Lenny Dykstra: Steroids Led To Money And Success

Lenny Dykstra: Steroids Led To Money And Success

In his candid memoirs, Dykstra reveals when he was dropped from the Jets and traded with the Phillies, this increased time of the field lead hi to lose weight, strength and confidence in his ability to maintain an excellent standard of play…and pay.

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He sought solace from a doctor he found in the yellow pages, who, hearing Dykstra’s concerns prescribed the ‘one of the cleanest’ steroids available, Deca Durabolin. What may shock reader’s now is that this was not illegal in the early 1990’s. Steroids were legal with a prescription, and with the fear of another player breathing down his neck, and the cold, hard reality of having to find a regular job instead of the $10 million per annum, Dykstra queued up in his local pharmacy and lead The Phillies to the World Series.

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