USN Select Boost TESTO 2000 Review

USN Select Boost TESTO 2000 Review

I analyze TESTO 2000, an attractive testosterone booster supplement from the well established USN brand that contains a large number of nutrients.

The results were quite surprising.

LAST UPDATED: May 2019 by Ben.

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USN TESTO 2000 Testosterone Booster First Look

I really like the look of this testosterone booster from USN. It has a high quality design and finish to the bottle, although, that said the name is a bit crap.

In fact, I have no idea what relation 2000 is to this supplement. But, as already stated I do like the blue, white, pink and silver accents.

It actually stood out from the shelf from many of the other products that just looked a bit shit.

And, I have heard of USN before, they’re a company that seem to have been around for a while and sponsor a few athletes such as Ryan Terry who is a fitness model.

The bottle states that this product maintains testosterone. Although there is a caveat…

Yes, it has a bit of small print.

This states that this product merely boosts your intake of zinc which supports normal fertility and production while maintaining normal testosterone levels.

To me that seems like a get out clause already.


More About USN

USN stands for Ultimate Sports Nutrition.  USN was established back in 1999 when I was merely 16 years old and going on a rugby tour to Australia.

So what is interesting about that, [USN not my rugby tour] is that it was established by a man called Albe Geldenhuys who was a mountain biker.

Normally, when we find out about a the person behind a supplement product or a brand they are weight lifters.

A mountain biker seems quite far removed from test boosters and protein shakes.

However, maybe Albe was ahead of the curve because supplements these days are focused on all sports, all disciplines and about improving your overall performance.

And, this is encapsulated by USN. They have products for everything although I personally found it quite difficult trying to navigate their website because there is way too much imagery going on.

It is just a bit overwhelming and feels discombobulated.

Regarding Albe, do not make the mistake thinking that he was just some guy who liked going down some hills on a bicycle.

He was a serious about fitness and looked the part. This is not just some random guy looking to make a quick buck. Albe lived it.

Any unique points about USN Testo 2000?

Yes and no.

So, it is quite unique in that USN implies that this is a testosterone booster product, but at the same time tries to ensure there is no wording that would state that it is a testosterone booster.

This is further documented by the blurb about zinc helping maintain testosterone levels and the product being able to boost your levels of zinc.

So, as I have already covered, this seems to be a bit of a cop out already, ensuring that USN are covered should the results be poor or non-existent.

Put it this way, if I had read the bottle more carefully when I was looking at it in the store I may have not been quite as eager to buy it.

On the other hand, there is a massive amount of ingredients in each serving. Way more than normal, so this could be a good sign.

However, it all depends on doses. A lot of ingredients and a small dose does not necessarily mean great results.

Whereas, a supplement that contains fewer, yet effective ingredients is going to offer much better value for money and better results.


USN TESTO2000 Video Review

The ingredients: What have USN included?

usn testo2000 testosterone booster ingredients

There are a whopping 16 nutrients included in this USN supplement. So let’s take a closer look at each and what evidence there is available to see how it could benefit our testosterone production.

Vitamin A

There is some recent evidence that demonstrates in a around about way that vitamin A influences testosterone levels.

That is because if someone is missing or is lacking a Bco1 gene which helps form vitamin A molecules they are low on testosterone.

Therefore, one can speculate, if they cannot form sufficient vitamin A and their test levels are low the two are strongly related. [1]

However, we shall not just rest on that one study that offers a mere association between the two.

Further animal studies from a long time ago (1981) do demonstrate a relationship between a lack of vitamin A and testicular atrophy, basically the testicles becoming smaller. [2]

I didn’t want to leave it at that though, because, again, while there’s more evidence supporting the advantages of vitamin A, it is still a little spurious.

So then next best bit of research I could find was the vitamins’ use to help instigate puberty on boy’s who were suffering from a delay of development.

This study claims that the results they found by supplementing children who are deficient in vitamin A when a combination of A and iron was given it yielded results as effective as hormone therapy. [3]

Vitamin D

Our main source of vitamin D is from the suns rays, although we can get it through certain foods like eggs, fatty fish or cheese.

The problems is many people are deficient in vitamin D for numerous reasons, but some are either:

  • Low daylight hours during winter seasons
  • Too much sunshine which can cause skin cancers
  • People working mainly indoors
  • Darker skin

Just to clarify a couple of those points: Too much sunshine in hot countries ironically means more people stay inside to keep from the harmful UV rays.

