Testosterone Level Threshold For Diabetes Revealed

Testosterone Level Threshold For Diabetes Revealed

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The link between type 2 diabetes and low testosterone is well documented. Further and groundbreaking research has come to light from a collaboration between the Western Sydney University and the University of Adelaide who have established a range of thresholds in men for testosterone levels and the risk of developing diabetes.


The research indicate a strong and increasing risk of diabetes in men’s corresponding depleting testosterone levels.  

It seems that even common (low) levels of testosterone in men of less than 16 nanomoles per liter present a 13% chance of developing diabetes within 5 years.

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Yet, research dictates if your level is less than 10 nanomoles per liter, this chance of developing diabetes increases to 20%.

This research provides physicians and and diabetes specialists the knowledge and an increased overall understanding regarding the low testosterone in men in order to improve the screening programs employed for type 2 diabetes.


However, it isn’t just diabetes which is associated with low testosterone levels, other medical conditions such as erectile dysfunction, obesity, cardiovascular disease and depression are all common and unwanted side effects.

Yet, there are glimmers of hope. Many men’s low testosterone levels are due to their lifestyle, and with a few changes in your diet and exercise can see improvements which can help reverse the trend or slow the (natural) rate of depletion down.  
Lifestyle interventions are proven and there are studies being performed to discover whether the combined lifestyle changes and testosterone therapy combined will offer greater overall benefits but also reduce the rates of type 2 diabetes in men.

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