Cellucor Cor-Performance CLA Fat Burner Review

Cellucor Cor-Performance CLA Fat Burner Review


As I sit here typing and steamrolling in to summer I am acutely aware of the formula for fat loss: Expend more energy than calories consumed.

It is simple.

A child could work it out, yet as I sit here feeling unwell and not going to the gym tonight I am distinctly aware of the energy consumed today and the fact that I have been sat at my desk for most of it – expect for the leaking pipe I fixed in the basement at work.

But this is the problem most of us face today, we are trapped behind desks.

Gone are the days where there was a real demand for mass manual labor – machines and computers have brought a near end to much of that – so we end up consuming way more than energy than our bodies need for the physical tasks we do.

As such those rolls of flab start to creep up on us.

In response to this, there are a plethora of fat burners available to stimulate metabolism lost from a lack of walking and labor intensive practices.

Since I have not been particularly active this week apart from rugby on the Saturday and a game we have this weekend – I am keen to see what else is new to the market.

First Look

I like this fresh approach, it looks processional and like some thought has gone into the presentation.

It is not always the case but it should reflect on the quality of the product. Softgels are becoming increasingly familiar now, and it is an approach spearheaded by companies who manufacture pain killers to offer a USP translated as a ‘quicker results’.

My thoughts are that as soon as anything hits your stomach acid its going to dissolve quickly anyway, and I fear they will burst in my mouth or in my throat leaving a horrible taste.

Ingredients: The Science

cla ing

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There is only one ingredient present to critique here which makes me wonder why they stopped at one?

Is this just so they can release another product with more ingredients providing the opportunity to cream more profits from the consumer as they are encouraged to ‘stack’ this with their other products?

Sadly this is true.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) – Extensive studies have shown that this naturally occurring fatty acid helped a group of women lose 9% body fat within 12 months, the interesting thing about this study was that the group of subjects didn’t even do any exercise for this figure to be reached.

One thing to note is that you need a composition of at least 80% for this to be effective so it is key that you check this as many products out there offer way below this requirement.

Strangely, we are not told what the composition percentage is here – this worries me.



Surprisingly we are advised to take 2 softgels twice or three times daily.

Even just twice daily would provide 3200mg of CLA.

Now compared to Magnum Nutraceuticals CLA this is 3 times the amount!

It is good to maintain a high level of ingredients throughout the day.


Well, this is the tricky thing, we do not know exactly what composition percentage is offered here with this product.

With the aforementioned Magnum CLA we were given a composition of 85% which is above the require 80% for effectiveness.

I fear and I suspect the composition with this CLA is much lower than the 80% requirement and hence the such high dosage recommended.

This is like having a proprietary blend minus a blend of different products.


The main negative here is the lack of clarity offered.

The cheap price coupled with the dose of 3200mg per day or even 4300mg if you take 3 doses hides low content.

In turn you will buy more bottles as you neck so may of the softgels eager for results.

This is backed up further with the recommendation to ‘stack’ this product with others from the Cellucor range.

Review Conclusion

My instincts are that Cellucor are relying on sale by just offering a CLA product.

It is easy enough to do some very quick and simple google research on CLA and find studies proving that CLA (with a composition of 80%) has helped people lose body fat.

However, what most people will not do is any in-depth research into the study nor check the composition on the label, so they haven’t even offered one.

This is a lazy CLA. Unfortunately this is definitely a case of the high quality packaging hiding a low quality product.

The Magnum CLA is my choice if it is just the CLA you want and no other fat burning ingredients.


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