GAT Sport TESTROL Gold ES Testosterone Booster Review

GAT Sport TESTROL Gold ES Testosterone Booster Review

GAT Sport TESTROL Gold ES Testosterone Booster First Look:

It is Easter weekend and most people are out drinking or taking a vacation to make most of the break.

I have just returned from a few days off in Spain drinking beer, red wine and Bailey’s (bit of a strange one) until my hearts content, however, I feel horrendous now and looking forward to getting back in the gym, not to mention feeling a bit more ‘normal’.

It is moments like this when you just waste time browsing the internet and seeing what products are newly available that you can pick up some gems.

This time I have come across GAT’s Testrol Gold ES, having previously tested Testrol I noted that it wasn’t the best testosterone booster on the market and duly left it at that, not worth bothering about.

However, it seems GAT Sport took heed of my advice (yeah, right!) and have now released the Gold ES face lift version, just as we approach summer.

It comes blessed with a more contemporary label that its predecessor and gold highlights to mark its importance.

Ingredients: The Science

Fenugreek Seed (Trigonella Foenum-Graecum) – It is claimed by researchers that fenugreek works to increase testosterone or androgen levels, which decrease as you age.

This is a lot of ingredients, it’s not so much a testosterone booster, it is more like a Nutri Bullet and reading through them all is likely to make you want to put a bullet through your head.

Zinc – An aphrodisiac and Testosterone Booster, but it will only raise testosterone levels if the user is deficient in zinc.

Zinc is also very important for the functioning of the enzyme, hormone, and immune systems.In very high doses, zinc can act as an aromatase inhibitor and reduce estrogen levels. It is also a potent antioxidant and can provide benefits for prostate issues.

Magnesium – Research into magnesium supplementation also increased testosterone production in men.

Selenium – No conclusive proof even when supplemented with Zinc that selenium increases testosterone levels.

Vitamin B6 – Vitamin B6 helps testosterone levels by stimulating androgen (a steroid hormone that acts as a precursor for testosterone) receptors in your body, making your testes produce testosterone.

Folic Acid (Vit. B9) – There’s many benefits of Folic Acid, treating kidney problems is one of them. Folic acid can also help produce more testosterone along with B12 but also necessary to form red blood cells and is also necessary in the formation of DNA.

Vitamin B12 – Studies show that people who are anaemic tend not to have high levels of testosterone because they cannot absorb vitamin B12.

Tribulus – Once again, the old tribulus raises its ugly head.

The problem is that because this has been touted about for so long as a bit of a miracle plant extract used by the mysterious Eastern Bloc Olympic Athletes during the Cold War people have started to believe the hype and it is an easily recognizable ingredient the ill informed will have heard about down the gym.

The issue is that it has not been scientifically proven to raise testosterone levels in any shape or form.

In fact, in studies using elite professional Australian rugby players as participants Tribulus did not produce the large gains in strength or lean muscle mass that many manufacturers claim can be experienced.

Avoid like a medieval plague if you are looking for muscular gainz.

DIM (Diindolylmethane) – Diindolylmethane appears to promote a healthy balance of testosterone in the body and is found in vegetables such as broccoli.

L-Arginine – This is found in many pre workout supplements or products designed to make you more vascular.

L-Arginine opens up the blood vessels and arteries to assist with blood flow, nothing really to do with testosterone but may assist with any impotency issues that are not helping you attain that hot chick in the gym who is 15 years your junior but only if you have 5g a day!

Saw Palmetto – this fatty acid was long touted to help boost testosterone levels, but those claims turned out to be false. It is effective in suppressing prostate growth though. So could help if you are taking steroids or Prohormones.

Damiana – This has seen to sexually invigorate rat test subjects. Evidence on Damiana Leaf is lacklustre. Not too many studies have been conducted on it.

Ginkgo – This appears to help with blood flow and circulation, however, there is no real body of evidence to support these claims.

L-Dopa (Macuna Pruriens) – This is actually good for treating people with Parkinsons.

