Force Factor Test X180 Testosterone Booster Review

Force Factor Test X180 Testosterone Booster Review

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There’s a few routes on how to increase your own testosterone production. 1.) Compound lifts 2.)Nutrition 3.) More sleep 4.) Testosterone booster.

Now, each option is great, however, all combined has a much greater impact. The first 3 options are essentially very easy and accessible for all – the 4th option is an ass.

The problem is, there are so many testosterone booster options out there and so many ways to go wrong. This is where we come in. The supplement industry is fraught with dishonesty and bullshit but sometimes there’s a glimmer of light…let’s see what this offers.

First Look:

Looks to me like something you would find in a sex shop. The red and black branding with a lean, muscular torso on the front looks too much like a male sex product for the LGBT market. It just seems a little off putting to me, I am fully aware that we should not judge a book buy its cover so to speak but if I was browsing products on the shelf of a supplement store this would not give off the right image for me to give it any consideration, I think the whole branding needs a re-thing to make it more appealing.


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Tribulus Terrestris – One of the most marketed and highly touted testosterone boosters, this supplement has never been proven to be effective in raising testosterone levels regardless of the bullshit spouted for decades that it was a secret Eastern Bloc supplement to win medals in the Cold War era Olympic Games, they used anabolic steroids pure and simple.

Vitamin B6 – Vitamin B6 helps testosterone levels by stimulating androgen (a steroid hormone that acts as a precursor for testosterone) receptors in your body, making your testes produce testosterone. And with more testosterone comes more muscle and strength! However, our #2 Testosterone Booster, PrimeMale has way more B6 than this.

Vitamin D – Many people in the western world are deprived of Vitamin D because their jobs keep them indoors. Vitamin D converts to a hormone in the body and is a great influencer to muscular growth. Ensure it is vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) when you are looking for a T booster as found in this product, D3 is the most effective when compared to Vitamin D2. Careful exposure to the sun is the most effective way of getting enough vitamin D. There’s a very low dose here compared to our #1 Testosterone Booster, TestoFuel.

Cordyceps – Evidence on tested rats to suggest this is a testosterone regulator rather than provide increases, however, only when injected as it has poor bio-availability.

Vitamin B12 – Studies show that people who are anaemic tend not to have high levels of testosterone because they cannot absorb vitamin B12.

Testofen – Testofen is a Fenugreek extract formula and Fenugreek is a proven ingredient as found in our #3 Testosterone Booster, Testo+. Fenugreek is also found in quite a few curry dishes so always a good reason to grab a curry and beer except if you are cutting you can’t have the beer nor the curry.

GinsengAsian red ginseng has been used for centuries to strengthen the immune system, boost energy, and increase longevity. In studies, ginseng has increased testosterone levels in lab animals and infertile men. The problem is, we don’t know the exact amounts contained here because it is a proprietary blend!

For our in-depth ingredients guide checkout:
– Our best & worst testosterone booster ingredients –


2 tablets per day – this only equates to around 1000mg per day! That’s 2000mg short of our #1 testosterone booster; TestoFuel.


This will do nothing for you at all. 3 good ingredients are at really low doses, almost embarrassingly low and the rest are bound to secrecy in another hideously low dosed proprietary blend. Therefore you have no idea of the actual content on offer!


These have just been covered. The biggest negative would be its ineffectiveness as a formidable booster. It is worth mentioning that Force Factor was established by two grads from Harvard, it is safe to say they are not stupid and they will know how to extract the biggest profit margin from the least amount of product and they are doing just that by charging $69/£48 per bottle. These are not passionate lifters formulating an effective product line for lifters, they are jumping on a bandwagon.


This is a particularly poor product. Poor on research, poor on content and it will make you poor from buying such shit at such a high price. However, the guys behind Force Factor will be very rich from all of the consumers who are stuck in the fog of war trying to find the best products that work. This is not one of them.

This product should not be touched. Take a look at our Top 3 boosters for something effective.



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