Medichecks Review – Male Hormone Test Kit

Medichecks Review – Male Hormone Test Kit

Test your testosterone levels. All from the comfort of your own home with this male hormone test kit from Medichecks.

I personally use this testosterone testing kit and provide you my results, the costs, how long it take for results and a Medichecks promo code so you can try it yourself.

LAST UPDATED: July 2019 by Ben.

Medichecks First Look

So, I was wondering how my natural test levels stacked up.

I think many guys are curious, particularly if you are into weight lifting and general fitness.

Therefore, this led to a bit of online research.

I noticed there weren’t many reputable reviews regarding the Medichecks products so had to do the research and comparisons myself.

However, what struck me most was the simple format, the ease of doing the test and ultimately the value offered.

Their website is clear to read, and easy to understand.

When we think of blood tests we think of having to make an appointment to see a nurse or medical practitioner. This can take time, and if you do not have universal healthcare, it can cost you money.

As such, many people probably don’t bother unless they think they have a health issue.

What Medichecks offer is a fast and simple way to get checked, to either feed your curiosity, even get that second opinion or understand if you are not in great health.

Medichecks Options

I just wanted to check my natural testosterone levels.

Yet, should you wish, you could check a whole host of other areas of your health with just a few drops of blood and the turnaround time for you results is only a few days, but can be as little as 2 days.

Everything is done online.

You order your test kit, you will receive it usually the following day and then your results are provided to you online via a dashboard with your details on it and some comments from a medical professional.

Every step of the way is simple, well instructed and easy to understand.

Who is behind Medichecks?

According to Companies House who offer information regarding companies listed in the United Kingdom, Ltd were incorporated back in 2008.

They are registered in the small spa town of Malvern, in Worcestershire, England.

Malvern is a stunning little town and in an area of outstanding natural with history dating back to 1000BC. And, while there is a strong link to defense systems and technology, there’s little relating to medicine or pharmaceuticals.

However, Medichecks isn’t actually located in Malvern, that is just the registered address.

A little more research reveals much more, and of important relevance.

The office of Medichecks is actually nestled in an area surrounded by other healthcare suppliers and research faculties.

It is also sandwiched between both the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University while being surrounded by sports clubs.

While you may dismiss this, it is actually important.

This area is coined as ‘MediCity Nottingham‘.

That means it is a hub for research and medicine.

As a result, there’s plenty of knowledge and expertise in the area which can all contribute to developing and progressing with new techniques and discoveries.

Why did I want a male hormone testing kit?

medichecks testosterone testing kit

It is no secret that as men age, particularly in their thirties, that natural production of testosterone slows down, and ultimately, lessens over time. [1]

That is time we are not getting back, and naturally, that testosterone is diminishing.

And, because I want to get the best from my training, I want to know where my testosterone levels are at and whether I could benefit from increasing them.

Additionally, I had just come home from a week in Portugal drinking, eating and doing very little, nor had I done a great deal of lifting prior due to work commitments.

Therefore there wouldn’t be an elevated level of testosterone, this would also be exacerbated since I hadn’t used any natural testosterone boosters for a while.

As such, I found Medichecks, and pulled the trigger.

The Importance of Testosterone

I purely wanted to know what my testosterone levels were for vanity and performance, however, a healthy level of testosterone means much more than that.

I do not want to go too deep in to the benefits of a healthy level of testosterone here, as it may detract from the article, so you can read more about the importance of hormone balance by following this internal site link.

Yet, I will briefly go through how testosterone benefits our health and bodily function.

With a testosterone imbalance you will suffer from the following ailments [2]:

  • Inadequate reproductive system
  • Reduction of muscle mass
  • Low strength levels
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Brittle bones
  • Increased fat levels

Why Medichecks?

As already mentioned, I liked the simple design and ethos of the website. Nor does it look to daunting or scary.

It all seemed very accessible, good value, a good turnaround time for results and it was very convenient.

Additionally, there would be no potential judgement from anyone for asking why I should need to check my testosterone levels.

Particularly as I am hairy, 200lbs, 5’8″ and deadlifting over 440lbs, so fairly burly.

