Centrapeak Testosterone Support Review

Centrapeak Testosterone Support Review

New to the market, Centrapeak looks like no other testosterone booster that I have seen. With its quality design and claims of being able to reduce stress I am intrigued whether this can break the mold.

This review includes referenced studies or documents from reliable and reputable sources so you can rely on the information.

LAST UPDATED: September 2019 by Ben.

CentraPeak First Look

When you do a little bit of desktop research in to what centrapeak is, you will be hit with a wall of information about craters and volcano’s or information about train tickets at peak times.

Either way what the name could be suggesting is that this product will make a big impact, and if anything, the deep purple with orange font does.

I really quite like it. It exudes quality and looks premium.

I could imagine this being carted around in a luxury weekend bag for the business man on the road or in the sky.

The people behind Centrapeak say that this supplement isn’t solely a testosterone booster, nor a nootropic product.

It is a vitality enhancer!

It bridges the gap between the two and offers the benefits of both to provide overall well being.

That sounds like something a stressed guy in their mid-thirties like myself could take advantage of…

Who is behind CentraPeak?

A company called DS Payment Ltd. And, it is this company that will be referenced on any card payment statements so don’t freak out if you were expecting to see Centra Peak.

Anyway, DS Payments are based in central London, they have an ‘EC’ post/zip code which highlights that they are located East to the City of London.

The City of London is a smaller city within London, if it sounds confusing, it kind of is.

However, it’s all very historical and is also known as the ‘Square Mile’, and The City (or Square Mile) is where all of the long established financial institutions are located.

I used to work here, and I know it very well. As you can imagine it is a hive of activity.

Where DS Payments Ltd are located is just to the Eastern edge of the Square Mile and this is an area that is brimming with tech, fashion, arts, education and science.

This environment brings people together, and it becomes much easier to collaborate and exchange ideas.

Clearly, being located close to the University College London, The City University of London, The City College plus the Moorfields Hospital places themselves right in the hub of experts, researchers and medical professionals.

This means new ideas and formulation can be tested easily to potentially produce something new to the market.

Unique Points

There’s very few supplements that look to target testosterone and cognitive function.

In this respect, I feel that the target audience is a slightly more mature man.

Probably a man who striving to keep fit, healthy but also able to maintain his presence on the board of directors.

A ma who is ambitious and wants to excel.

A man who knows that good fitness and good mental agility works hand-in-hand.

It is important to point out that there are 12 ingredients included, too.

This is a high number and the capsules are free from dairy or meat.

So it looks like they’re good for vegetarians.

CentraPeak Video Review


Nutrient Profile

This is where we hope to see a big difference.

Many testosterone boosters are mere clones of each other.

Previously formulated with little research by manufacturing distribution facilities and brands just stick their label on it.

That means the market is awash with terrible products.

We have reviewed many products that are identical apart form the label.

These products often hide their nutrient profile behind a ‘proprietary blend‘ which means you have no idea how much of each ingredient is included.

Legally, they can just include filler and trace amounts of each ingredient listed.

So it is imperative that you only buy products that disclose the full amounts.

Also, see the circled area in yellow. Here it states that there is no contamination of multiple allergy possibilities.

centra peak ingredient profile


Here’s the full ingredient analysis:

Vitamin D3

We get vitamin D3 from the sunshine, or at least it is converted to D3 when it hits our skin.

The issue is that many people around the globe do not get enough of this free vitamin, which is important for cell function and bone structure development. [1]

Vitamin D also has many other important bodily function that include the following:

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Mood
  • Inflammation 
  • Muscle health
  • Testosterone 

As such, considering this is a supplement to help improve mood and testosterone, we shall focus on those two areas and why it is important to supplement your diet with D3.


German researchers discovered that a 12 month trial of D3 supplementation significantly increased testosterone levels. [2]

Further studies have linked D3 and testosterone in numerous gene products, this is now even being linked to pain relief. [3]

A clinical trial that saw patients supplementing with 3332iu of D3 for 12 months saw levels of total, bioactive and free testosterone increased significantly compared to placebo.