People with darker skin pigmentation need more time in the sun for the synthesis of UV rays to vitamin D.

But what can D do?

I have already hinted that when we are in the sunshine the body synthesizes UV rays in to vitamin D.

And it has many important bodily functions, such as working with calcium and phosphorous to maintain healthy muscles, bones and teeth. [4]

So, essentially, we could leave it there and be happy with those results.

But no, there is more of interest, particularly for testosterone and fertility.

Vitamin D has a role in the production of hormones and spermatogenesis. This role has demonstrated its ability to benefit sperm quality, motility and the modulation of testosterone. [5]

D’s apparent ability to improve fertility is again mentioned in studies, further cementing its position as a vital nutrient for the male reproductive system. [6]

Vitamin K

When researching for information regarding vitamin K it seems its benefits are mostly to do with blood and its ability to help it clot and congeal. This is required for effective wound healing. [7]

It is also noted to be able to reduce a build up of calcium in the arteries which can help prevent stiffening of the walls and a reduction of the diameter. Thus, K seems to help avoid a increase of blood pressure and risk of cardiovascular issues. [8]

There’s also rumors of this vitamins role in cancer treatment, yet, this is not entirely conclusive.

However, we do know that vitamin K works particularly well with the already discussed vitamin D – both improving bone health. [10]

There are different types of vitamin K. K1, K2 and K3. Unfortunately we do not know what form is included in this test booster from USN.

This is disappointing because some forms are more beneficial than others and K3 can cause rupturing of red blood cells, possible liver toxicity, and jaundice. [11]

However, we are concerned mainly about this fat solubles effects on hormone, particularly, testosterone levels…

Firstly, there is a high level present in the tissues of the testicles whereby it can help reduce inflammation and further studies have found that low levels of vitamin K correlates with a testosterone deficiency. [12]

Furthermore, the evidence points toward vitamin K2 rather than K1 having the most impact when rats were given a diet supplemented with vitamin K. [13]

It must be noted that K vitamins are abundant in green leafy vegetables, kale and spinach in particular. [14]

Vitamin B6

B6 is a water soluble vitamin, this means that if your body doesn’t require it at that time it will be excreted through urine.

Thus, it is important to ensure that your levels of topped up.

But, what is the case for B6? Some online sources do not believe there is a credible reason to supplement with this B vitamin, yet there are studies highlighting its benefits.

So where do we stand with vitamin B6 and testosterone?

It is no secret that there is reliable evidence available that demonstrates a relationship between depleted B6 levels and reduce testosterone. [15]

Further results also imply that B6 is able to reduce levels of prolactin while increasing growth hormone levels when coupled with exercise. [16]

So, while we are not inundated with evidence and studies, what is available looks positive and is worthy of its inclusion in to this supplement.

Folic Acid (B9)

It is stated by sources online that folic acid is useful for general health, but this B vitamin (B9) can be toxic in high doses and tends to be taken by women looking to conceive. [17]

So, what are its benefits for someone like you (and me) who is looking to increase testosterone levels?

Arduous research in to folic acid seems to unearth a tenuous link between sperm characteristics of men who are not fertile when they were supplementing folic acid and zinc. However, the reasoning behind this result is not known. [18]

A further study also discovered a link between erectile dysfunction and folate levels in men.

The research found that those who suffered from varying levels of impotency also had low levels of folate compared to the men who did not experience any erectile dysfunction. [19]

While neither of these two studies did relate folic acid to testosterone levels, it does make for interesting and thought provoking reading.

Vitamin B12

We have seen B12 included in fat burners because of its benefits for weight loss and even cellulite treatment, but it is not as popular in test booster supplements.

This could be up for debate, though…

Have you heard of chronic testicular pain other than when you have been hit in the balls? Well, it is a real condition.

And, testosterone as well as B12 deficiencies seem to be linked with chronic testicular pain, a study saw subjects receive testosterone and B12 treatment to alleviate the symptoms of CTP. [20]

However, this does not directly link testosterone levels and B12.

Further analysis of scientific studies points us towards stress, testosterone and B12.

In essence, stress contributes to a deficiency of B12, and along the way, this deficiency is related to impaired reproduction system function and low testosterone. [21]

Pantothenic Acid (B5)

Pantothenic acid is present in what are probably considered the most bodybuilding friendly foods: Beef, chicken and eggs.

However, does this have any connection to testosterone?