There’s a mixed bag of results for testosterone but look mainly positive.

Results have shown an increase in testosterone levels in infertile men, however, results are very limited for fertile men. It is effective to reduce cortisol levels – high stress levels can harm testosterone production.

Primavie (Shilajit Extract) – This is a fulvic acid found in the Himalayas. Actual medical research is low, it has been banded around for years in the East though.

It seems it can help boost the immune system, fend off lethargy and also assist with altitude sickness.

It seems there is no harm in taking it and it seems to have a fair amount of benefits, and has been noted to increasing testosterone levels in infertile men but as there has only been one human study it is unsure whether it will increase testosterone levels in fertile men.

On other thing to note is that there is a warning in place for shilijat due to the amount of additives being added to supplements and in some cases metals have been found, as such sales are now banned in Canada due to concerns.

Horny Goat Weed – Epimedium, the suspected active component of horny goat weed, appears to act as a phosphodiesterase inhibitor, similar to some drugs used for erectile dysfunction.

It does not, however, stimulate testosterone production.

Longjack Extract – Eurycoma (Tongkat Ali, LongJack) is a pro-fertility agent and aphrodisiac that appears to have a large body of evidence supporting this role and some evidence suggesting it may be an anti-estrogen and pro-erectile agent.

However, there is a lack of evidence for testosterone boosting in humans, although some very limited evidence in animals.

Cnidium Monnieri – This is a herb and is said to have similar properties as Viagra for erectile dysfunction.

Once implicated in increasing testosterone, as well as luteinizing hormone and FSH, in male castrated rats over 20 days. It has not been investigated further than this.


We are instructed to take 2 pills per day on an empty stomach. This isn’t entirely optimal.

It is much better to have at least 4 tablets but each tablet to be taken over the course of the day to ensure there are no peaks or troughs of the nutrients being utilized by you body.

There’s a daily dose of 2520.1mg which is not up there with the best testosterone boosters.


This has a large number of ingredients present, not as much as what is offered by GAT’s Mens Multi + Testosterone Booster but more than what is found in Testrol.

In fact, as you would imagine this shares much of what is present in Testrol. However, Testrol did not score too well…

What we have here though is  number of solid ingredients such as B6, B12, Zinc and Magnesium plus Fenugreek. We can round this off with DIM.

All of these ingredients are known simulators of testosterone production and found in the best testosterone boosters.

Therefore, regarding proven, conclusive and tested ingredients this is your lot.


GAT boast of the included Tribulus…that is like boasting about the genital herpes you have not manged to get rid of since your vacation to Somali.

There’s also the risk of contamination with Shilajit.

There’s a couple of ingredients available to help with testosterone stimulation in infertile men, but this doesn’t offer anything extra to fertile gents.

Just bare in mind that only 12% of men globally are considered infertile, and that is a generous estimate by the World Heath Organization.

When it is all broken down the majority of the ingredients are not entirely proven to be effective when studied.

So, of the 15 ingredients just 12 are considered effective at helping your body produce more testosterone.

Let’s also bear in mind that for the not overly generous 2520.1mg of combined ingredients it has to be split 15 ways which is rather more than the usual 8 or 9 found in the most comprehensive and effective test boosters.

I will not also forget that the dosing recommendation is not entirely optimal as it doesn’t promote a consistent provision of ingredients for your body to utilize.

GAT Sport TESTROL Gold ES Testosterone Booster Conclusion:

So, how is this overall?

It’s better than Testrol and we would expect that seeing as this is the Gold ES and the latest advanced formula. However, it still needs work.

It contains some good, effective ingredients which cannot be overlooked, yet is is also laden (moreso) with unproven ingredients that will offer little to no benefit whatsoever, or they include ingredients that may only help 12% of the global population.

There’s also a lot of ingredients for not a lot of daily mg of intake, that means we get watered down doses.

Then it misses items which are vital such as D3 and D-Aspartic Acid.

Take a look at what works to maximize your workouts.

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