions.

In fact, as those studies conclude, sexual dysfunction affects a wide breadth of men from different backgrounds and ages.

As such, everyone can benefit from products such as Male Extra.

Why Choose Male Extra?

When you are looking for a supplement, there are many different reasons why people choose a particular brand.

For some, they just pick the brand they know, or have heard of, usually through advertisements and there’s already a layer of trust built.

Other’s may look for reviews, and again some people may take a methodical approach by researching the brand and the ingredients.

Our aim is to do all of that for you so you can make a decision based upon our findings.

Who is Male Extra?

Male Extra is brought to us by a global company called WolfsonBerg Ltd.

They have offices based throughout Europe and offer a number of different brands that are designed to improve your health and wellness.

They say that their goal is to disrupt the wellness industry by offering products that are engineered by using cutting edge science which is combined with medical professional and athletes’ knowledge.

With the contact information available I decided to have a look at their locations, to see if they are at all relevant.

Interestingly their Germany office is located very close to a university hospital, local football club and fitness center.

This then places them within a good proximity for practical and medical research to draw upon local experts.

If you are unsure about what they do, there is a facility to chat with a representative.

Video Review

Male Extra Ingredients

What are we looking for in a product that helps enhance male sexual performance?

  • Blood flow (cardiovascular health)
  • Libido
  • Testosterone 
  • Physical activity [4]

Let’s take a look at the ingredients within Male Extra to see if they can help with these areas.

male extra ingredients

Vitamin B3

Also known as niacin, vitamin B3 is able to help improve cardiovascular health by reducing blood pressure [5] and increasing blood flow [6].

Furthermore, niacin has a role in reducing inflammation and can contribute to reducing fatigue and depression.

Once more, niacin cannot be stored by the body so your body requires a daily influx.

In addition, clinical trials have confirmed that niacin can treat erectile dysfunction.

‘…niacin alone can improve the erectile function in parents suffering from moderate to severe ED…’ [7]


This mineral is great to help increase natural levels of testosterone, in essence, if you are low on zinc, you will suffer from low testosterone. [8]

Testosterone and ED

You see, testosterone and erectile dysfunction are related.

Therefore, maintaining a healthy level of testosterone can help improve your sexual function. [9]


Furthermore, zinc is an aphrodisiac, with oysters – the food of love – containing high levels of zinc.

…the best known aphrodisiac – oysters, which are exceptionally high in zinc…’ [10]


If you are suffering from low testosterone and infertility, low levels of zinc can make the issue worse. [11]

Results from a published study conclude that zinc supplementation can significantly increase sperm volume and quality. [12]


L-Arginine is often found in pre-workout supplements that aim to improve blood flow and increase nitric oxide levels.

But what is the proof, and what are the benefits of L-Arginine in a supplement that is produced to improve sexual function?

Cardiovascular Health

It has been noted in studies that L-arginine supplementation has demonstrated its ability to reduce fasting blood sugars and cholesterol, and therefore contribute to improving cardiovascular health. [13]


So, while cardiovascular health is a contributor to sexual function, we need to establish whether it has a direct influence on erections.

There is a bit of conflicting evidence, but studies do demonstrate that L-arginine does help and improve erection performance.

This is because L-arginine increases nitric oxide and blood flow. And, it is nitric oxide which is responsible for the penile smooth muscle. [14]

In this study we can see that oral administration of L-arginine with the purpose to increase nitric oxide levels did significantly improve erection performance and sexual function. [15]

Further results demonstrated that L-arginine also improved sexual satisfaction, desire, pleasure and testosterone. [16]

There is even evidence to demonstrate that L-arginine can influence growth hormone levels, although oral supplementation has yet to be determined. [17]

Pomegranate Extract

There have been some positive, but not overwhelming results from clinical trials that have tested the effects of pomegranate juice on people with erectile dysfunction. [18]

Essentially, the outcome was that there was an improvement among a majority of those participating in the trial when compared to a placebo, however, there has only been this one study.

However, there is another study that is related to nitric oxide that I am particularly interested in.

Studies in to pomegranate juice and nitric oxide demonstrate that it is able to protect levels against oxidative destruction. [19]

If that wasn’t enough, pomegranate extract has also proven that it can increase blood flow while enhancing the diameter of blood vessels and delay fatigue. [20]

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

This sounds like a synthetic compound but it can be found in plants, animals and humans naturally. [21]

This sulfur molecule is best known for its abilities to reduce inflammation and for its anti-oxidative properties, this can result in a better quality of life by reducing stiffness and pain. [22]

It is also seen as being able to protect cells from death and helps repair living tissues and muscles that are part of your penis constitution. [23]


L-methionine is an amino acid which is essential to humans. It has an important role for health and metabolism. Furthermore, your body cannot produce L-methionine, it must come from your diet. [24]

It is essential for tissue growth and repair while also helping your body absorb zinc. [25]

Furthermore, it is also acts as an immune system support supplement, particularly those who are suffering from HIV. [26]

So, how about sexual function? What is its role?