In rats it certainly does, whereby B5 plays an essential role in testicular function which includes sperm motility and testosterone concentrations. [22]

Yet, this study aside, and the fact that B5 is essential to all forms of life, I cannot find any reliable or reputable sources that demonstrate a concrete link between B5 and testosterone production in men.


We have already written about the effects of magnesium on testosterone levels, here.

But, if you do not want to read through that evidence based analysis we can give you the down low.

When tested on athletes, magnesium supplementation increased work rate, oxygen uptake and muscle strength. [23]

So, all-in-all, a great mineral to be supplementing with. Especially in high doses which demonstrated even further muscular strength, and a reduction of magnesium correlates with fatigue leading on to a reduction of endurance levels. [24] [25]

Magnesium is also particularly beneficial when taken in conjunction with vitamin D which is included within this supplement.

This is all well and good, but none of these cited studies refer to magnesium and testosterone secretion. Which begs the question whether it does have an effect at all..?

If you decided not to read our analysis you’ll be glad to read that testosterone levels are increased by a minimum of 90mg of magnesium taken daily. [26]


This is another mineral that is often associated with testosterone secretion, just like magnesium.

And, just like magnesium we have previously written about the virtues of zinc and how it can help stimulate your body to produce more testosterone.

Interestingly, this is not new news, even back in the 1970’s scientists were recording observations between zinc and testosterone. [27]

Supplementation of this mineral was found to be extremely important for athletes who lose lots of zinc through sweat, but not only is it important for athletes as zinc deficiency is common on a global scales.

With studies demonstrating a correlation between low testosterone and low zinc, be sure to keep your intake of zinc a priority. [28]


Having read through the evidence regarding selenium it seems that it has antioxidant capabilities which can also treat acne, however, it must be supplemented with caution because too much can have the reverse effects and even promote diabetes. [29]

So, it is important not to ingest too much, because, on the other hand selenium combined with zinc can have a positive effect on testosterone levels of the infertile man according to a study conducted on Nigerian men. [30]

But I didn’t just want to leave it there, a study involving cyclists saw that selenium did little to alter or influence testosterone levels after a bout of intense exercise. [31]

As a result, the evidence doesn’t really stack up as its inclusion is rather limited.


Chromium is sometimes found in fat burner products because it can help prevent carbohydrate cravings and reduce your appetite. This can then lead to weight loss, even though the reasons behind it are not well known. [32]

Now, also be aware that higher levels of testosterone can result in less fat mass, as such, sometimes we come across testosterone booster products that seek to mimic these effects by including ingredients that can contribute to weight loss.

However, including these ingredients merely cover up the fact that the product is not necessarily increasing test levels.

Therefore, we could initially scoff at chromium being present as a way to trick us in to thinking the heightened level of testosterone is helping cut fat.

Yet – and this is important – while chromium’s effects may mimic the effects of a higher level of testosterone, actually chromium can lower test levels. [33]


There are many testosterone booster style supplements available on the market that contain maca. But did you know that maca is a vegetable that looks like a turnip?

Aesthetics aside, maca is related to the broccoli, this could be good because broccoli can help regulate estrogen. [34]

Funnily enough, maca is also used as an aphrodisiac. So, this turnip looking vegetable is shaping up to be a positive addition.

However, while it does appear to increase libido and erections there is no proof that it can increase testosterone or have any effect on estrogen. [35] [36]

That means, once again, we are faced with a nutrient that is mimicking the effects of testosterone rather than helping your body produce more of its own male sex hormone.

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)

DAA is very dose sensitive.

There’s a line whereby it can be of benefit, or it becomes ineffective.

As such, ensuring a supplement has the correct dose is paramount.

What dose information is there? 

Anything around 6g daily appears to reduce testosterone levels in men who are physically trained, and if you are already in training and are physically robust, DAA may not be that beneficial at all. [37] [38]

Does it increase testosterone? 

Yes. That’s pretty clear cut, but there’s downsides.

Best results are merely for a period of days (around 6-12) and for men who do not ‘lift’ and are infertile. [39]

So, if you are virile and a gym freak, it is unlikely you will reap a great deal of benefit from D-AA.

This means that best effects are found in a dose of around 2-3g. Whereas this test booster only offers 1640mg.

Korean (Panax) Ginseng

Korean, Panax or even ‘true’ ginseng is a well known and well regarded herb that has been used in Chinese remedies for many years. This is for good reason, too. 

This is especially true if you are looking to improve your libido, erections and even cognitive function. [40]

In fact, there are multiple studies available that argue a good case for ginseng to be used as a general daily supplement. [41]

So, even if it does not increase testosterone levels it is a great nutrient to have. While it is great, we are still concerned about is hormone effects, so let’s try and clear that up.

