Russian Track & Fieled Athletes Banned With Some of Kazakhstan’s

Russian Track & Fieled Athletes Banned With Some of Kazakhstan’s

In a further twist to the doping farce that has been unraveling since the Beijing Olympics, 10 athletes from Kazakhstan have now been banned from competing after samples from London 2012 Olympic Games were retested.


Double Champion Ilya Ilyin was the name to be banded around with 3 other Gold medalists.

Further re-analysis from Beijing brought the others in to disrepute just as we are hot of the tales of the Russian Track and Field athletes who have now faced an outright ban to compete at Rio.

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Vladimir Putin appeared to be enraged that his state sponsored doping antics had been caught, he said it was “unjust and unfair”. Yes, that is correct Vlad, your state sponsored cheating is entirely unjust and unfair to the other athletes who manage to compete in the correct manner of the games.

putin crying

However, Putin’s argument is that because a few have cheated he doesn’t feel this should have a knock on effect to the rest of the athlete’s that have not cheated (been caught yet?), however, if the systematic doping has been state sponsored surely a warning shot must be fired and they must all be punished?

However, the arguments put forward toward to unanimous ban was because of a failure to recognize and adjust from a deep rooted tolerance for doping, as if it is the normal routine.

This must be a result of the allegations that the Ministry of Sport has orchestrated systematic doping and cover-ups which has failed to introduce a strong and effective anti-doping infrastructure capable of detecting and deterring doping.

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