Focus Performance Thermo Matrix Fat Burner Review // What Will It Bring To The Arena?

Focus Performance Thermo Matrix Fat Burner Review // What Will It Bring To The Arena?

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Focus Performance Thermo Matrix Fat Burner First Look:

Hailing from the United Kingdom, this Thermo Matrix fat burner does not look much from first impressions.

It is all rather bland and boring, with a hint of chrome for the lid this is the only bit of eye catching jewelry that may avert your gaze from much more established brands.

That is the problem, this is not an established brand so for many, not worth the time of day.

However, as we have found out beforehand, the established brands tend to rely solely on their heritage and end up churning out substandard products in many cases.


Capsicum – Capsaicin is found in Cayenne Peppers is known to boost metabolism, causing the body to produce extra heat and burn more calories for fuel. This is found in our favorite fat burner Instant Knockout.

DL-phenylalanine – Studies have shown that this can help with confusion, lack of energy, depression, decreased alertness and memory problems.

Green Coffee Bean – Green coffee beans are coffee beans that have not yet been roasted. These coffee beans contain a higher amount of the chemical chlorogenic acid.

For weight loss, chlorogenic acid in green coffee is thought to affect how the body handles blood sugar and metabolism. This is found in our favorite fat burner, Instant Knockout.

Bitter Orange (Citrus Aurantium) – At present, Citrus aurantium may be the best thermogenic substitute for ephedra.

However, more studies are needed to establish this definitively.

Bitter orange is possibly unsafe when taken as a supplement for a medical purpose such as weight loss.

Bitter orange, particularly when taken with stimulants such as caffeine or caffeine-containing herbs, increases the risk for high blood pressure, fainting, heart attack, stroke, and other severe side effects.

There are reports that bitter orange can trigger headaches, including migraine and cluster headaches, in some people.

Bitter orange can cause sensitivity to the sun. Wear sunblock outside, especially if you are light-skinned.

Caffeine Anhydrous – The purest form of caffeine available.  It stimulates the central nervous system (CNS), heart, muscles, and the centers that control blood pressure to give you an extra boost and hit that PB.

This is found in Instant Knockout which is the best fat burner available at present.

Green Tea – well known to have many powerful health benefits. Clinical studies suggest that green tea extract may boost metabolism and help burn fat.

One study found that the combination of green tea and caffeine improved weight loss and maintenance in people who were overweight and moderately obese. Some researchers think that substances in green tea known as catechins are responsible for the herb’s fat-burning effect.



There’s a 4 pill daily dose as per the instructions. However, we are instructed to take 2 pills at a time.

We are served 2780mg of ingredients per day.

A dose of (4) pills spread out evenly across the day is recommended to ensure a steady trickle of nutrients for your body to work with and is found with the best fat burners on the market.

Benefits & Effects:

There are some good, solid ingredients here known and proven to burn fat.

Such as:

  • Green Tea
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Green Coffee
  • Cayenne Pepper

Plus the Phenylalanine which helps with energy, fights off depression and confusion.


However, the real problem here is the presence of Bitter Orange which can cause numerous problems to some people.

It is also missing other ingredients such as B12, B6 and even Zinc which should be in all fat burner supplements.

Focus Performance Thermo Matrix Fat Burner Conclusion:

There’s not a huge number of ingredients present in the profile, however, what is there mostly works and without risk.

There isn’t a scandalous proprietary blend either which is so often found in the supplement worlds.

Okay, so Bitter Orange is potentially dangerous, but overall this little unknown brands has delivered a huge hit to the sector.

It is missing a fair few ingredients to be a complete and optimal fat burner, but it is much better than most.




> Increase metabolism

> Increase Energy

> No banned ingredients

> Thermogenics

> Get the BEST deals


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