If Insulin Resistance Is Treated It Can Prevent Cognitive Decline

If Insulin Resistance Is Treated It Can Prevent Cognitive Decline

A study in to higher serum fasting insulin resistance has predicted that there is a decline in verbal fluency.

The researchers from The University of Turku, Finland examined a wide cross section of date from all over the country over an 11 year period.

The participants accounted for 3695 people, of which 55.5% were women and the average age being 49.3 years old.

The study looked at trying to assess the roles of homeostatic model assessment of insulin resistance, fasting insulin and glucose, glycated hemoglobin, and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein as predictors of cognitive performance.

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What they discovered was staggering…

The results indicated that higher baseline and fasting insulin levels predicted worse verbal fluency performance.

This means that a prevention and the treatment of insulin resistance looks to reduce the levels of cognitive decline further down the line when people are older.

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