Fast Or Slow? How Best To Approach Fat Burn

Fast Or Slow? How Best To Approach Fat Burn

Most people when starting a new gym or planning to get active usually have 1 main goal in mind, and that is to lose weight. They basically want to get rid of excess fat.

Nutrition is a major part of that goal, without the correct nutrition your training plan may well just be nothing more than a wistful dream.

However, for fully effective fat burn and to build muscle mass nutrition must be combined with exercise.

With proper training in place you can boost your fat loss and your fitness.

Fast Training?

Fast training workouts such as HIIT came to light (or rather became en vogue) during 2016.

High Intensity Interval Training revolves around short yet high bursts of intense effort separated with minimal rest intervals.

This style of training puts the body through high amounts of stress yet is great if you are short of available time.

Plus it encompasses traditional cardio exercises such as running or rowing. It’s just a sprint each time rather than a leisurely pace.

This was popularized through Sean T’s Insanity workout programs.

How this works for fat loss is from the recovery. The recovery takes up lots of energy, and energy burned creates a deficit (provided that you are not eating donuts during your intervals).

The stress of this type of workout continues to keep your metabolism elevated after you have finished and keep burning those stores of energy you have (literally) hanging around.

This type of intense training also increases mitochondria which are responsible for the conversion of stored carbohydrates and fat in to energy that your body can use to fuel your workout.

What’s Next? Supplements To Assist With Fat Burn


Well this is a cop out really.

You are best doing both.

You will benefit greatly from combining the two as they both have benefits.

There’s also a heightened injury risk with HIIT due to all of the rapid movements, particularly if you incorporate weights as well like kettle bells.

Plus, it is not always plausible to do an early morning HIIT session in your apartment when others are trying to sleep.

Plus, a long bout of cardio such as cycling works as a great recovery to the HIIT.

Sorry to disappoint if you were hoping for a shortcut, there aren’t any.

A combination of fast, slow exercise plus nutrition and some supplements to help you along is what you need.


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