Is Low Testosterone Affecting Female Libido?

Is Low Testosterone Affecting Female Libido?

It is reported that up to 43% of women globally report having a low libido according to The Global Study of Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors (GSSAB).

So what can the causes be?

It could be for more than one reason…

Low Testosterone Levels

However, low testosterone can be one of them.

In fact a, available balance between testosterone and estrogen is a major influence on libido.

While estrogen in women is a contributing factor for sexual reception, it is actually testosterone which drives the libido in women.

Healthy testosterone levels are the force behind sexual desire, increasing the level of genital arousal, increasing the sensation and lubrication of the female sexual organs.

Women tend to hit a period of low natural testosterone when they are going through their menopause or if their ovaries have been lost.

The reduction in testosterone also reduces the pleasure and libido. This is a double whammy effect which can cause friction if the woman is in a relationship.

However, there are options available to help raise testosterone levels if you speak to your physician.

We only release testosterone when we are asleep, so ensure that you get enough sleep and rest to ensure optimal levels of testosterone are secreted.

Too Stressed

However, what if you testosterone and estrogen levels are balanced?

What if you are comfortable with yourself and body but still finding it difficult to attain any sort of sex drive?

It could be down to increased workloads, not enough sleep and too much stress.

If you cannot help yourself, your body will not help you..increase your libido.

All it can take is a little attention to your bodies needs in order to nourish your sex drive.

A reduction in self pleasure can negatively effect your hormone imbalance, your susceptible to illness while ensuring you do masturbate can reduce mortality and also have benefits to reducing depression.

A key component to de-stress yourself is to introduce physical exercise in to your life, this can be anything from a jog, lifting weights in the gym or even dancing around your living room.

The stress relief can be a major factor in cultivating a higher sex drive, especially as physical activity like going to the gym can raise testosterone levels to a healthy medium.

There are also plenty of foods that can help balance your hormone levels, these are worth considering as a healthy diet and nutrition is key to physical and mental function.

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