How to increase your testosterone with ‘Twenty-rep work’

How to increase your testosterone with ‘Twenty-rep work’

How can repping 20 times increase natural testosterone levels?

Although no longer popular, in the pre-steroids era the 20-rep squat was very influential.

This type of training was hugely productive when used as the cornerstone of an abbreviated training program.

This 20-rep workout can build substantial muscle.

In fact the 20-rep workout is not just limited to the squat, it is especially productive when using a trap bar for deadlifts – this is another compound exercises ripe for producing more naturally occurring testosterone!

The reason for such productivity from these 20-rep workouts is the intensity and the demands placed on the body.

However, there can only be productivity generated provided they are combined with a very abbreviated training program; lots of recovery time and plenty of wholesome nutrition.

If you commit to the rigors of 20-rep squatting or deadlifting  without satisfying your bodies need for rest and recuperation you will destroy yourself in the gym for nothing.

The 20-rep workout needs to be performed with a ‘rest-pause’ style i.e performing one rep at a time with a pause between each – absolutely no continuous reps.

This style of reps allows for the maximum weight.

When you are squatting the pause must be in the upright standing position with the weight resting on your shoulders.

For deadlifts; the bar must be placed on the floor and you must stand upright before then reaching down to perform the next rep.

Always remember that you need to gradually increase the weight otherwise no further progress will be made.

Do not over exert yourself initially, ensure that you can do the 20-reps with good form with enough rest.

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