Isopure Zero Carb RTD Protein Drink Review

Isopure Zero Carb RTD Protein Drink Review


Isopure Zero Carb First Look:


I have never previously tried any protein water’s or juices.

I could never quite understand how they worked.

How is a transparent juice drink full of protein when I am normally trying to chug down a thick, lumpy shake?

I mean, why doe we bother with powder if this watery, juicy stuff is as good..?

So I never really believed it considering whey protein comes from milk.

Well, I was given this rather large bottle of hydrolyzed protein juice from a guy who works for the company and he explained to me how it works.

Essentially the when is broken down and all of the fat and carbohydrates are stripped away into its component amino acids which leaves a soluble powder that is transparent.

It is as simple as that.

My initial thoughts were that the drink looks a bit syrupy…a bit sticky and perhaps thick that maybe a bit weird to drink but it wasn’t. I was just like any juice flavored drink although it was a little dry.



Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. Along with fat and carbohydrates, protein is a “macronutrient,” meaning that the body needs relatively large amounts of it.

We have protein sourced from milk whey in this product, you  can read more about the properties of milk protein:

In the sports nutrition industry, there is a gradual shift to using hydrolyzed proteins for their increased speed of absorption and inducing hyperleucemia and hyperinsulinemia, conditions that may promote a faster and greater response to recovery and skeletal muscle growth.


Each bottle is glass and contains 20FL OZ/591ml which contains a nice 40g of protein.

I tried Alpine punch which was a pleasant change from a chocolate shake.

In fact I found this much easier to drink and digest rather than a shake.

Shakes usually leave me feeling bloated and my stomach difficult to digest properly, in fact I do find shakes a real chore if I am honest and I can not face eating after a workout either.

This is a much nicer and refreshing alternative especially of you are sweating an gasping for a quenching fluid to re-hydrate.

It’s also great that being hydrolyzed means it can be absorbed quickly and help speed up recovery for growth and repair.


These are quite expensive, especially compared to protein powders – 12 bottles are just shy of $40.

The taste is as already mentioned quite dry which may take a bit of getting used to, it almost feels like there’s a touch of alcohol in it – obviously there isn’t!

Now, this is most likely only a problem for me. However, because I train late in the evening and just before bed drinking over a pint of fluid left me bursting for the toilet in the middle of the night and I pissed twice before going to bed…just something to consider.

My Review Conclusion:

If this was cheaper I would make this my go to post workout recovery drink.

It’s tastier and easier to stomach than protein powders and feels more refreshing and hydrating than RTD milkshake type protein drinks do.

However, it is way more expensive than some of those RTD protein milks that I personally cannot justify it on a regular basis, however, overall it is a great product.


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