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This site was established in 2015 to be free resource for you to read about fitness and its associated components including the world of supplements, workout regimes, nutrition and sport.

That’s because the editor and founder likes a wide variety of sporting activities including cycling, weight lifting, rugby, sailing, skiing and is also a member of the Army Reserves.

As such, this site reflects not just one small corner or niche.

Overall, Ben wants this site to be useful and helpful while also being interesting.

It is a site based upon personal experience, evidence based reviews and the expertise of qualified professional contributors.

The content of this website is for information purposes and is not intended as medical advice.

What’s in it for you?

Since the site’s inception over three years ago there have been over half a million visitors and nearly 1 million pages views!

However, over time there has been a lot of content that had become stale, irrelevant and outdated.

This called for some much need editing.

Anything that did not offer any value to the reader or wasn’t been read had to be culled.

Yet, we’ve streamlined the site to offer a higher level of quality, and brought in qualified contributors that can provide certified content that you can read, digest that may prove useful for you to reach your goals.

Of course, the information found on here will also be referenced by reputable sources to ensure its reliability and credibility.


The founder of this site started hitting the gym and becoming interested in weight lifting many years ago; from reading bodybuilding magazines as a child sourced from a best friends older cousin to buying his first York dumbbell and barbell kit doing overhead presses in his parents’ dining room.

Naturally, these magazines had adverts for supplements.

Big, raw glossy pages with muscular men assuring us that taking those products will helps us reach our aspirations.

This hit a chord with the editor who then started to buy his first supplements in his early twenties to improve his size and strength.

However, as for many people at the time his decisions were based purely on the product name and what the bottle looked like.

Researching products and what goes in to them at the time was a complex and exhausting minefield.

All we knew was that many of the ingredients sounded exotic and in most cases were unpronounceable.

Times have now changed, information is much easier to source.

There’s no need to head to your local university library to discover exactly what your taking as scientific journals, clinical reports and university studies are now available, for free, online.

It is now easier to read and learn about the best ways to increase muscle mass and lose fat rather than rely on what advice the biggest guy in the gym tells you.

Again, the studies are freely available for all to learn from.

However, barriers remain – complexity and time.

While many things have gotten easier with progress, researching, understanding multiple studies and papers to choose between one product or exercise compared another to ensure you get the best from your workout is still time consuming.

This is where testosteronejunkie.com comes in to play.

We do the hard work for you.

We test, trial and research products to discover what they contain and if the claims stack up with the studies.

This way, you have a free dedicated, and easy to read resource to check something out before you buy it.

How to get the best from this site

athletic man tying sneaker laces

You can use the search function on the landing page to find an article of interest or browse through the category menu.

Yet, the site has some key areas that we can direct you to:

  1. Nutrients Guide
  2. Workouts
  3. Testosterone Boosters
  4. Fat Burners
  5. Nootropics
  6. Pre workouts
  7. Nutrition

Nutrients Guide

There’s a lots different products out there that contain many nutrients you’ve probably never heard of but on the flip side there’s more common ones too.

So, what we do is research and write about them individually.

Did you know caffeine can help you burn more calories and improve soldier performance?

Or that metals can increase testosterone?

These guides help you evaluate products better, so you can achieve a greater understanding of what you may wish to buy.

These reviews are based on evidence from publicly available studies rather than anecdote providing you with impartial information.


Not only do we provide you with a free workout guide which was devised by our very own qualified resident PT, we also look at different exercises which can improve physical performance.

For too long people sought the wrong advice from the wrong people.

Just asking the biggest person in the gym what they do may not necessarily translate to big gains for yourself.

This can be especially true if that person is using anabolic steroids.

Even popular magazines would publish workout plans that would only enable a person on drugs to benefit.

Those natural lifters may not be able to recover enough to cope with the extra demands placed on their musculature which can leave gym goers frustrated and disheartened.

Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone is an extremely important male hormone, it is also important for women too, in smaller amounts.

However, for either gender, a balanced hormone level is paramount for improved overall health.

A good quality testosterone booster supplement will contain proven, natural ingredients that work to help your body produce and secrete more of its natural testosterone.

Test boosters are not to be confused with anabolic steroids.

It was when the editor of this site started to do his own in-depth research in to test boosters that he was looking to buy and use himself which really cemented the urge to establish this site.

Fat Burners

Fat burners are, like test boosters, a mystery for most which is absolutely validated.

Products like these are not bound by any code or practices (they are not medicines or medical drugs), as such the difference in quality and effectiveness can vary greatly.

