Forza Fat Metaboliser Review

Forza Fat Metaboliser Review

Forza have released a fat burner that is literally called the ‘Fat Metaboliser’.

In effect, this should improve the metabolism of foods to use them as energy and not stored as fat.

Read the full analysis to find out whether you should buy it.

LAST UPDATED: July 2019 by Ben.

Fat Metaboliser Review First Look

I have reviewed products from Forza in the past such as the T5 Super Strength Fat Burner, but as I was shopping I noticed this fat metaboliser was available which seemed great considering I was also buying potato chips.

It stood out from the rest of the supplements because unlike most, this almost has a cartoon look about the design. It looks a bit ‘pop art’.

Forza have created something that is very friendly looking, and not at all intimidating.

In my opinion this is a product aimed at a younger audience, maybe a person who is not necessarily interested in fitness or sport, but might be inclined to try a supplement on the off chance before a vacation.

While I do not want to necessarily make any assumptions, I feel this would appeal to the female market as it looks the polar opposite of many of the body builder high strength fat burner supplements on the market.

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Who are Forza?

Forza are based in the South East of England. I would love to say that they are located within a hive of research, development and scientific progress.

However, the most interesting nearby attraction is a vintage Mark IV tank which is on display in the local town center.

Forza sell online but also appear in many reputable ‘brick and mortar’ drug stores and supermarkets.

They have a huge range of products available that seem to have expanded since the last time I reviewed one of their supplements.

However my earlier suspicions of the products being marketed towards females are confirmed.

Their website, much like its packaging, has a fun, light hearted theme about it which adds a bit of fun to fitness.

In addition, there does seem to be lots of ‘real’ people showing their results. All of the people look natural which adds a certain trust element to the brand.

Further digging tells us that they have been established since 2007. Riding upon the crest of a wave ever since releasing their T5 fat burner, this has paved the way for their burgeoning expansion.

In a nutshell, Forza are well established and trusted.

However, with so many products on the market, will they have lost their focus?

Fat Metaboliser Video Review

Fat Metaboliser Ingredients: The analysis

There’s only 3 ingredients, which does concern me, especially when other fat burners usually contain many more.

Let’s take a good look and analyse each one.

forza fat metaboliser ingredients panel


Studies report that choline is taken by athletes to drop weight classes rapidly before competition.

This is because it is proven to reduce body mass without any side effects in a short period of time. [1]


This mineral is highly important and required for people to maintain health.

Zinc is found in high amounts among the body, yet low levels of zinc are associated with obesity, insulin resistance, stress and inflammation. [2]

Furthermore, a lack of zinc can lead to cardiovascular disease because zinc regulates the levels of good and bad cholesterol. [3]


Chromium was identified as being essential for glucose metabolism back in the 20th century . [4]

Further studies have also discovered that a diet lacking chromium can lead to a number of health issues including bad cholesterol which can lead to hardened arteries and consequently, heart disease. [5]

If that wasn’t enough, chromium is required for carbohydrate metabolism and regulates insulin requirements. [6]

Fat Metaboliser Dose

We are instructed to take just 1 pill per day.

A daily dose won’t even reach 90mg though, which is much lower than many other fat burners which have far more ingredients.

Each gelatin capsule is small, and easy to swallow.

forza fat metaboliser capsules


This is really where Forza impresses.

Remember that each ingredient is beneficial, and the price is just over $2 or just under £2.

Yes, a 30 day supply is extremely cost effective.

This is probably one of the cheapest supplements I have ever bought.


We cannot deny the science behind this nutrient profile.

Each ingredient has proof from reputable sources that it will contribute to fat and weight loss.

And who can argue with the price.

What I find interesting is that from the start I thought that this product has been designed and marketed to that person who may not be well rehearsed in supplements, and may never have taken them before.

However, the design of the packaging and the low cost could well be enough to tempt someone to try it.


We cannot argue that the nutrient profile is not as complete as lots of other fat burner supplements.

This is the main issue, it omits so many other proven ingredients such as B6 or even glucomannan.

Without these ingredients it does find itself lacking in comparison.

Furthermore, not only is it lacking in the number of different ingredients, the cheap price is reflected in the doses.

Other fat burners provide higher doses. You really do get what you pay for, and this is no exception.

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Forza Fat Metaboliser Side Effects

You would have to be highly unlucky to be on the receiving end of any unwanted side effects.

Each ingredient is safe to use and the doses are also very low.

However, should you feel unwell just stop taking them.

At this price, you wouldn’t be wasting much money anyway.

Customer Testimonials

While there are plenty of customer reviews and testimonials on the Forza website, there aren’t any available for this particular product which is a shame.

It is good to get different perspectives on the performance of the product because not one of us is the same, and supplements can effect us all differently.


To conclude this short review, Forza have produced a supplement that is highly accessible, and I would say effective at pulling in a new customer base that may not be considered traditional.

The price is so low that lots of people are probably willing to give it a try, and wouldn’t be bothered if they didn’t see any positive results.

However, while it is cheap, this is reflected in the low ingredient count and low dose.

That said, each ingredient has clinical evidence to prove that they are effective at contributing towards reduce fat levels and body weight, just not as effectively as some alternative fat burners.









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> Increase Energy

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