Dietitian Announces Best Pre Workout Food – You’ll Not Believe It

Dietitian Announces Best Pre Workout Food – You’ll Not Believe It

Pre Workout Fuel

We probably think of pasta, whole grains and other fibrous foods to provide slow, sustained energy release to support our gym session or sports performance.

However, and this is big, you need to stop right there!

A dietitian has recommended a new way.

A pre workout snack/meal that will prevent bloating and stomach discomfort that many people are susceptible to during sport or exercise.

You see, the problem with fibrous and/or fatty foods that may seem like the perfect candidate for fueling a long and intense session can lead to stomach upset which prevents your from performing at your best.

This is something I have to be particularly aware of before I play rugby or hit the weights.

Too much food that is fatty such as fried eggs, bacon, cheese and beans on wholegrain toast is the perfect recipe for indigestion and discomfort.

Therefore, the answer has come in the form of the least expected food possible…

The Answer

A orange conserve sandwich using white bread with a little bit of butter.

Yep, we are often reminded to stay clear of white bread for a start with it offering little to no benefit compared to the wholegrain, seeded and brown variety.

Yet, for this purpose it has its use and it’s great for those who do seem to have a sensitive stomach such as myself.

Albeit I know guys who will wolf fucking anything down their neck before a game of rugby and be fine…even a couple of beers haven’t gone amiss.

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What Makes It So Great?

Well, apart from it being the choice of food for a well known children’s book character called Paddington Bear, its brilliance lays within its ability to be absorbed quickly in to the blood stream.

The 380-calorie combination contains 54 grams of quick-release carbohydrates which can be rapidly absorbed into the blood to supply the boost of energy needed.

This should be eaten 2 hours before you exercise and washed down with a small glass of orange juice.

The Perfect Pre Workout Sandwich

2 x 50g slices of white bread

15g butter

30g conserve

This provides a low fat content of 13g and only 2.4g of fiber which will prevent stomach discomfort.

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