Well, there is at least one study that I can find whereby both fertility and testosterone levels were improved from treatment using panax ginseng. [42]

As such, with panax ginseng’s impressive repertoire of benefits I for one am pleased to see that it is included.


Often overlooked or not even considered, but fenugreek is a great nutrient to have in the armory and another that has pro erection effects while also increasing testosterone levels when dosed with 500mg daily. [43] [44]

In addition to this, it also has effects on lowering your appetite and reducing a persons fat mass during trials. [45]

These three pieces of evidence alone contribute to much more than what is found in many other testosterone supplements on the market.

As a result, I often ensure that a product I am using includes fenugreek .


It is clear that many of these ingredients have health benefits that reach further than just increasing libido or testosterone, that some, don’t really offer much proven benefit, either.

Although none of this would matter if your body doesn’t absorb and process this long list of nutrients. It would all be a waste of time.

The reality is nutrient absorption can depend on the individual ingredient, if your body already has enough stored, or indeed if the nutrient can be stored at all. So, there are differing factors at large.

So, it is imperative that little or nothing is wasted, thus we have bioperine.

Bioperine is basically black pepper extract, the same black pepper you may season your food with, so you may be a little perplexed as to why it is included in some supplements.

However, bioperine is able to reduce the effectiveness of enzymes that may have a negative effect on the molecules of nutrients that you are ingesting. [46]

It can also slow down the process of going through the intestine which means nutrients are exposed for longer in the intestines and thus increasing the time and chance of being absorbed for use. [47]

A such, it can help improve the absorption of those ingredients to prevent less waste.


USN Dose

usn testo2000 testosterone booster directions dose

We are given a good, healthy large daily dose with USN TESTO 2000 contained within the four capsules to be taken daily.

But on the negative side, there are only 22 servings per bottle. So not even a monthly supply!

Again, what I find slightly suspect is that the daily dose is over a huge 7463mg. But this is across 4 tablets that are ’00’ in size.

If you are not familiar with capsules sizing, you will note that this size of each capsule is ’00’ size.

capsule size chart

You will also note that capsule ’00’ will hold 950mg max.

That means 4 capsules can only contain 3800mg in total and not in excess of 7463mg as is listed per daily dose.

This doesn’t fit. It doesn’t add up.

So, somewhere along the line there are some big inaccuracies from USN.



This supplement clearly has a lot of ingredients included, with 10 of them having a positive effect on testosterone levels.

Furthermore, there are some solid ingredients that people would just be lacking in due to poor western diets, working indoors or liable to secrete through excess sweating when working out.

Many of these nutrients are found in normal foods, but people tend not to eat well enough or the doses are so high it would not at all be convenient or really plausible to eat quite as much as would be provided by this supplement.

For instance you would need to eat 3oz/85g of cashew nuts to get as much vitamin K as this, or in excess of 9oz/255g of chuck roast to get the equivalent zinc.

Just remember that is 2 of the 16 ingredients included in this test booster.

It is also interesting to see the additional benefits of these ingredients, too.

  • Vitamin K  will help heal wounds
  • B12 is used to treat cellulite
  • Selenium may treat acne
  • Ginseng is good for libido and brain health

So, overall, this packs a large punch when it comes to nutrients, and is not just a one trick pony.

As such, when I used it, I felt pretty good. If anything I felt horny rather than gaining much more strength or seeing any fat reductions.

While my gym performance has been okay and progressive, particularly for my back exercises I have not felt the real push that I achieved using other testosterone boosters.


As already established USN have included a lot of ingredients in this product. 16 in total.

And, there is nothing wrong with that at all.

However, this starts to get complicated, because there’s only so much each capsule can hold.

And, as discussed, the daily total dose doesn’t stack up with how much each capsule can contain.

And, when there is a lot of different ingredients we often see that the amounts per each individual ingredient is low.

This is reflected in the low amounts of vitamin D. In fact, with just 100iu of vitamin D included in this supplement that is only the equivalent of 45 seconds of sunshine. [48]

Levels of DAA are lower in this product, too with less than 2000mg.

This does seem to be a common occurrence as we go through the ingredient profile with just a few exceptions.

Additionally to this, we are not informed which versions of vitamin K and vitamin D are included. This is important, because K2 is more effective than K1 and D3 is more effective than D2.

Supplements are here to bolster your diet and nutrition by providing much more nutritional value that you would usually attain.

