Eat Your Way To A Healthy Mind

Eat Your Way To A Healthy Mind

It is common for people to consider their appearance over the health benefits when choosing a particular diet. Weight loss and muscular tone, size or strength appear to be at the forefront of many wish lists. However, it is not entirely correct to think that people are not thinking of the wider benefits of nutritious foods, people are more aware of the benefits wholesome, raw foods can have on our body and organs, yet many would fail to consider the brain when choosing food to eat, yet this is also an organ to be considered. And, just as any other organ will thrive on healthy food or be affected by unhealthy foods, your brain will too.

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Research has shown that our cognitive health is hugely effected by the food we eat. Evidence shows that certain foods will act like brain boosters which can improve many of our cognitive functions that can benefit us in our everyday lives.


Therefore, it should be seen as a priority to find these foods whilst grocery shopping. Items such as fish which contain omega-3 fatty acids which have been shown to protect cognitive function by improving object recognition, memory, spatial and localized memory. Further research has also found that antioxidants found in berries can prevent memory loss as we get older.

As you may start to look for more beneficial foods, it is also important to recognize the foods that are harmful to cognitive function and start to loosen their grip on your routine.


Processed foods or precooked foods that you would reheat have been shown to produce an excess of dopamine which is responsible for the feelings of pleasure and enjoyment and like addictive drugs they can start to make you crave unhealthy foods. Studies have also shown that foods high in trans fats may shrink the brain and cause Alzheimer’s.

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