One thing is for sure, there are studies demonstrating that some natural ingredients available are proven to burn additional calories.

The hard part is finding these products with these ingredients, another hurdle to accept is that fat burners are not miracle workers and are to be used alongside a calorie control diet plan whereby they can enhance your calorie expenditure.


Nootropics are sometimes associated with ‘bio-hacking’.

Biohacking is a term coined with those seeking to become the best version of themselves.

So how does this relate to nootropic supplements?

Nootropics aim to increase productivity and cognitive function by ensuring that your body has all of the required nutrients to be more effective.

There is nothing untoward nootropics, and the reality is, a very strict nutrition plan could provide all that is required, but you would need to be very strict and able to consume a wide variety of nutrients from differing sources that may not be entirely convenient.

Pre Workouts

There’s been a huge boom in pre workout products available to the market, and the editor remembers his very first one he bought many years ago for an extortionate price.

Thankfully prices are now a little tamer and there’s a huge variety to choose from.

Pre workout supplements market themselves as being able to increase your gym performance.

But literally that gym session you are about to hit as you take these supplement about 20 minutes before hitting the iron – the clue is in the name.

There’s many nutrients that have come to light which can increase blood flow, energy and focus.

Again as with all of the other products we look at there’s research in to studies to make sure these exotic sounding ingredients have an actual purpose rather than just baffling the consumer.


Your efforts in the gym will not be fully rewarded without fueling your body with wholesome foods which can improve your growth and recovery.

At the other end of the spectrum, too much of some foods can be a catalyst for disease, hormone imbalance and overall ill health.

The articles available in the nutrition category use scientific research to help inform readers about the foods we consume to optimize performance.

In the new year we aim to provide readers with a free nutrition plan from a qualified nutritionist to support your fitness ambitions.


However, while they may be key areas of interest, there’s other categories that may pique your curiosity such as:

Feel free to have a good look around.

What else is there?

If you are new to the site and just want to randomly browse, you can read our latest published articles that are listed on the main site landing page.

We are also active on other forms of media so please follow us on there for immediate updates which you can share and comment on.

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youtube logoWhat are evidence based reviews?

The mainstay of our product reviews and nutrient guides are evidence based.

When reviewing a product, I can give my anecdotal evidence, and this is available.

However, there are studies that are available from reputable sources (government, universities, journals) which outline the results of numerous subjects administered ingredients under observation to provide a much clearer and reliable picture.

As such, published articles, where applicable, will be supported with links to these credible external sources to clarify their effectiveness.

However, we are not just about ‘theory’. Products are tried and tested. Practices are, ahem, put in to practice.

Sometimes just because a product or exercise yields great results in a controlled environment such as laboratory testing, it may not offer the same effects out in the field.

This, then can provide impartial information for the reader to have a greater appreciation of products and how they may perform for the consumer.

How is this site funded?

Running and maintaining a free resource is time consuming – this is the biggest cost.

The site was initially established as a hobby and side project, but as time went on it became clear that to produce quality content more time was required, this meant sacrificing a day job with benefits and security – a big leap indeed!

To make this possible, and to ensure that you have a great user experience, it was decided that ads wouldn’t be suitable.

However, an alternative option was for affiliate links.

This means, that in some cases, clicking on external links may earn us a commission to fund maintenance costs.

However, these would only be for products that are considered to be of the highest quality from responsible companies.

Moving forward…

We will continue to improve existing and create new, rich content, yet, we certainly would like feedback.

We can only improve with constructive criticism. If there is anything you would like to see us write about or investigate feel free to use the contact us page, but please do not worry about us then using your details to spam you.

We don’t like spam, just like we do not like annoying pop up ads, one goal is to make it as clean and easy as possible to use this site.

Don’t forget our Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously. We’re not here to take advantage of your details and wish for your visit to be as enjoyable as possible.

Here’s a link to our privacy policy.

While you’re at it, if you haven’t already, dig around our cookie policy, too.

About the contributors

Please do not forget to check out the people who work behind the scenes in our about page, each contributor offers a different set of skills, backgrounds and experiences.

However, each one has a history of placing theory in to practice by being competitive athletes themselves.

editor of testosteronejunkie.com

The Editor
Ben has been hitting the gym for over 10 years, in that time he has met many people, tried lots of routines and supplements.
He has a Bachelors degree with honors, played rugby since the age of 6 and is currently serving in the Army Reserve.
His personal aim is to provide a free, high quality and useful resource of information.