What’s in the Medicheck Box?

medichecks testosterone testing kit contents

My Medicheck box arrived the next day after ordering it online.

It arrived in a discreet, plain cardboard sleeve without any Medichecks branding, and was slimline enough to fit through the letter box.

Once the sleeve is peeled back we are presented with a very colorful box that has all of the equipment we would require to provide a small blood sample.

With the folder type case unopened we are faced with simplified stages of the test procedure.

Medichecks have broken it down in to 3 clear stages.

  1. Get Ready
  2. Collect Sample
  3. Pack & Post

If this is a bit too overwhelming there is also a Medichecks contact number at the top. So do not fear or worry.

Not only that, you can contact Medichecks via email as well.

If we then fold the case open again we come face to face with a sample bottle with a yellow cap then a side tray including the following:

  • 4 lancets (these are used to prick your finger)
  • A couple of sticking plasters/band aids
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Label with your details to affix to the sample tube
  • Return seal postage bag
  • Sample return form

This all looks more complex than it really is.

The alcohol wipes are to disinfect the are of skin. The plasters to place over the pricked skin area, the lancets to pierce the skin (you may not need all of them) plus a label with your details and the return form that goes in the postage bag with the sample tube

If we break it down, you need the lancets, the sample tube, the label, return form and the return post bag.

Male Hormone Test Kit Instructions

medichecks testosterone testing kit instructions

As just mentioned, the main elements of the kit are:

  • Lancet(s)
  • Sample tube
  • Label
  • Return form
  • Postage bag

I have included a picture of the instructions, they are simple, well presented and illustrated.

However, I will offer my summary.

  1. Do some exercise, I would suggest a good bit of cardio or a weights session. Probably your normal workout routine.
  2. Open the box and get all of the kit out.
  3. Wash your hands, dry them and then use an alcohol wipe to clean the finger you wish to extract the blood.
  4. Take one of the lancets and push the needle end down on to your finger tip. You should feel a prick.
  5. Dab the first drop of blood which will try to congeal and heal. This should then promote the blood to flow a bit more.
  6. Have you finger pointing downwards and into the open sample tube.
  7. Once the sample tube is full to the highest (second) yellow line.
  8. Fit the yellow cap on the tube.
  9. Tip the tube upside down 10 times.
  10. Affix the label to the sample tube.
  11. Pop it in the protective case and place it in the postage bag.
  12. Fill in the return form and seal the bag.
  13. Place in a post box.

Points to note

Okay, my experience didn’t go directly to plan.

So, take note of these little tips that can help you get the best and easiest result.

Time of day

The sample needs to be taken first thing in the morning.


I only did a few star jumps and 10 press ups. My blood wasn’t flowing particularly well, I should have gotten up early and completed a full work out session in the gym.


4 are provided, you may only need to use 1. However, pick a soft area of skin. Not an area that is hard or calloused as it will be difficult to pierce the skin.

Day of week

Take the sample and post it on a Monday. This will then be received by Tuesday. Do not post it on a Friday so it is lingering in the postal system over the weekend before the lab receives it on the following Monday.

Common Sense

While there are loads of plasters and sterile wipes, do not become fixated by using them, try to get the blood sample first and foremost. I was finding it difficult to try and get a soft are of skin and also get a decent amount of blood flow. While at the same time I was wasting time with sterile wipes, trying to apply plasters etc.

Check List

Essentially you need to draw the blood and collect it in the sample tube which needs to be sealed and labeled up.

Once you have completed that, there is a little check list that you can cross reference to make sure you are sending all of the required bits and pieces to the lab.

My Medichecks Video Review

Testosterone Test Cost

It is £29 for a single use testosterone testing kit.

That is exceptional value.

Furthermore, we can offer you a 20% discount from that price.

Remember, that price includes next day delivery, all of the package contents, plus next day return post and your lab results.

Medichecks Promo Code

Okay, you have got this far, thank you and well done.

We do have the pros, cons and conclusion to go through with you , but if you are here just for the Medichecks discount code, here it is:


Medicheck Time Frame

Okay, so how long does it take for results?

I carried out the sample on the 24th June, you can see that in my video.

My results were proved to me on the 27th June.