Mental Health

Mental health conjures up images of people being unwell and perhaps dangerous, but it can cover the whole breadth of mental well being such as depression to your general day-to-day mood.

There’s strong evidence that paves the way for D3 being closely linked to a healthy mental state.

A study conducted by a doctor of the St. James’s Hospital in Dublin, EIRE saw that in multiple studies vitamin D levels are closely associated with:

  • Cognition
  • Mood

Whereby the results demonstrate a strong correlation between low vitamin D levels, low levels of cognitive function and a low mood state. [4]

There is also evidence outlining the positive effects that sunlight can have on serotonin levels, with serotonin levels being double in the summer compared to the winter. [5]

Vitamin B6

This water soluble vitamin cannot be stored by the body and as such, needs to be topped up regularly.

When the effects of a vitamin B6 deficiency were tested on rats, their levels of testosterone were significantly reduced. [6]

Interestingly, vitamin B6 has been documented as reducing levels of prolactin and increasing levels of growth hormone when used in conjunction with exercise. [7]

This is particularly significant because a high level of prolactin can cause hypogonadism (a large reduction of testosterone) and related erectile dysfunction. [8]


When coupled with D3, this mineral has demonstrated in research conducted by the University of Bristol, UK to reduce bone fractures.

Furthermore, this study discovered that around 70% of people are lacking the required levels of magnesium for their body to perform optimally.

This deficiency can be a contributor towards cardiovascular diseases. [9]


Clinical research presents evidence to the effect of magnesium increasing natural levels of testosterone.

In addition, when athletes were tested for testosterone, those with the highest levels were supplementing magnesium.  [10]

Another study was conducted to establish the effects of magnesium supplementation had on testosterone and intensive exercise.

It was observed that those who exercised and took supplemented with magnesium had higher levels of testosterone compared to people who were sedentary. [11]

Anxiety & Stress

It is mentioned that magnesium can reduce the effects of anxiety and depression, and there is evidence to suggest this. [12]

However, while the results of the study that was conducted by a research team from the University of Vermont and produced encouraging results, there was no comparable placebo group involved.


The body has around 3g of the mineral zinc and there are estimates that at least 25% of the global population is deficient. [13]

Too little zinc can have a negative effect on the following areas:

  • Immune function
  • Sexual organ development
  • Slow male growth

As a result, you may not be surprised to learn that zinc is an essential nutrient that your body requires for normal and healthy function. [14]

But what about testosterone?

There is an association with hypogonadism in men and low levels of zinc. That is, men with extremely low levels of the sex hormone appear to have a low intake of zinc.

To confirm this, a study was conducted whereby a group of normally healthy and young men were fed a diet that was low in zinc.

The results were that each of these men had significantly reduced levels of testosterone after 5 months. [15]

Further research in to zinc supplementation and testosterone saw an increase of testosterone, and those men with an androgen deficiency and also have sickle cell anemia can be treated and corrected by zinc. [16]


Research in to indole-3-carbinol has discovered that it may reduce cancers such as breast cancer which is dependent on hormones.

This is because indole-3-carbinol can reduce estrogen levels and a prolonged exposure to estrogen can be a catalyst for breast cancer. [17]

Studies do show that indole-3-carbinol interferes with the process of aromatase and, as a result this reduction of estrogen can prevent a hormone imbalance. [18]

However, there is also a study whereby indole-3-carbinol was supplemented with other ingredients (admittedly, they’re not any good) and there was not a rise in testosterone concentrations. [19]


A long established herb often used as an aphrodisiac and to treat male infertility.

Like many of these herbal remedies they are often backed with claims based on anecdote rather than scientific support.


However, there is at least one contemporary study that supports the claims of this traditional medicine.

A trial which looked at the effects of 2025mg of ashwagandha administered to men with a low sperm count per day for 3 months saw a huge increase in sperm numbers, sperm volume, sperm motility and hormone levels. [20]


A study was conducted to evaluate the benefits that ashwagandha may have on highly stressed individuals.

Each participant was either given a placebo or two doses of 300mg ashwagandha daily.