  • Zinc

Well, as mentioned, it does help your body absorb zinc and zinc is very important for testosterone, libido and fertility.

  • Tissue growth

Your penis is made up of many tissues that need to repair and grow.

  • Nitrogen

Our bodies cannot survive without nitrogen as it is important for our muscles. [27]

  • Premature ejaculation 

L-methionine plays a role in regulating the conversion of histidine in to histamine. It has been discovered that too much histamine can translate to premature ejaculation and climax. [28] [29]


This mushroom has an extensive history of traditional uses, this most probably down to its antioxidant properties. [30]

But in terms of sexual function, cordyceps goes much farther than you you may have possibly thought…

Sperm Count

According to a study of 22 men, sperm count was increased by 33% and there was a 79% increase of the sperm survival. [31]


Both men and women can benefit from the libido enhancing power of cordyceps.

Sexual desire in both sexes increased by 66% [32], but women seem to benefit the most with a female only study demonstrating an 86% increase in desire and libido. [33]

male extra male enhancer bottle


Let’s take a look at the Male Extra dosing instructions and recommendation.

We are told to take three pills will a main meal.

The three pills offers a combined amount of 4071mg which is massive!

This offers great value per serving.

If you are completely stuck and not sure how to use it, there is a special male enhancement pills phone number.

This is:


For one bottle which would last 1 month, expect to pay $64.95 or £39.95.

That’s good value for what you are getting.

However, there’s better a better value package…

If you buy 3 bottles, you get an extra bottle for free and this reduces the unit cost to $49.48 or £31.25!

What’s even better is that they also throw in a bottle of ‘ProErection’ gel.

This all includes FREE shipping as well.

You can get even better deals, too if you are willing to stump up the cash.

Buying 4 bottles get’s you 2 bottles free plus 2 bottles of ‘ProErection’ gel.

The unit cost plummets to just $41.65 or £25.82 which is staggering!

Male Extra Enhancement Results

So, how does it perform?

Actually very well.

Male Extra made me bigger, harder and last longer. In a nutshell.

There’s weren’t any weird unwanted side effects, no headaches or feeling that y heart was pumping harder or faster.

It increased my sexual desire, a lot more than usual and my penis was rock harder without any coaxing needed from my partner.

Male Extra Side Effects

As already stated, I didn’t feel any unwanted side effects.

However, even doing some desktop research and cross referencing studies with the ingredient list didn’t show any red flags or major potential health issues.

For the majority, this should be absolutely fine and safe.


This product does not require an expensive prescription that you may have to pay for yourself or even your insurance company, who may lose interest after all while and decide that your policy needs updating. 

Additionally, this is all natural, there isn’t one synthetic additive. Just several natural ingredients with a whole lot of evidence supporting their effectiveness at improving sexual function.

Then there is the value.

A month supply can be had for just over $40.

But it can be bought in many different currencies and shipped worldwide for free, and importantly, in discretion.

When I bought it, there was a Easter holiday sale on, too. That means even better value for you and me.

Furthermore, if you are not completely happy with your purchase, there’s a 60 day money back guarantee.

Let’s not forget that we also get a bottle of the ‘ProErection’ gel when multi-buy offers are purchased.

Let’s move on to the content…



As we said, there’s 7 natural ingredients and each daily dose is big at over 4000mg.

These all work in different and ingenious ways to stimulate more growth in penis function, libido, desire, fertility, blood flow, cardiovascular function and even testosterone.

One ingredient even works to help repair cells and prevent premature ejaculation.

That means that this male enhancement product is working to help overall sexual function and not just erection.

While doing so, it helps protect your cells and tissues from oxidative stress and inflammation.

male extra bottle and pills


As with many products now, it is an online purchase only. This does mean you cannot just go to the store and pick a bottle up.

That means you cannot buy Male Extra in Walgreens, Walmart or the Vitamin Shoppe. Nor is there a Male Extra coupon floating around.

However, it does mean that you know you are buying direct from the manufacturer and there’s no risk of counterfeits.

As such, do not run the gauntlet of buying Male Extra from eBay, either.

Additionally, to get the best unit value you have to buy big, which means more money upfront which some people may not be able to afford.

User Testimonial

This guy commented on my YouTube video, please see the exert below:

male extra youtube testimonial

Male Extra Conclusion

I have used Male Extra and I think it is great.

However, don’t just rely on my anecdotal opinions.

If you look below, you will see that there are over 30 referenced studies supporting the actions of each individual ingredient and how they can benefit your overall sexual health, naturally.

That means, if you are one of the many men who are suffering from one form of sexual dysfunction you can a product that is backed by science with discreet shipping to your door without having to get a prescription.

This product works in many ways, that can actually improve your overall health, not just trying to gain and maintain an erection.


best deal male extra





























[28] Pheiffer, Carl, MD, PhD, Mental and Elemental Nutrients, Keats Publishing, 1981.






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