But what is the point of spending money on a product if you will be reaching these nutrient levels easily over breakfast or your other meals?

Then there are a few ingredients that seem to have very little benefit for increasing testosterone such as chromium and other ingredients that seem to be present in order to mimic the effects are higher test levels.

Overall, this shows us that this product from USN is not dedicated or formulated to actually increase hormone secretion.


Testo 2000 Side Effects  

With power comes great responsibility, as does producing supplements that have very few regulations to adhere to.

So, with this to consider, safety is a priority and paramount. Luckily, this is product consists of natural ingredients and nothing synthetic.

Let us just take a look through the profile and see whether there are any risks to consider.

  • Vitamin K only seems to be of concern when injected, but not orally.
  • If B6 is taken in extremely large amounts (6g) for a long period of time it can cause nerve damage.
  • Folic acid may be neuro toxic in large doses – around 15mg per day. But that is much more than found in TESTO 2000

When taking this supplement just bear the above pointers in mind, otherwise, on the whole this is a safe product that should not cause any issues to the majority of people if taken as directed.

USN Review Conclusion

 PROS – Lots of ingredients, many have supporting evidence for their benefits

 CONS – The doses do not stack up, some doses are very low for ingredients and some ingredients mimic the effects of testosterone

There are a lot of positive points regarding this testosterone booster, and my experience with it was also good.

I did feel that my libido was increased while using TESTO 2000, that I cannot deny.

However, looking further in to the product, and its nutrient profile I can see a few cracks and shortcomings.

A lot of this is to do with doses, and also ingredients that mimic the effects of testosterone rather than actually increasing it.

And that is the problem, while there are some beneficial ingredients, the doses are not entirely effective.

Then there is the bizarre total daily dose that far exceeds the capabilities of the capsule sizes.

At the beginning of this review I wrote about how USN were somewhat careful with their words when describing this product.

They essentially said that this product would boost your daily intake of zinc which in turn can maintain testosterone levels.

The finished product is just that, it does boost your daily intake of zinc and many other ingredients which can increase natural testosterone secretion.

However with so many questions hanging over the actual daily dose plus ingredients used to mimic a heightened level of testosterone, I lose confidence in its actual end result.

Do testosterone supplements really work?

Okay, so we have concluded that TESTO 2000 isn’t that bad.

However, it seems that it is more geared up to making you feel like you have high testosterone rather than actually having it.

This is achieved by including ingredients that are known to increase your libido, so you feel more energetic and horny…just like testosterone does.

Additionally, while Testo 2000 includes a lot of different ingredients, the doses are not high, and doesn’t really offer as much benefit as some other testosterone boosters…


Supplements that actually work…

So let’s take a look at the alternatives that we recommend.

Military Muscle vs Testo 2000

Military Muscle wipes the floor with Testo 2000, and then some.

It’s 11 ingredients have extensive proven references to demonstrate their effectiveness and ability to contribute to increased testosterone secretion.

However, it also helps reduce body fat, inflammation and estrogen.

Overall, it takes a multi-dimensional approach to increasing testosterone and increasing overall performance.

Which comes as no surprise when it has been developed with soldiers and athletes.

International shipping is free of charge and orders of 2 or more bottles get a 15% discount.


TestoFuel vs Testo 2000

What is so good about TestoFuel is that it contains 9 ingredients that are all geared up to stimulating as much testosterone secretion as possible.

It comes with strong and effective doses with each ingredient having reliable evidence to prove that they are beneficial.

In addition, if you are able to afford the price, you can score some good multi-buy deals which reduces the individual unit cost making it very good value.

For the price, TestoFuel packs a strong punch!


Testogen vs Testo 2000

Much like TestoFuel, Testogen offers a concise number of ingredients that are focused on stimulating testosterone, furthermore, the nutrient profile has the evidence to back it up.

The dose isn’t quite up to the standards of TestoFuel with just under 3000mg but it the extra few ingredients means that no stone is left un-turned.

Furthermore, Testogen provides even greater value with some almost untouchable multi-buy deals that are hard to beat.

Both of these two product are better and more effective to increase your natural levels of testosterone that Testo 2000.



























[25] Brilla LR, Lombardi VP. Magnesium in sports physiology and performance. In: Kies CV, Driskell JA, editors. Sports Nutrition: Minerals and Electrolytes. An American Chemical Society Monograph. Boca Raton, Fla, USA: CRC Press; 1995. pp. 139–177.
























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