Those who were issued ashwagandha reported substantial reductions in cortisol levels. [21]


It has been reported that supplementation of ashwagandha can increase your VO2 max, which is essentially how hard you can physically work by increasing oxygen consumption. The higher, the better. [22]

Furthermore, there is evidence available that demonstrates the effectiveness of this herb to improve power output while not increasing bloody pressure. [23]


The effects of ashwagandha on normal, healthy men have also been analyzed and the results were extremely positive.

Aside from increases and improvements in muscle mass and strength, testosterone levels were significantly improved with reductions in body fat percentages. [24]

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola is a herb that is commonly found in cognitive improvement supplements known as nootropics.

It’s main area of benefit appears to be helping reduce fatigue.

As such, when fatigue is lessened it can help improve brain function. [25] [26]

However, it does not improve outright cognitive function.

Rhodiola does appear to reduce levels of stress and increase feelings of well being by releasing serotonin, this is particularly evident if you are withdrawing from nicotine.

It must be noted that these results were trials on rats. [27]

Mucuna Pruriens

A bean that is high in protein and can be an irritant to the skin. Mucuna Pruriens has numerous other effects though which includes increasing testosterone.


For men who are suffering from infertility, 3 months worth of administration of mucuna pruriens seemed to almost reverse the issue by increasing sperm motility, volume and count with improvements of testosterone noted. [28]

A further study has demonstrated that even men with normal sperm characteristics can benefit from mucuna pruriens treatment to improve testosterone. [29]


In very high doses of 5g daily, a study was able to demonstrate that mucuna pruriens over the course of 90 days was able to decrease stress in men which improved their sense of well-being. [30]

Panax Ginseng

Panax ginseng is a multi-facted plant that has evidence that demonstrates in tests that it is able to:

  • Increase testosterone
  • Improve cognitive function
  • Sleep quality

So let’s start from the top.


Testosterone and libido are very closely related, and, studies of rodents being fed panax ginseng has resulted in testosterone being increased along with an improved libido. [31]

However, studies are not just limited to rodent testing.

60 men who suffer from impotency were administered 3000mg of panax ginseng daily. The resulting data showed that they were able to produce much stronger and longer erections. [32]

For men who are suffering from low sperm count, treatment of panax ginseng saw an increase of sperm motility and sperm count.

An increase of testosterone was also noted. [33]

Cognitive Function

There is data available that can demonstrate even a single dose of panax ginseng is beneficial to cognitive function.

Healthy and young subjects were able to perform a number of mentally challenging tasks with a higher performance while feeling less mental fatigue. [34]

A study which compared the effectiveness of two different doses of panax ginseng saw that a higher dose of 400mg per day improved memory processes and calmness.

On the flip side a dose of 200mg resulted in a slower working memory and a reduction of their mood. [35]

As such, the dose is critical.

Sleep Quality

I find this very interesting as I sometimes go away for weekends with the Army Reserves and often find it difficult to sleep the first night due to being in a strange and new place.

This can leave me somewhat tired the next day and unable to perform to my best.

I didn’t even know there was a term for it, but it is called ‘first night effect’ (FNE). Whereby your sleep quality is effected by a new environment.

There is at least one study which suggests that a high dose of ginseng could improve sleep quality for those affected by FNE. [36]

Lions Mane Mushroom

This mushroom falls under a number of names but the most common being hericium erinaceus and yamabushitake.

There is also quite a lot of research in to the effectiveness of edible mushrooms having cognitive protective qualities available which is promising.

One thing that I picked up was that lions mane mushroom may be able to protect against neuro-degenerative disease cell death. [37]

However, as of yet, the only reported human study (many of them are rodent studies) uses a daily dose of 3000mg split in to three.

That said, senior people between the ages of 50-80 did see a notable reduction of cognitive decline when they were administered 3000mg daily. The conclusion to this experiment was that lions mane can improve cognitive health. [38]


Bioperine is a manufactured version of black pepper (piper nigrum) extract that has been patented for being particularly effective at assisting the body to absorb nutrients better.

Essentially black pepper inhibits the process whereby the liver will signal for supplements to be excreted before they are absorbed.

