DUDEMAX XL Testosterone Booster Review

DUDEMAX XL Testosterone Booster Review


First Look:

This looks like it is aimed at teenagers, I mean who seriously would buy anything that says ‘DUDE MAX XL’? I just cannot take it seriously, it looks cheap and nasty, like some kid has mixed together a bunch of ingredients in a storage bin and printed the labels on a Epson LQ-100.


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17 ingredients make up this product, which seems ludicrous ingredients especially as it has to be split across 1770mg – that is not a lot of content.

This kid knows how to be commercial with his profit margins as he has included a proprietary blend.

We all know a proprietary blend is just used to mask the exact weights and measures for each ingredient listed and it is the biggest scam in the supplement industry. It is hard to trust anything which contains a proprietary blend as we could just be buying trace amounts of the listed ingredients with a load of filler or just one of the ingredients making up the majority to keep production costs to a minimal.

Tongkat Ali – Eurycoma (LongJack) is a pro-fertility agent and aphrodisiac that appears to have a large body of evidence supporting this role and some evidence suggesting it may be an anti-estrogen and pro-erectile agent. However, there is a lack of evidence for testosterone boosting in humans, although some very limited evidence in animals.


Maca Root – This Peruvian strain of ginseng is great for lifting libido and mood, however, when it comes to raising testosterone levels it has no effect at all. No significant influences on testosterone in any tested demographic I’m afraid.


L-Arginine – This is found in many pre workout supplements or products designed to make you more vascular. L-Arginine opens up the blood vessels and arteries to assist with blood flow, nothing really to do with testosterone but may assist with any impotency issues that are not helping you attain that hot chick in the gym who is 15 years your junior.


Panex Ginseng – This form of Ginseng is the most highly researched. There’s lots of evidence which suggest cognitive function, mood and immunity is increased, however, although there is evidence for better erections and an increase in testosterone production for infertile men there is also evidence contradictory evidence also.


Eleutherococcus Senticosus (Siberian Ginseng) – Whilst there is evidence that this can actually help treat herpes and reduce the severity of cold and flu, there is very little solid evidence to reliably suggest this helps increase testosterone or increase strength.


However, we are now punished with a proprietary blend which means we are not entirely sure of the ingredient profile breakdown:

Sarsaparilla – Athletes sometimes use sarsaparilla as a steroid for performance enhancement. Some supplement makers claim that chemicals (sterols) in sarsaparilla can be converted to anabolic steroids like testosterone. But this is a false claim.


Pumpkin Seed – Pumpkin seeds are great for Magnesium which is good for testosterone production.


Muira Puama – No real scholarly studies or evidence available from reliable sources that would suggest that this stimulates testosterone production.

Nettle – Good for reducing inflammation and an enlarged prostate but has no effect on testosterone.


Cayenne Pepper – The hot and spicy taste of cayenne pepper comes from capsaicin, a compound found in many hot peppers. Capsaicin is known to boost metabolism, causing the body to produce extra heat and burn more calories for fuel. This is found in our favorite fat burner Instant Knockout.

Licorice – May have many various uses, the main being to sooth heartburn and inflamed skin, but for the rest there’s really a lack of evidence to deem it useful.


Astragalus – Bit of an all-rounder, this antioxidant helps protect the body against various stresses, including physical, mental, or emotional stress.


Catauba – Used to heighten sexual arousal and treat male sexual performance problems.


Oyster Powder – Research of this mollusc has shown that is aids your body to increase testosterone.


Orchic Substance – Claimed to help stimulate testosterone in men. However, there is currently no evidence to support this claim.


Tribulus – Once marveled, now known to have no effect on testosterone levels, by now supplement manufacturers should really let go.  Avoid like a medieval plague if you are looking for muscular gainz.


Boron – Boron is great for the older lifter or those doing high weight low rep work as it helps to reduce inflammation, something that is found in PrimeMale, which I am a fan of.


Just 2 capsules a day which is not an optimal dose. It should be 4 capsules at least like what is recommended by our top 3 testosterone boosters. This way your body has a constant trickle of the ingredients to work with in order to stimulate testosterone.

In addition to this terrible dosing schedule there’s a lacking amount of content which is just 1770mg, there is nothing MAX XL about that.

Take a look at our Top 3 boosters for something effective.


There’s a few items here which could help, there’s a few anti-oxidant’s here which will do no harm and could help fight off stress or inflammation both of which can help ensure testosterone levels are not being quashed further and help fight obesity. Cayenne pepper which is included is good for thermogenic effects which helps with fat burn, however, not entirely sure of its inclusion here for boosting testosterone.

I f we break it down to see what solid, proven ingredients are present to boost testosterone we have just 2 I am afraid, yep, 2 out of 17. Piss poor by anyone’s standards.

The actual content is way off the mark and is nearly surpassed by PrimeMale’s whopping 1600mg of D-Aspartic Acid it contains, not to mention the plethora of supporting ingredients.


This is just another slightly fettled version of the same ingredients knocking around in different packages. They all essentially boil down to the same level of shitness though at the end of the day.

It is worth reiterating that in our top 3 rated testosterone boosters they have around 8 solid ingredients which all have proof backing their usefulness and they will contain more or nearly as much D-Aspartic Acid than this product has in it all together. Why would you even give this any consideration?

The RRP is also $64.99 which I find astonishing, some of the clones are half the price, even then it is too expensive. I wouldn’t buy this if it were just $1.


This is just too similar to a whole bunch of other ineffective testosterone boosters on the market.

There’s a insignificant proprietary blend which combined with the other ingredients makes up an insufficient daily dose of ill-researched ingredient profile that will do nothing to help you build more muscle.

Take a look at what works to maximize your workouts.



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