Yet, this is a twist and a half, if you have too many of these receptors on the top of your head it will actually trigger baldness. Nightmare, especially if you have loads in your scalp and none on your chin.

Is it to do with testosterone then?

In a word, no. It is to do with genetics. These androgens are decided by the genes passed on to you from your parents. Strangely all of the men in my dad’s side of the family are bald on their scalp and clean shaven although they can grow a beard, and this is the same on my mother’s side of the family.

However, my father has a full head of hair, barely any grey hair and a full beard at 69 years old. I appear to have benefited from these genes too.

So I’m fucked, right?

Not entirely fucked, but almost…

There’s a little glimmer of hope, if you are noticing baldness creeping in, there are medications that can lower the amount of DHT in the body, but, there’s nothing that can boost the androgen receptors which would bind to the DHT.