Lifting Straps – How to use them

Lifting Straps – How to use them

Although it is much better to not rely on lifting straps, on occasion for some of the much heavier lifts such as deadlifts or shrugs your progression should not be hampered by lesser grip strength.

We all know heavy deadlifts are one of the key exercises for big gains and should your grip start to falter yet your still has the body strength to move forward invest in a pair.  They are extremely cost effective and super productive – just try not to rely on them for everything, you should be able to do pull ups/lateral pull downs/rows without strapped assistance.

So, what do they look like and how do you use lifting straps? - cotton webbing lifting straps – cotton webbing lifting straps

There are different type of straps available, the cotton ones, leather and straps with hooks…I have tried them all.

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Don’t bother with the hooked variety, mine broke immediately, my leather pair snapped without warning once and are fairly expensive.  The best option is to go for the cotton straps, once they start to fray immediately discard of them and buy a new pair, they are supper cheap so you won’t be much out of pocket.  I would sooner know they are on their way out unlike the leather pair which decided to fail on me without warning halfway through a deadlift.


You simply thread the ends of the straps through the loops to form circles.

Put the straps on. Slide your hands through the circles or attach the straps with with the hook-and-loop fasteners so the end of the straps hang down along your fingers. Pull on the ends of the straps or adjust the hook and loop fasteners until the straps fit snugly around your wrists.

Wrap the ends of the strap around the bar (or bars) holding the weight. Start by going under the bar from back to front, and then wrapping the strap over the top and under again. Some weight trainers prefer to wrap the straps in a figure-8 configuration.

Place your hands over the straps to hold them in place. If you’re uncomfortable, re-wrap the straps.

Roll the bar toward you until the straps are tight and pull on your wrists. - lifting straps – lifting straps

As you can see in my video below, I have used straps for my shrug exercises.

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