That is a very quick time frame!

My Testosterone Test Results

medichecks testosterone test results

Well, as noted, my results were available just 3 days later after I had taken my sample, in the kitchen for the world to see, or at least those watching YouTube.

This was a very swift service, and mightily impressive.

So, remember I said I had taken my sample after being away for a week which included drinking, eating and no exercise at all.

I received an email from Medichecks telling me my results were available online.

All I had to do was click and follow the link.

This brought up a dashboard type interface.

Do you remember that I had a little return form to return with my sample?

Well on that I had a few things to fill in. I told them that the reason for my test was to optimize sporting performance.

My results were accompanied by a short message from Hammad Tariq who is a Physician Associate with a MSc PA-R. There’s even a photo of him.

Either way it seems my levels of testosterone are considered to fall within the normal range.

My score was 13.7nmol/L.

The normal range is between 8.64 nmol/L and 29 nmol/L for your reference.

Further Information

medichecks dashboard information

Medichecks do not just stop there.

Apart from my short message from Hammaad reassuring me that my testosterone levels are completely normal, there’s also a lot of supporting information provided.

This outlines the role of hormones and how testosterone has an impact on our health ad bodily function.

It also goes on to explain what your given result means, and how you may wish to go about improving your score. This can include more rest, less alcohol consumption and a better diet.

Not only that, it also explains how a score which is considered outside the normal range could negatively effect your health.

You may think this would only address a low score, known as hypogonadism.

Alas, no, an exceptionally high score is also addressed.

That is because a score which is much higher than the normal range would almost certainly be due to the use of anabolic steroids which can have negative implications themselves.

My Next Steps

I would like to see an increase in my levels of testosterone, therefore I am to increase my weight lifting exercises, drink less alcohol, improve my diet, increase sleep and also take a natural testosterone booster such as Hunter Test.

I will then take the test again and see if my results have improved.


This is a very quick process. Almost lightning quick.

I could pay quickly using PayPal. But other payment options are available.

It arrived the next day then I got my results just 3 days after collecting my sample. Also remember, that 3 days included the postage.

For the price, that is extremely good value.

Furthermore, the whole process is discreet. The instructions are simple to use, and there’s plenty of information to digest so you can understand your result and how to improve upon it, to optimize your health.

There’s a contact number and email for fast support if you get stuck.

In addition, you get a little bit of feedback from a medical professional.

It is painless and convenient.


The only real issue I had was possibly to do with my shortcomings or lack of preparation.

I should have performed some more rigorous exercise before taking the sample to encourage better blood flow.

Also, try to use the lancet on a finger that doesn’t have a tough layer of skin, otherwise piercing the skin may prove difficult.

Medichecks Review Conclusion

If, like me, you are curious to see what your level of testosterone is, Medichecks offer a very competitive and convenient option without the fuss of arranging a blood test with your local medical practice.

The cost offers good value and the process time frame is astonishing.

All of the required kit is provided and providing the sample is relatively straightforward and simple.

Okay, ensure that you have done enough exercise to get that blood flowing, but if you follow the instructions you should experience a very quick and easy turnaround.

Is Medichecks Legit?

Very much so.

Medichecks is a limited company that has been established over 10 years.

Their office and laboratory are located within a hub for medical research and practice, in Nottingham, England.

The testing kit pack is simple, easy to use and good quality.

The advice offered correlates with that given from other reputable sources and you even have a personalized message from a medical professional.

I went one step further and became a LinkedIn stalker to see whether Hammaad Tariq was not only real, but if he also held the relevant qualifications.

The results were that he had studied for a BSc and MSc at the University of Worcester, then went on to work as a health adviser at the National Health Service, spent time as a Physician Associate at the Royal Worcester Hospital before working for Medichecks.

Final Thoughts

I definitely think the system is great.

It is so easy to perform, obtain the sample and then receive the results without having to see you local doctor who may wonder why you are requesting a testosterone sample, especially if you are not experiencing any signs of hypogonadism.

Furthermore, you may be feeling not quite yourself, and this is a very easy, quick and discreet way to perhaps confirm any health conditions you may suspect before then going to see your doctor.




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