Black pepper can also slow down the rate in which the nutrients pass through the intestinal tract meaning they can be absorbed better before being passed. [39]

The question is whether Bioperine is a more beneficial version…

Not surprisingly the claims come from the manufacturers website and is lacking in independent studies to substantiate these claims.


This mineral is particularly good for bone health. Yet, boron is practically unheard of unlike calcium.

Boron can be acquired through your diet, however it would be difficult to achieve the 10mg that is required to increase testosterone levels and regulate estrogen. [40]

Boron also appeared to prevent the excretion of supplemented magnesium and calcium when the effects were being analysed.

It also elevated testosterone levels in this particular test. [41]

testosterone support button

Centra Peak Daily Dose

We are instructed to take three capsules per day.

This would suggest we have one prior or with every main meal.

So breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A daily dose of the 3 capsules equates to just 1400.09mg daily which surprises me.

Considering the high number of ingredients I thought that there would be more of each.

The capsules themselves are easy enough to swallow and look also to be vegetarian friendly.


Okay, let’s face it. Price is a big factor when it comes to choosing a supplement.

However, price doesn’t necessarily reflect on the product effectiveness.

Yet, at $69.00 per bottle this is definitely not the cheapest supplement out there.

One thing to note is that there are multi-buy deals available which reduces each unit price up to $53 which is more palatable.


This supplement is packed with 12 different ingredients.

Not only that, many of these ingredients offer a lot of different benefits which have been outlined in the nutrient analysis.

Therefore, this product can help you on a number of different levels.

As Centra Peak claim, there are elements to this nutrient profile that do help stimulate testosterone production and promote cognitive well being.

In particular, there are several ingredients that can help normalize and help raise your testosterone levels.

Furthermore, several ingredients can help reduce stress, anxiety and help improve brain function.

Fertility, should that be a problem, may benefit from using this as could sleep quality.

As you can probably see, lots of areas are covered and you can get lots of benefit from this line up of ingredients.

Also, this product is good for vegetarians, is gluten and soy free. cognitive enhancement button


My only real concerns here are with doses, and how that relates to the price.

The overall daily dose is just over 1400mg which is not much.

Admittedly it doesn’t include ingredients such as d-aspartic acid which can really add weight (quite literally) to a daily serving.

Further observations also note that ingredients such as lions mane have been proven to be effective but in higher doses that provided here. [42]

This is very much the same for ginseng, too.

This is undoubtedly a great product of a high quality, as such this is reflected in the price.

However, there are just a few areas that need tweaking to be the best.

Side Effects

By having so many ingredients increases the potential risk that some may have side effects that could be undesirable.

So, let’s just run through anything that could be a potential danger, just to ensure we are all fully aware and our minds are at rest.

Vitamin B6

If you supplement with huge amounts of B6 (6000mg+) you may suffer from nerve damage if this mega dosing is daily and for over a period of a year continuously.


Very high doses of this herb (5000mg daily) has been documented to, at least in one occasion, cause itching and soreness to a mans penis.

So, that is it.

There are two areas just to be careful of, but even these are concerning extremely high doses that would be difficult to consume unless purposely doing so.

On the whole, this is a safe product for most.


CentraPeak Review Conclusion

Okay, so what do we have here?

CentraPeak claim that this is a testosterone booster and a nootropic.

Blurring an already fine line of niches.

But, why do I say that?

You may notice that apart from two ingredients (lions mane and rhodiola), the rest of the nutrients are found across the whole testosterone booster spectrum, not necessarily all in one supplement together such as this.

While it is important to mention that the inclusion of rholdioa and lions mane is significant additions due to the specific cognitive benefits, it must also be noted that so many of the other ‘normal’ test booster ingredients are far from one dimensional.

They all contribute to increasing or improving the following areas:

  • Mood
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Muscle performance
  • Inflammation 
  • Immunity 
  • Sleep
  • Fertility 
  • Athleticism 
  • Stress

So, as you can see, while this is marketed as a product that offers a bit more than a regular testosterone booster and as such differentiates itself from the market, you can appreciate that even without the two nootropic ingredients this product has a firm grip on many health parameters that are often not addressed anyway.

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