High T Ultra Gel Testosterone Booster Review

High T Ultra Gel Testosterone Booster Review

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First Look:

Testosterone booster’s normally come in the form of tablet rather than gels or creams, that said, we have reviewed a spray here and a cream here.

Normally, creams or gels are associated with prescribed testosterone therapy that can only be offered by a physician. However, thus far, similar products we have reviewed have not scored too well. Let’s see how this performs.

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There’s 5 ingredients here and it is all very confusing because there’s no real definition of what is actually present to help stimulate testosterone and what is just part of the cream substance. There isn’t any notification of the actual amounts of ingredient used, this to me is a proprietary blend of the highest order.

Fenugreek – this is a proven ingredient as found in our benchmark product; Testofuel.


Camellia Sinesis Lef Extract (Green Tea) – Clinical studies suggest that green tea extract may boost metabolism and help burn fat.


Caffeine – Caffeine intake is associated with weight loss through thermogenesis and fat oxidation.


Rasberry Ketone – Although this was promoted as a ‘miracle fat burner’ on a popular yet controversial TV show there is actually no evidence to support these claims.



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Whereas we are used to taking pills we are directed to apply liberally to the upper arms and legs. Now this can be messy, inconvenient, and is easily over dosed or under dosed seeing as we are not given a direct dose.


This is where it becomes complicated, applying a cream is a bit hit and miss in the first instance, this is because not all patients can absorb it well enough, it can also take up to 30 minutes for it to actually be absorbed and then it may even rub off on clothing or other people – this is bearing in mind that it is tolerated by your skin and doesn’t leave you itchy or inflamed (although this is fairly low risk).

The other risk is the fact this is a proprietary blend, we know it contains the above ingredients but we have no idea of the value per ingredient. There’s only 3 ingredients here that are well regarded to stimulate testosterone production, now that is low by anyone’s book. We’re looking for 7, 8 or even 9 active ingredients which can work together.

Fenugreek is a good proven testosterone stimulating ingredient and is found in the best testosterone booster available today. Green tea is a good fat burner which is found in good fat burner’s, I find this an odd addition for a testosterone boosting product. Raspberry Ketones are a widely touted fat burning ingredient that is not proven whatsoever, again, an odd addition and not effective at all.


There’s way too much risk with this product. We just do not know the exact contents, the application method isn’t particularly convenient, conventional nor without its own potential issues compared to the fail-safe pill options available on the market.

The cost is reasonable but not for the ingredients offered considering just one would be effective, however, due to the proprietary blend we do not know how much of this we are getting and how much of that would be absorbed properly through the skin.

I feel that a more conventional means of dosing such as pills would be much more appropriate and effective.

Review Conclusion:

The success of this product is relying on the fact that this gives the impression of being a prescription testosterone therapy treatment. When, in fact it is very much ineffective and very far removed from the prescription alternatives.

It is also lacking in so many of the required and proven natural ingredients which would make it an effective product. As it is this is nothing more than a gimmick and I can not recommend this at all.



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