Higher Testosterone Equals More Generosity

Higher Testosterone Equals More Generosity

Clearly this rings true for Mr. Burns who has the least amount of testosterone know to man, or even cartoon.

Clinical Research

However, a recent study has suggested that not only can testosterone boost muscle growth, sexual attraction and facial hair it is now seen to offer more generosity according to a group of researchers from the Trinity College in Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

Far removed from the image of meatheads patrolling the beach or bars to pickup chicks thinking their muscles can substitute conversation and social skills, it seems there could well be an addition to their weaponry..the first to get the drinks in.

And it has been known for me to be first at the bar getting in a round with the lads…

So it is said that men with higher testosterone levels are more generous.

The interesting thing about the study was that the participants were injected with testosterone, or not if it was the placebo group.

This means, that not only will you spend $$$ per month on steroids, you’ll be spending more $$$ frittering away cash on anyone…maybe bae behind the reception at the gym.

A funny story: a girl who used to work in our gym behind the reception took it anally from a client under the stairs. Sounds like she was being too generous…had big arms and hands too 😮

The research involved for the experiment (by Trinity College) saw the group of 40 men involved in a number of financial tasks.

What happened next SHOCKED the researchers…


Well, it didn’t actually but what they did witness was that even though the hormone made them more aggressive with their decisions made during the financial tasks they were also seen to reward fair deals with bonuses.

Previous research has seen a good correlation between higher levels of testosterone translating to more money being made and vice versa.

Prejudice Stops Here

This whitewashes the common misconception that higher testosterone levels meant a a higher level of selfishness.

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